Saturday, April 29

Fw: in piam mem "Father Ted",

your heads have been firmly in the sand, or you would have noticed me
before. and please note that next to the column in question is a
nurse'e excellent argument for the crumbling of the system under divisive,
competitive pressure, (associated especially with american business
ideals). systemic change is the only hope now, but a good one.

Fw: sherlock holmes and jonathan steele


today's guardianp.37, beware the hypocrisy of international alliances. "
serious changes in the way powerful states conduct themselves will not
happen quickly" (j.steele)

with respect, that assumes we do not reconsider basic principles and
strategy. as sherlock is said to have held :" when all else fails,
reconsider what you ruled out to begin with" (the sage Lao Tzu said
something similar "when in a muddle, go back to the beginning, and
move carefully the other way")

so i have sketched in the other way we as people in the world might
conduct our affairs in future. much is on my neglected web-site , but i am also in correspendence with
the irish DPP (file 994/1/2006) and the irish Garda Commissioner (file
P.S. 257/06), and am expecting a public ceremony this coming wednesday
11.30 3rd may in my local country town of Baltinglass. the chains which
bind us to them may be broken. no powerful states any more, HISTORY !

i will fwd you both a copy of this morning's email to the garda
commissioner's private secretay, a certain Superintendent John F

heads out, ostriches all !

heads out of the sand, look around, there are lots of us who have a connection and positive interest, in fact we're really in the majority....quite sufficiently to carry the world. connect up, follow the

baltinglass 3rd may is where it's at,

in piam mem "Father Ted"

this is an ecumenical matter, if ever there was one. all faihs and non-faiths have to recognise the mental and social solution i offer, to bind us to principles that make sense and will transform us into our paradisal form, our "imago" state. to whom, you Super, and the Commissioner now refer it, i leave to you . who do you report to? Bertie? tell McDowell whaT I CALLED HIM ? my local cofi rector has lots of my stuff, and some acquaintance; i have told him to get Rowan Williams, head of his group of churches, to pilgrimage here, via Glendalough, and via Stephen Lawless's cottage on this side the Wicklow Gap, over the hills past Catherine and Ruarc above Hollywood, drop down to Ernest Mackey's in this Glen of Imaal, and the three of them to come to my gate, and
Rowan to come in for a cup of tea. he should be very relieved. his job is
desperate at the moment.

i have also sketched in a scenario for present authorities in this part of
the world, US President (well, Clinton was the last honestly elected) and
RC Pope (the present cunning chappie) to give up all power and authority at
Cranagh Castle, near Templemore - and then the Pope to retire to the
African Fathers place near Kiltegan south of this Glen. Clinton disappears
at long last from our screens. And Hillary too, thank god ! And i've
long put George Bush's retirement scene on email to all concerned. And the
US Embassy has instructions for the burning of the Residence in the Park :
a symbol of colonial power, if ever.... etc etc lots of suggestions,
needed at first to start things off ...the best i could do....if you can
improve, as you will shortly be able to, as you get the idea, good on

all for now, over to you, Super, it's a new world already. good luck

new game rules, era of obol

attention john forde P.S. 257/06

basic: even our enemies love their friends. the thing is enemies and
friends, we now all love one another. none of us would do anything to harm
anyone, deliberately. we're all human beings, survivors of millennia of
development, now on the skin of this planet, together. we may play friends and enemies, but it's never serious, fun, not gain and loss. for we have a common interest : to live together as delightfully as possible, on a rare planet which has bred us, and where we are at home. if you find that boring, never mind, it will happen just the same, and your understanding will follow.

meanwhile, as at any systemic change, there's lots to interest you, and
all of us: ADJUSTMENT . as soon as people come and talk with me, we
can start. ok ? it doesn't have to be you, don't worry. it will happen
as it will happen. you are now alerted. how deeply that alert penetrates,
i cannot predict, but you will register developments. that's what you're
trained for, after all. good luck , superintendant, i wish you - and everyone of course: "all the best! !

a new game on earth

attention Supt John F.Forde, file P.S. 257/06 25 april

a new set of rules, start again , together , in peace and sanity,
put everything right , no mine and thine any more , taking the morality
of the long revered jesus of nazareth (as recorded in the gospel
accounts) as our morality , taking the logic of our best researchers
into the nature of physical experience as our logic , searching together
for the optimal life on this planet where we find ourselves. fun, good clean fun.

our opportunity , our opportunity , our opportunity and no one, no one on earth , apart from members of the family living here, that is, their home you know, is in or around my home here in west wicklow this morning , friday 28th april ad2006/ eo29th , 5 days before i appear publicly in the nearby town of baltinglass to account for my disrespect for the prevailing order !!!!!!

my friends , it is easy to pity , love , forgive , understand you , but
respect ? how can a christ respect the sheeplikeness of his fellows ?
his fellows ? who is my fellow ? i stand alone . though my son Stephen
stands with me, it is not as christ that he does so, but as father and
son. though my daughters stand by me, it is not as christ that they do
so, but as daughters and dad. it is in the globalisation of such bonds
of togetherness, of u n i t y , so that our species behaves as one family
united in peace and logic and love at every juncture, that the transformation of our species consists.

as jesus says in the gospel, they all love their friends, it is the extension of that love to our enemies that makes us different. but the past 2000 years has revealed his successors as overwhelmingly untransformed. hypocrisy may be even further developed , though jesus found it and denounced it roundly in his day. you are hypocrites, my friends, you live under the same system , perpetrating the same monstrosities that he found and denounced. i come to call on you to face your selves, judge your selves, not others. meanwhile i "help" by judging you - and as ever beg forgiveness. i am but a loony old man wth vision and reason.

Friday, April 28

a note on the gospel story

it was never remarked to me, but judging by my experience, how tired and
bored people must have got with jesus, driving them over and over to
breaking point, but then everything going on as before........until he was
obviously treading a doom-laden path, and they abandoned him to it. like
him, i expected a far readier positive reaction, and real support, early
on, and am still pressing the case, 28 years later.
we shall see.

i preach and practise morality, following guide-lines such as non-violence,
common-sense, and good-will.

i never resist superior force, but i abhor the enforcement of some people's
ideas on others, so i abhor coercive we have a
global society with global intercom, it is possible to do away with it.

i have sketched out a set of unifying ideas for the whole species, making
sense of all human experience.

what happens this coming wednesday in baltinglass remains to be seen. i
have begged friends to attend so they can report what they witness. for
myself i have no fears at all.

so far reaction is mostly very quiet. strange that no one comes to stay and


"Mick !"

it looks as if this might be the real thing - u no - coming devastatingly but with great mercy to change us utterly into our
optimal possibility - era of confused learning behind us .....


27th April, midday

P.S. 257/06 baltinglass 3rd may

i'm disentangling the system......i've got entangled in it, and i'm
disentangling it, having learnt all the passes, from the semi-inside.
like the two sides of any skin, or coin etc. one may be better to live
by than the other. we now as a species turn over a new leaf.....etc etc

these are pathways for people to tread in the change-over happening
to/in/with us all.

your ref P.S. 257 25 april


i bring security for every one on this planet, and as far as possible for
every other living creature, as well. which does not mean carnivores
cease to be carnivores, but that everyone is philosophic about birth and
death....that's life. it is all spelt out, somewhat, in my blog-site,
to which you have reference, and i am here, proposing to tour the world
figurehead of a pageant, starting in baltinglass this coming wednesday.
run off all your psycho-social objections, scrap the lot, it's ok,
honestly. go for it. come and visit, with e.g. ray hughes of
hugh sacker (obol)
all together now,,
no violence, common sense, good-will
that's a start.
then we debate the value of everything anew,
money is out,
nothing has resale value at all we must never fall into the selfish-competition trap again. phew ! tend the beauty of what is around you, admire it as it is, complex solid imagining the lot. always think of the distant
effect of your acts as well as the local ones......act only for the good of
all and everything. look after your immediate place. quietly not
disturbingly sit down and talk and come and see me......hugh in
knockandarragh, in the glen till now "of imaal" from a chieftain 1400
years ago, henceforth "obol's glen" cos it's where all this originated
consciously over 28 years ago.

concepts like "stewardship"

concepts like "stewardship" - the familiar idea that our species should
regard our job on earth to be STEWARDSHIP of the planet, - serve as
pathways for individuals and groups to move from the divided coercive world
of our past history to the undivided volunteer world of our paradisal
consummation, here in our time, on earth, the first generation, the
transit generation, to whom the situation is NOVEL. as obolworld
operates, these concepts will be almost meaningless, too general, taken
for granted,, the bedrock of our life on earth.....on ASPHODEL as we shall
learn to refer to our planet in its/her millennial stage, though that too
may be rare.

as for the good manners that go with the millennial stage, i witnessed them
best on earth in the village of OLUVILEI in the TROBRIAND ISLES off New
Guinea , when a certain Clive Single was resident australian deputy
commissioner there. life there was paradisal, as Clive knew, all
contact with civilisation contaminating....he would have forbidden my visit
had he had the power. as it was, he kept a strict eye ....his
australian assistant may live and remember ?? or the yound dutch doctor? i
have some personal names from the village in a note-book/addresses of
huge sentimental value to me. i resolved, if i ever got terminal cancer, i
would head there. but since.....i have discovered it is my job to spread
the word globally : life here and now can be paradisal !!

blessington court

Paul, when my Pageant Asphodel reaches Blessington, i shall hold open
court - what do you expect christ to do, as he tours the world,
introducing the gospel morality with modern cosmology ? - including that
unfortunate episode in which your client, Attracta Gill swindled my
daughter out of her cottage, with your full connivance. i would expect
to make a small personal/family detour to Ballyknocken , to arrange things
a bit better there. (Ownership will be a thing of the past; common
stewardship will be operating)

i don't know that i want ever to see you or Attracta. byeee

driving test cock-up

dear m i

how you have the nerve to encourage emailing you, i dunno. but
to let that pass : DRINK and COMPETITION are the curses of the country,
along with SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, but not learner drivers. WEALTH is the
basic problem, new wealth, almost certainly fleeting.

In baltinglass court, or outside it, wednesday 3rd May 11.30

i shall be staging the alternative. you are going to be ASHAMED of
yourselves. can you imagine that ? turned your backs on the real

it's all on my web-site, blog-site, but you
don't check it. it's the global daily news channel from 3rd may. (not
CNN) get with it

Thursday, April 27

royal clothes

this is the opening of a fairy-tale pageant. i shall foreseeably wear my
royal clothes, made for me by alma, and variously worn while she was
alive. dressing up very much in order for fairy-tale horse-drawn
golden-coach pageant b'glass to dublin, assembly for majority
russborough . laura joins me there, "queen of sheba" to blessington.
much is foreseen, more not. hugh watch my blog-site , the source
of all news just now.

the organic rotten veg stall

i think the small kids must be encouraged to throw them, so i arrive before
the judge covered in rotten tomato, but ever so cheerful, everyone
happy.....ok ?

rotten veg supply, please!

please supply ample rotten tomatoes or substitute to baltinglass ceremony
starting 11.30 am wed 3rd may, for those who want to to pelt me with
no damage, no penalty. i am scheduled to walk the gauntlet from police
car to judge, betwen lines of well- and ill-wishers. only if freely
allowed to pass, does the judge congratulate me, and surrender rights over
my person for a provisional peiod of 12 months, while i sell my wares
world-wide PAGEANT ASPHODEL as announced at that court stephen is accused of not attending. wrongly. i cancelled that court. my son rightly
followed me out of a cancelled court. no one moved to stop him.

then i turn right and enter the carriage Vanessa drives up for me. and
we travel a few ceremonial yards to the cafe down the road. pageant formally opened. coffee break. then peter tierney drives me to kali's.
i have been busy informing all parties concerned, referring them to my
blog-site for further info, and encouraging resident friends to attend as
WITNESSES who can tell the tale as they experience it. no cheating. so
do i ask you, then, represent your friends and clientele at this historic
ceremony, for the sake of the story.

the unknown challenger's version

an unknown knight has entered the lists in west wicklow, challenging the
might of the ruling powers head-on. they were caught unawares, but
tend to regroup. but they have not fully taken into account the eyes of
the world, which his blog-site might attract to the duel.

"my blogsite provides a full account of my motivation, and tactics day by
day." watch this fight unroll. this email too will go to Littly in
Singapore, for blogging. my question is : how and when will the media
notice this blog and its significance.... and focus in on baltinglass
may 3rd ????

any ideas ?


it's called "grooming" i believe, what i've been doing, to teach others
to appreciate me, to look through my eyes, and see if it isn't better
that way. ... i still get there a fraction before you, but that should
change...already Rob was ahead of me on last visit.

then i begin to relax.

alma's children

i was thinking, perhaps much of the year's trip , one child with me,
varying, Impi the youngest first. laotse is china etc, kali is in
manali, stephen in jerico his name town, and then hollywood , show in
Mecca with michael jackson , and visiting littly in china. liberty in
the white house and then california (whither our boat will come...), with
entourage including i trust christine. siobhan in aras an uachtarain , and
then touring. impi drops off in east africa, in nelson mandela's company
hopefully. and i hold court on the big cruise ship, with passengers who
stay, come and go, and visitors nd visits to shore. itinerary tailored
to my previous acquaintance...revisiting old haunts.

there's so much to dicuss, and my trip begins the moment one of you comes,
preferably with video camera, from that moment go. i have put lot of
thought into it, in 12 months my thinking will be old hat, when billions
of minds latch on. i retire into (in)decent obscurity, then.

saddam hussein

the trial farce stops, and my proposal is to instal saddam as caliph of
baghdad, with no power or money at all, resident in the green zone, with
perfect manners as one might expect after his elaborate education. around
him his specials, also perfectly mannered now. ssooo different, my
dear. all dependent beggars, as we all are. players in a wondrous
comedy of manners and wisdom, of love and laughter, obolworld

my conditions

my conditions (in handing myself to the media for 12 months) are: no
cares for me at all, person, children , house etc taken care of for me
for 12 months. then nothing more, no pay-off etc. but i
also want to have dinner in dublin with lauren bacall, so as to be
referred to anon "and, u no, the man who had dinner with bacall" - "of
course we always lay a spare place, u never no, but we think today he'll
be here, a quiet gig, u no" . it's a personal fancy of mine, would she ?
i'd be so pleased, and we'd have a lovely evening. maybe in l'ecrivain
where my daughter Liberty waitressed for a year or two (but dislikes the
memory ....)

now, you in rte would have to negotiate that for me, in return for my
trusting you wth my main household tv , we have worked with rte in the
past, and we liked it.

media game

it will probably be best, and easiest, if i never see (myself on)
television this coming 12 months - just take it as comes, cameras & all ,
and R&R between gigs. then i'll have my own unfolding reality, and
"they" will have theirs - and at each "gig", we'll meet.

liberation exultant

the co-creation of the earthly paradise, a sapient paradise on earth, will
so rivet and reward our attention, that we will shake off the chains of the
feared past and escape the chains of future feared
in the wonder of each blessed moment

visit of the super

so i am expecting a visit from the local super. if he accepts a cup of
tea, he's welcome. if not, he'll need a warrant. all understanding
lies in matching his terms against mine, comparing, agreeing a possible
scenario.......and that squad car at the gate, garda driver. ok ?
remember i'm talking take-over the simplest way of changing
conceivable.....together, each own best way all change this


attendant squad cars

in principle, one at the door always, and one with hugh even when away,
that would leave us free not to deal in wrecks of cars illegally , but it
does not set us apart from those who may still do so for want of better

the gardai will have spare cars and volunteer drivers to spare the moment
the news gets out....most criminal and disturbing activity will cease of
itself, shrivelled up in the bonfire of the vanities that prepares
the ground for the millennial era of our species, now unfolding on earth,
in your parish, to your surprise

my friends...........jump to it now, not too late for you yet, has passed
by ever so many already.......every missed opportunity prepares the final
victorious now

no more blaspheming!

end of the age of blasphemy, ie hypocrisy, all past now. wake up guys,
brave new world


it's tedious the way you guys, the gardai above all, delay coming to
listen to me, and talk with me, about this 3rd may above all......i now
ask for reservation of seats for exchange with judge (outside if fine) as
witnesses: mick molloy of dublin, and party, family friends the event
needs witnesses. as many as possible. media global. you have only one
week left. come on for christ's sake !

judge your selves !

so, now, i formally request every individual who receives this message, and
understands it, to judge her- or himself in the light of the christian
gospel account of the teaching of jesus of nazareth, "on the mount" and christ, judge thyself, and then join obolworld, there is
no escape now.

common criminality

i am happy to be classed by the courts as a criminal . among criminals.
indisinguisjhable to the laW my predecessor died there publicly, remember

who is being judged?

i would not like to leave any doubt, that to my mind (the mind of christ
alive) it is the response of my fellows world-wide to me, the professed
saviour of you all, us all that is, your response to my fully furnished claim to your undivided attention that has been being judged now for 28+ years, and in particular at this time, in baltinglass wednesday 3rd may coming.

the holocaust of mammon

(1) i profess to be the christ re-incarnate in hugh of knockandarragh.
"everyone" waits to see, almost everyone expecting me to fail (to be the
pivot around whom global society reforms). by now, after 28+ years, my
case is both embedded intricately in contemporary society, and publicised
on the world wide web.

Q. what determines the outcome ? A. the logic of the cosmos.

(2) when the ashes settle, there in a wasteland am i, obol, saying
"and now for the healing" :--

see you in baltinglass 3rd may, all my sisters and brothers ?

Tuesday 25th April

common humanity

common humanity binds, and often decides issues on the spot - but is not
recorded in official accounts, so gradually loses out. natural law,
superior and anterior to all written law is acknowledged in the irish
constitution. it is hierarchic systems that spread division - as just at
this moment in ecumenical celebration of holy communion/mass in ireland.
the people are for it, the junior clergy mostly are - but the catholic
hierarchy is against. so too in the district courts, such as athy today.
the clerks and guards do not know how to prepare the judge for the unusual,
so it gets over-ridden by the judge endlessly. only now it stops. in
baltinglass 3rd may ad 2006/eo 29th. it needed to be somewhere. it is


mothers will find that everyone is in love with their babies, and their
babies in love with everyone, and it will be different.

how many more do i have to type out ? (all the time is stress to
kali, for instance)

recycling : the gaols

only the violent may be restrained or constrained : all others have common
survival free.

so the gaols gradually semi-empty, as inmates find their way out and are
met and reintegrated.

but bertie ahern is well advised to seek the protection of mountjoy,
whither i have long consigned him. as honorary resident guvnor, the
boss, who maY ONLY LEAVE AFTER EVERYONE ELSE. and others may ,
penniless now, seek the shelter of the old gaols.

the warders etc, are in the same position as others, free, unpaid, but
responsible for the building in so far as they used it for a
living....recycle ! optimally. together, with guidelines pll lg ic.
when warders and inmates are one, who will be unfree ?

Fw: healing

i hope you understand, ray, that i am talking HEALING, the healing of
our fragmented species. this is not done by perfection of bureaucracy,
but of growing out of bureaucracy, internalising all the best lessons of
the species, and getting the chance, and incentive and encouragement,
of/for practising perfection of behaviour and understanding, the practice
of intelligent love, not stupid fear, not stupid fear, not stupid not fear never no more... amen obol socalled buddha-christ wise and cunning and benevolent as one has to be to win this battle, this particular battle here and now.

join me

join me

play with me

associate openly with me

it'll be the fashion very soon


help it on help it on

prosecution of my son stephen


for some obscure reason, this prosecution, dormant for nearly 3 years now
(since i cancelled the dunlavin district court meeting to judge him i.a. -
in full court, to the rapt attention of all present, and they let him walk
out, conniving in the dormancy "eyes full shut" as the film has it),
was raised temporarily from the dead today, and with some difficulty and
the connivance of gardai from baltinglass, deferred to may 3rd in
baltinglass, along with his faTHER'S CASE.

TRUTH IS THE ACCIDENT DID NO HARM (GROSS INSURANCE FIRM PAID OUT DAMAGE TO OTHER CAR, NO INJURY TO PERSONS OR ANIMALS), AND sTEPHEN HAD A SALUTORY SHOCK, AND HAS been a different man ever since. thank god. end of matter. but only sleeping presumably, because the father's continued hassling of the courts has led them to dredge it up.

the judge may dismiss it out of hand on driving by stephen that
concerns him since that day, nor before that day. hand-shakes all round.
and' incidentally, now, the son drives better than the father (who
followed your arrest car all the way to athy today, and drove back - with
no documentation whatsoever, "don't believe in them" ~ christ : PERSONAL

rendering account : Athy court this morning25 april eo29th

hi john, you asked for back a/c, yesterday, and i replied first thing that
i have no time, look at my website. then out of the blue 2 gardai (irish
police) arrived asking for stephen, they had an arrest warrant to deliver
him to athy court soonest. while stephen tidies up, i chatted to them (pat
culloden of baltinglass, and a lady who did not speak to my knowledge, but
took it all in), and agreed to get the case deferred to 3rd may in
baltinglass, along with mine. but the lady judge was having no nonsense
with anyone today (she took it on herself to lecture cannabis users, who
know far more about it than she does, let alone me, in the court and with
35 years constant irregular use of the drug, which indeed has been vital,
crucial in enabling me to outwit them....), and insisted stephen was to
produce 200 euros bail on the spot or remain in custody.

we 3 debaTED OUTSIDE, NONE OF US, NEITHER FATHER NOR SON, CAUGHT UNAWARES,NOR GUARD - ADMITTING HE HADN'T EXPECTED THIS - HAD 200 EUROS ON HIM. STEPHEN HAD A BANK CARD , AND THE FAMILY SAVINGS FOR A NEW WASHING MACHINE (OVERDUE). so stephen stayed in the courthouse, while pat and i repaired with stephen's card and pin number, to the bank dispenser across the market square (in full swing, interesting at any other time), where he operated the machine (i haven't learnt how, at 80, i've refused to continue learning new tricks just to keep up with the lunatics driving us to our deaths), and i collected card and notes and returned same to stephen. then the judge made us wait endlessly, no, not quite, the bitch - waIT TILL I EVER MEET HER IN THE FLESH, SHE'D BETTER FLEE ME - I TELL YOU NOW --TO HEAR AND WITNESS ANY JUDGE BEHAVE WITH THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF THAT JUDGE FOR THOSE IN THE DOCK BEFORE HER. no understanding. no impartiality. no compassion.
my verdict on her (and i do not ever want to know her name or hear of or

eventually stephen and i drive back, and have a smoke (me, he doesn't,
and doesn't approve my smoking). we are great pals, stephen and i. look
out, anyone who lays hands on my son. i am christ re-incarnate, feeling
my oats. BEWARE all ye backsliders, and compromisers, i know how ye
stood by and allowed the crucifixion of jesus (in the story, ok?). ye
think ye will watch me fail, too. ye watched alma die. beware the wrath
of a righteous christ on the unshriven.



yes, of course fictional, but legendary which is a sub-section of fiction.
all history is to a geater or lesser extent legend. prevailing legends fade
when they fail to satisfy. the vital question is what replaces them. we
need global unifying legend, and we are making it here in ireland.

obolworld is designed to satisfy all people living on this planet now, and
provide a base for all future human experience. it includes all selfless
thought and activity , of whatever non-violent non-violent origin and
specification. it renounces violence as a human activity.

interested ?

sunday 23rd -- what am i (obolworld) ?

i am a centre of human consciousness, located in a pattern in our
understanding as a particular human frame, one of a reasoning species of
primate. the likes of me are now in the process of integration, after a
long period of division. centres of human consciousness like me are now
freely exchanging information and ideas, on a basis of NO COERCION ! , for
the free benefit of one and all. we are accepting our bodily fates more
readily, as understanding, fellow-feeling is evident on all sides....we
find ourselves lost in love for all this. the species comes of age !!!!
making the best of everything always having endless educational fun
facing climatic freakings together, calmly, the price to pay for having
pushed it so far. wonderfully understanding, compassionate, healing.
what we most of us dream of being now the norm


beggers all

it's been odd all this time getting across the basic idea of an equal
non-property-owning society......every one dependent on others for exceptions ! general goodwill to the non-violent, among
the non-violent, general agreement among the non-violent to constrain the
violent, general agreement of police forces in this. their minimal
justification : peace and helpfulness. all activity voluntary at the time,
clear alternative always not works !

experiment PAGEANT ASPHODEL we have to sell it, do you understand

a sacred world of living presences

that's the myth, and in some relation to reality, of gaelic christianity,
uniting not dividing.

and it's the world of obolworld, too, and also of trobriandworld and
fijiworld, and many individual's worlds that i have encountered.

do no more than necessary, and do it right. then lighten up. join in
the pageant

opening baltinglass 3rd may

spread the word

the living presence of the sacred

Greg, agreed with me about this today, the blissful experience of it all as sacred goes with experiencing the living presence(s) all around , animism - and in oneself - and Greg's father, David agreed with me about the desirability of my pageant taking off in full media focus 3rd may coming, though he is almost convinced it won't happen. not fully integrated yet, but jim nolan agrees with me wonderfully. all gone to zoo, now, but kali to rosita's for the afternoon, fairly wound up already.

Fw: gene kerrigan's cataclystic anxiety

if gene kerrigan will raid miriam lord's email bag, selecting all from , then he will find the needful pot of gold under his hearth-stone., as was always to be expected.
catalyst hugh sacker,
p.s. victoria mary clarke spent a year in my house as a child

impi's 19th birthday : downsizing

i haven't got time , john, to fill you in - the web-site needs scholarly
loving examination; then pertinent questions might strike a helpful note.

today is impi's 19th, and obol says : "every thing is a gift in obolworld".

it's such a joy not to possess or earn/deserve etc. people don't realise
that accepting all happenings are all automatic leaves us playing games of
relationship we took seriously before. it doesn't wreck life, but turn it
from tragedy to comedy....with the sapient paradise a reality, every moment
of our lives. possessions from the past are lumber one has to share
before full equality and its divine bliss. even that is fun. good luck !

people are either present in baltinglass on wednesday 3rd, or absent, as
with any other occasion. but this is the pivot round which global society
turns. see you when the ship reaches NSW, if not before, o unbelievers.

Tuesday, April 25

when hugh...

general confession : "when hugh stopped us in our tracks, with his obol ,
we were ever so guilty , steeped in self-abuse and abuse of others, we
just seemed to know no other, then...."

when the ashes settle
there in a wasteland
am i
"and now for the healing ":



wake up call: a new heaven on earth

mutual recognition

the system can't recognise you, till you recognise why you have not joined
it, what in your individual case holds you back from your own ideal
solution, if that includes peace, logic and love as primary ideals for
humans on earth. is it special privileges which go along with your present
admittedly non-ideal solution ? inbred curvature of the spine ? stand
up, fellow humans, free and equal so long as non-violent. obolworld opening pageant 3rd may baltinglass wake up call

Sunday, April 23

rightful place

i have come to take my rightful place in every judgment seat. my
judgments are neither revocable nor binding. i simply sum up for the best.
the paradigm man.

alert ! uncontainable manifestation

alert , generally, this manifestation of the christ-virus appears
uncontainable - the old fear and hope of the species present in us
obol as interest in the website catches on

alert ! uncontainable manifestation

alert , generally, this manifestation of the christ-virus appears
uncontainable - the old fear and hope of the species present in us
obol as interest in the website catches on

gospel prediction

the gospels (unreliable as to historical content, but influential for 2
millennia as sacred truth) predict that false messiahs will be abundant
(indian and korean i.a.) , that the world will be in a terrible and
possibly terminal state (as we all recognise today), and that the news of
the real christ will flash across the sky like a lightning streak, while
the vultures gather at the scene (media 3rd may baltinglass). the
dismaying details of the first christ (in our traDITION ANYWAY) took his
contemporaries by surprise, as the dismaying details of the second
appearance in my particular living carcase seems to take my contemporaries.

(having been a friend of hugh montefiore as young fellows of caius college,
cambridge, i wrote to him when he was bishop of birmingham, my home town
as a child, with relatives still there, saying i am your man, and he
replied referring to the streak of lightning, and details from prediction
seemingly not fulfilled by me........come on now, guys, if you,d
recognised me earlier, it would not be where it is today.....still to as i propose, 3rd may in baltinglass.........just prepare
OUR FREEWILL IS AN ILLUSION,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we'll see, but my children
would greatly appreciate a friendly visit, lightening the atmosphere here
in alma's family's home. i require extreme respect for our attachment
to her. she is buried in our garden. i wish to be buried near her in my
turn. even this you have not seen fit to talk with us about....though mrs
ann mary murphy in myshall chatted naturally with me about it on a visit
the other day. you see, i have friends.

all of yoy

i hope and pray ye've got it now : ye have 10 days to prepare for the media
switch to PAGEANT ASPHODEL centred on baltinglass 3rd may 11.30 am
obolworld takes centre stage
it's what's happening guys

as christ...

as christ. to whom the irish constitution is dedicated, i abrogate that

sentence "extended probation" ?

scenario 3rd may 11.30 baltinglass

Ray, old chap, that's the sort of thing the people will settle for....the
judge comes to the door and greets me, wishing me well with my "extended
probation" as messiah, showing his wares in a global tour PAGEANT
ASPHODEL .....and i shall move towards the open road, as a horse-drawn
carriage approaches, with vanessa and perhaps ann kelly up, and we shall
drive symbolically a few yards to the nearby cafe, where i return to my
family, once again a free man.

Fw: amalgamation of churches

Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 9:36 PM

the real problem , as elsewhere. is redundancy. as long as the various priesthoods that beset us remain divided, all have jobs, but united?
how many priests does a mixed community need? answer : one. or else
we all are are own priests. but a role figurehead is a nice idea, anyway. so ONE.

humanity incarnate

that's what we are THE LIVING INCARNATION OF HUMANITY in our perfected stage, no longer poisoners of species and habitat , no longer
self-divided, out of the ashes of the past, newly arisen, celebrating
from 3rd may in PAGEANT ASPHODEL main square baltinglass obolworld
our world all free to be good good to be free to be good it's a spiral, believe me

Fw: hold your hat !

dear friends, i picked up a pamphlet of yours today in the donard p.o.,
and am the father of a family who very seriously need connecting up with
society. our problem is simply that we have been isolated ever since i
became a full-time official revolutionary. this makes it difficult for my
young-adult offspring. i enclose herewith email of this morning to a
cousin of ours in birmingham who proposes to visit shortly. from it you
may see that i am a well-known figure in west wicklow, and am planning a
celebration in BALTINGLASS . BY THE MICHAEL DWYER STATUE FOR WEDNESDAY 3RD MAY. i am sure all your staff and pupils would enjoy attendance, and greatly profit from it ; something to remember and TREASURE ALL THEIR LIVES. no joke.

continuity of personality

continuity of personality or of identity is not significant in obolworld
(dispensable :ockam's law)., - where all considerations are "present", and
subject to guide-lines pll lg ic.

for instance, i voluntarily signed a bond for 100 euros, forfeit if i fail
to turn up voluntarily in Naas court may 2nd - which i never intended or
intend to do (against my principles).

at that time i considered paying up if requested, so as not to distract
from weightier business. But that was Hugh then. Hugh in the present,
now, or at any present moment in the future is not bound (either way) by
commitments in the past. they were then. only now counts, in a life in
the present moment - which is life to the full, and if we agree no

worldly authorities, like other gangs , protection racketeers of one kind
or another , may seize my body and/or my belongings (such as they are).
unless tortured, when i immediately submit - i have no secrets anyway - I
and let's talk.

hold your hat!

- as the american sergeant said, back in 1943, giving me, a raw recruit in
the british army, a lift in his open jeep, from barracks somewhere near
chester to liverpool, where i was keen to see the strange new brick-gothic
cathedral, - and i needed to, as he sped off.

i'm a serious revolutionary, joe, and have been for over 28 years now,
since i openly renounced allegiance to all coercive government, and reduced
all my financial debts and credits to zero, declaring my sole interests
being, as before to rear a family outside the system, and now to introduce
a global new era of non-coercive association, for the good of everyone and
all nature. i declared my terms for the ensuing war between myself, to
some extent with dependent and still loyal immediate family, and the
prevailing systems, which i designate for brevity "the world": coercion
banned, i match any tricks played by "the world" upon me, always openly
declaring, whenever strategically sensible, my personal position. And
this personal position i gave a new name to, borrowed from a school
nick-name given me "OBOL"......THE NEW ERA THEN BEING THE EA OF OBOL, THE WORLD I INTRODUCE BEING OBOLWORLD etc (see my website, which is erratic like my outlaw family life.

now, april/may ad 2006, era of obol 29th year, i have been reasonably
charged by the police with a small hit-and-run accident last year, in
baltinglass, my local small country town, and am due to appear in court there at 11.30 wednesday 3rd may coming. for the 3rd time. i am on good terms with the court , and the local police etc. by now, but they do not know what to do with me. i refuse to defend myself on their terms, since i do not recognise them.
also i wiill not voluntarily pay fines etc, but i want absolutely to be
gaoled, and they therefore do not want to gaol me. but otherwise i am
free to break their laws- of mercenary/coercive nature - at will (as
indeed i do, illegal car etc) furthermore this is by constitution a
christian country, and i claim to be christ re-incarnate, regnant now,
introducing their ideal paradise all over the globe, - as our species,
having learnt so much the hard way, finally re-integrates in peace and
sanity, putting the past behind us. all my ideas are public, and so
far largely dis-regarded - with a full program for changing over
peacefully from one system to the other.

and it centres at the moment on the ceremony i have proposed for baltinglass
this 3rd may. but , joe, it will not happen without the oxygen of
publicity.....people know me and live with me and wish me well, but wait to
see passively and that's where i am. it is bound to happen one day,
will it be this 3rd may or another ?? will littly fly in from singapore,
or simply put this on my web-site. WHO WILL NOTICE ME FIRST ?

there is no othe question for me now. i thought i might put this to you,
who show interest, but perhaps did not realise how far i am along the road
to launching a PAGEANT 0n baltinglass as soon perhaps as 3rd may, WHICH
WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. .....well, that's the manifesto.....


Friday, April 21

squatters' rights

wherever people are, at each and every moment, provided they are not

let enquirers seek me out.

my children are tired of just waiting.

an association of criminal lunatics

all these 28 years ye out there have refused to see it from my point of
view, leaving me to do so....what i see is an association of very clever
and ruthless criminal lunatics, bent on self-destruction, taking as much
of the glory of this planet with them as they can.

and i see the alternative, an association of sane and wise individuals
living optimally on this glorious planet. ye persist on not sharing my
view-point. unfashionable. but as ye do come to look at it with my
eyes, as it were, from my stand-point, then we change, as a species,
all at once , and join in preparations for the launch of planet asphodel
on 3rd may, in baltinglass

see you soonest

Re: Raymond C. Keyes/Courts is out of the office.

so, ray, i won't bother you much more. when you return to the office,
everyone on earth will be preparing to look in on the launch of the
millennial PAGEANT ASPHODEL in baltinglass 3rd may coming. some will be
there in person, the super has details of my ideas for the simple ceremony
: garda ray hughes delivers me near statue, i walk enquiringly through
ranks of supporters and doubters, then proceed, not to the courthouse,
where the judge is abdicating in my favour, but to the waiting cart or
carriage, with vanessa king mcfie in it, waiting to launch the pageant,
indicating global permission for a new voluntary start to be made in full
view of everyone, in peace. i leave it and you there. my friends will have to come and drink tea with me, by my fireside. that will be a change.

common knowledge

dearest littly,

I've now spent some 28 years in the wonderful company of family and friends
who know about my messianic pretensions - each having perhaps believed for
a time, once, or even twice in some cases - but agree never voluntarily
to encourage them : we meet largely on the world's terms, with me having
a special interest , my pen and my head recording and storing my account
of it all.

after this coming 3rd may - (if as i expect but many still do not, the
Pageant does get publicity then, or if not, whenever it does ) - i hope
to enjoy for 12 months the company of supporters and initiates with
regular, almost constant visits from and to innocents and others, meetings
of any and every sort, but without physical violence - (absolutely taboo
in obolworld ) - , people randomly checking me out, personally. a
round-the-world trip - then a changed world, the "answers now to be
found in my writings and my head "common knowledge" , included in
everyone's personal reckoning, from this point, when the species comes
together, UNITES in peace and concord, as spelt out 28+ years long yours truly, your old friend, and indeed in the best
sense lover hugh aka OBOL

Wednesday, April 19

global systemic change : a peaceful revolution

the actual change-over to peace on earth will be totally "laid-back" when it
comes (3rd may ?).
people are brain-washed to fear a terrible confrontation, but there won't be any of that.
it's a big thing in one
sense - coming together at last - but not in another : just
common-sense all round.
we've been stirring the pot ever more furiously for some time : we simply stop, reconsider, and proceed more sensibly.
all opposition will be silenced, shamed, heads hung low.
musicians of the world will rejoice : it's been long proclaimed that, while words divide, music unites. well, now, words and music are in harmony - and there's a fairy-tale, year-long, world-wide pageant to set the tone.
and there's a guide, obol, with a web-site .
feel free ! - and behave well.
yours ever obol

enter obolworld

the "haves" don't opt for
a paradise of equal

they just can't defend them-
selves against it
when it comes :

it's their own ideal, after all .

they lose everything they
value :

"all gone!"

and pageant asphodel
focuses attention
on the fairy-tale

of christ re-incarnate
in all on earth

without mercenary employ

of course, once i had family and no money, it was a battle of nerve and
wit. i allowed myself to match any trickery encountered, but disallowed
the use of (physical) force: "NO COERCION! -except to prevent coercion" -
was and is my rallying cry. when challenged by force, i meet it where
practicable, give in instantly where not. in present-day ireland, this
has sufficed till now. (i was once - wrongly - imprisoned for six days,
which had a catastrophic effect on my wife, although i returned
vindicated. ) i look forward to may 3rd, since the judge now knows my
position. throughout i offer a redeeming alternative.

public statement


i fight inequality from the bottom end....interpreting the evidence to
suppose it might be up to me to lead my fellows into our perfected stage,
some 28 years ago i reduced all my credits and debts to zero, amd resolved
never again to work for money (regarded , surely correctly, as essentially
dis-equalising). i formally RENOUNCED ALLEGIANCE TO ALL COERCIVE
GOVERNMENTS OF ANY KIND ANYWHERE, AND SET ABOUT THE DIFFICULT TASK OF SPREADING MY IDEAS WHILE CARING FOR A YOUNG FAMILY IN A DILAPIDATED FARMHOUSE IN WEST WICKLOW. the subsequent story is apparently of no interest to my contemporaries (more and more in money's grip with every day that passes), but for the sake of posterity i have kept what records i could, making my house a museum. my case is scheduled once again to come up before the district court in baltinglass wednesday 3rd may 11.30 am. as usual it is not because i kept quiet that interest is so far small. i welcome emails and visitors.

religious controversy

monday 17th

Oxford's ranting atheist and blathering bishop both miss the point
(comment & opinion easter day, observer p.19): we now know, what our
predecessors did not, that the human body is an integral part of life on
earth , and that life on earth is an integral part of the cosmos, composed
apparently of sub-atomic particles and energies. so our intelligence is
the intelligence of the cosmos, located in us. it is a miracle as great as
life itself, or the cosmos itself. it exists only, in the form we know, in
that "chassis for the soul" , phrased happily by your columnist Cristina
Odone (same page).

the way forward for the species at this stage is to lose interest in fleshly indulgences (as always preached) and find common ground in devotion to understanding and loving the miracle of it all, matter and soul., body and mind, cosmic, terrestrial , spiritual., all one, appreciated at last. approaches should be as various as people's minds, from moment to moment.

1916 parade

delighted the irish nation celebrated the anniversary in becoming style,
and eyes were moist. Prussia's Frederick the Great lives on. -- but if
the species is to continue, after "civilisation" has been abandoned,
you'll have to pay attention to the prophet in the wilderness of west
wicklow. he enjoyed a court occasion in Naas last wednesday, and Ray
Keyes is the present pivot., chief district-court clerk in Carlow

april 16 -- averting war

see today's observer p.29for diagnosis and possible way forward for iran,
comment by hugh barnes. emergency ?

not self-fulfilment...

not self-fulfilment, but self-sacrifice is the Way.


the system of which we are part, our cosmos, only has self-understanding
of the human sort, so far as we know, under special conditions, of time
and space, here and possibly elsewhere. we treasure this
self-understanding for every sake we know, precious in our eyes.
we conspire in obolworld to foster it in its paradise home here and now.
who is with me ? please declare your selves. i bring peace and sanity to
us all war and insanity i banish. obol, christ reborn, buddha
incarnate, zen master of masters. creature of cellular mother earth.

self-controlling system

the system of which we are part is self-controlling......we do not control
it ....if anything, it controls us.....we understand this, that is our
function....understanding as well as loving.....also belonging.......sapient in paradise, as i keep repeating


the risk of death/injury on the roads is the price risk-takers pay for their
life of risk. non-risk-takers may not understand this :
forbidding/penalising a life of risk on the roads only raises the stakes,
improves the game. all developed sports have their rules, playing at
full throttle is life on the roads for many young men, in particular.

reduce the traffic, relax the rules, and the roads will regain their
quiet, as some 35 years ago when alma and i came to ireland. that's
the obolworld solution. repossess time, never sell it again, die rather.
obol even as we hear the declaration of 1916, claiming to possess the
island, read out on tv, i declare the irish republic dead and gone, a
thing of a few decades, in slavery to mammon, r.i.p. obolworld is
the world i live in, and invite othes to join. hugh sacker ,
knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


after the vanity of total control, we get the fullness of no control

escape from the mercenary media

all activity is voluntary now. no one may compel anyone else. there are
guide-lines, and - fortunately ! - there is a guide living amongst us.
rte is under the guidance of gillies macbain of cranagh castle, co
tipperary - where a ceremony has long been planned, showing the world to
the world, benedict and bill both due to abdicate with good grace
"never saw it coming ! - for aLL OUR SAVVY...." obol

Tuesday, April 18

obolworld : the pleasures of inventive fingers

easter morning eo29th, k'gh FURTHER EMAILS OF THE LIVING CHRIST

1. my main message this easter, in my role of guide & teacher of my
species - and for one year, i acknowledge no other role - must be : "at
easter we celebrate our own transformation - or possibility of
transformation at any moment - into christ reborn in us, all of us, a
species transformed, behaving appropriately - paradisally - in this
particular planetary paradise in which we re-discover our soul, one &
all - truly sapient at last: PLANET ASPHODEL".

2. the liberation of mind and limb: - but among the infinite delights
we re-discover with our soul is the "pleasure of inventive fingers" - a
possibility our species has like no other - recently almost lost in our
slavery to machinery and bureaucracy. long life is not fulfilment for
individual, group or species, a full and ever-enjoyable life is : the
"life more abundant" promised by jesus in the gospel story - and witnessed by
me in the Trobriands : not a mystic state, an everyday reality.

3. spontaneous participation in sacramental acts - like tasting the ear
of today's (chocolate) easter bunny - is what makes us human. all eating
is of this order : the cycle of (re)generative life is the miracle, and our
intelligence, our intelligent participation the binding sacrament:
every act an act of love.

o-oo and all "positive" symbols

easter eo 29th pageant asphodel

chorus all one

in obolworld
we don't have to worry -
for our interests are
being cared for
everywhere -
it's reciprocal you see

all equally free in
peace logic and love
considering near and far
judging impartially and compassionately

obol ("WHO'S WITH ME?")

easter day eo 29th, ref. Naas Court 12th inst

we all become anomalous in a way , completely oblivious of all the old rules and regulations , and yet at peace with one another and ourselves : knocked out and awoken from a bad dream, as if from the dead: "in love" !

easter eve eo 29th

in obolworld there are no locks and no keys, for we are all
one and untempted by individual advantage : no buying and selling, no
money and no power : as all are ever equal, so all are always considered :
it is not the world we knew, it is the other world, the Way of Heaven,
sanity on earth, the best possible in the circumstances : "our

p.s. christ did not die so we could go to heaven afterwards, even though we never abandoned our wicked ways life-long
no !
christ died so we should abandon our wicked ways, all together, One Fine Day, and then discover heaven here, on earth.

obol, guide & teacher

Saturday, April 15

the human story

the story of humanity turns out, after all, to be not a tragedy, but a
comedy......(clear enough in naas district-strict court y'day: all smiles)

categories of risk

as we enter obolworld, with its single coercive law of NO COERCION, we
categorise each other and our selves as violent risks, category so and so -
so that we all keep an eye on one another, until the new order settles in.
e.g. peter tierney has admitted to unpredictable rages, and has agreed that
this should be known wherever he is, - then together we need minimal
anxiety of his causing disruption in the future. he is my chauffeur for
the time being, and will accompany the garda car escorting me to
baltinglass whenever, and drive me away to my daughter's cottage after.

Wednesday, April 12

Fw: asians coming, game up ?

reply to article in today's irish independent p.19 , "the asians are
coming", by richard curran
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 11:47 AM
Subject: asians coming, gamu up ?

yes, it was obvious long ago, but ireland got a brief fling at the
end of the 500 years of western hegemony. over soon. then we shan't "deal with" the asian giants, they will absorb us. unless a new deal is invented, we can hardly expect mercy. i have long thought we in the west should rest on our laurels, beg understanding for our crimes - offer them our countries , suggesting they will do best to pension us off, as the wonderful and terrible lot who broke the barriers between the living species on this planet , reacting to sense impressions, and the incredible complexity of sub-atomic structure that underlies it all. maybe i don't put it sufficiently well for you to grasp...i'm sorry....but not only do we now as a species have a global intercom system invented by westerners, but also we have an amazing understanding of how the show is put on ...also invented by westerners. these 2 factors change everything. but we in the west are played out. the asians inherit our world , and are full of energy and enterprise, fresh in this respect. give it them, and they will make a good job of it, with our wise but non-coercive counsel .: the old lot.

war of state with natural law

in a sense, at least after de valera, the state, determinant of written law, has been seeking supreme power, at the expense , not just of church (canon) law, but also of natural law, stated in the 1947 constitution to exist prior to and superior to all written law in regard to the rights (sanctity) of the family. this latter is also what the american occupation of iraq was calculated to violate, and has done, thus opening the population to a destructive civil war, no holds barred. at the end of the day, bush imagines, his troops will hold the desert and control the oil. charlie mccreevy was the great propellant in this country, destroying the family, so that state and business in unholy alliance should possess the labour force. the slavery of mammon.
it breaks with me.

file 994/1/2006

ray keyes in carlow is due to crack thursday..

key of keyes

it's gaining final momentum, miriam, and may well burst bounds this easter. present holder of the keys to the kingdom (of christ on earth, if you like) is ray keyes, chief district-court clerk, carlow, but he has been sent his notice, anticipating he doesn't get in first.

universe in grain of sand

a pattern is not described without its relationship to all the
every pattern reveals the face and truth of god........"contemplate more and
meddle less!"

wisdom's spring

the official history, in its pompous way, says that "at this stage
wisdom struck a spring in the glen of imaal ", 28+ years later this
was quite a torrent, flooding the minds of the good people of Baltinglass,
the first country town on the glen's river Slaney

obolworld where...



the windows of opportunity
open for us with impunity

with kali&co pm 8th april eo29th

Tuesday, April 11

changing now

u c the earth is perishing , treated as an adventure play-ground for
spoilt adults....with ever more petty restrictions cos of the unfortunate

in healing now, the earth is a nursery for new-born, and growing children,
that THEY MAY NOT TURN OUT LIKE US - and, incidentally but crucially,
that we ourselves should be straightened out in the process of living for
this end.

obolworld is the name i give this new world, and i hereby rename our
planet ( no longer EARTH but) ASPHODEL.

arrangements exist for police to escort me to an ENTHRONEMENT ceremony in
baltinglass after Easter, but i have told Peter Tierney, who has been with
me this time, that i rather like the idea of this EASTER RISING when the
new earth/asphodel will be celebrated planet-wise.

anyone receiving this message, pleast take to heart and act. thank you
i can be contacted, but wish visitors. few enough have come so far.

hugh of knockandarraGH , AKA OBOL, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


it's a funny thing, but if one minds (a slight, or whatever), it helps to
make someone else mind......and minding goes on. but if one comes up
against someone who should mind, but doesn't, while at the same time
denying nothing, one's minding stalls.......and maybe minding goes out.
( it sure don't feature in obolworld) that, as i have often insisted, is
very hindu.

Thursday, April 6

april 5th

it took a while

confessions of ray keyes : " it took us a while even then to realise what
had happened that day.....we were sort of dazed, not saying anything to our
wives and ... but how could we say it ? "


what happens between the court convening at 11.30 and a delegation coming
to find me at Tinoran, maybe about 2pm , for enthronement and launch OF
pageant asPhodel will be well known for millennia, inscribed in all your
heads. me, i'm off now with peter and stephen, leaving libby and impi
holding the fort,

the other way

Ray, old chap, the other way, which as christ incarnate i teach (and
practise as far as compatible with engaging you chaps in dialogue),, when
there is an accident - and accidents happen even in the sapient earthly
paradise of obolworld which i am propagating - anyone involved and with
time considers if (s)he should concern her/him-self with it - in
consideration of other calls on time/energy etc. no one thinks of blame,
money or p o w e r , they do not feature as entities in obolworld.

and Ray what is not needed as an entity should be discarded .... that is
OCKAM'S RAZOR entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, a law of
reasoning which is vital if one is to have any hope of making sense of the
data (sense data in the fist place : what lies behind them is a question
only humans to our knowledge can answer, and that ability is dependent on
the brilliand medieval thinker with whom, in a sense, modern science began.

so we now enter obolworld, all of us. i have cancelled today's court in
baltinglass as such coercive tribunals , laying or not laying blame, do
not occur in my world

and, Ray, MY WORLD NOW REIGNS ON EARTH, believe me hugh of
knockandarragh, known also as obol. i shall be visiting my daughter Kali
around midday in TINORAN just outside baltinglass, where she is
single-handed coping with 2 small grandchildren of mine. send guards to
arrest me if you dare. send guards to assist me if you can : their duty in
obolworld is clear : to keep the peace and help the needy. i do not
oppose greater force with lesser. that does not happen in obolworld. in
obolworld all disputes are equally defended, to ensure fair play. and not
fought out would destroy everyone (2 equal sides to every

my messiah-ship now splits your world asunder, Ray - or not as the case
may be.
see you,
christ-buddha obol

Wednesday, April 5


i suggest what you now do is confess you story and dilemma to a friend in
the media...."Joe, this story is a purely professional matter, not
private at all. eventually it will be generally known and accepted. then
my part in this leak will be recognised,.....but Joe u no, if my name
appears too early, i and my family may suffer. so here's the story, as i
know it. it has endless ramifications. but a central thread. "

and there's this occasion in court tomorrow in baltinglass
u go, and see if u use my story ok ?

scenario tomorow

imagine the President dropped in, semi-formally, at the opening of one of
her district courts, greeted the super, the chief court clerk, the
acting clerk on the bench - and then , as all rise, the presiding judge
enters and comes down to greet his eminent guest, and offer me the
....that's an approach to the reality of spontaneity..
...i advise car sent here early.
james hughes ..
...good vibes

994/1/2006 ignore at peril

(on entering court at 11.30 exact, goes to super, and) says "james hughes
told me who you are, i didn't know before, i don't believe we've met,
superintendant...i'm your messiah.....(proffers hand....) so how does the
script go from here, super ? " - like the duke, sort of a fine example of the privilege of non-executive position.

28 years and still on track

i think you will find, on investigation, that my derailment is not in
the cards. obol

sepulchres, that's what we are...

sepulchres of the holy spirit, that's what we are......and let 'em
beat that !

winner takes all

it's been found that, in a competition of non-violent lunatics, i win
every time......who am i ?

operative !

you raised the question of the haves surrendering.....correct attitude
"let off lightly with their lives" see, we're the ascendancy
now and have to act the part of top dogs while at the same time sharing
everything with all people of goodwill and peaceful habit and watching
over others if need be there are appropriate attitudes we're all equal
now, but hugh's temporarily more alright than others,.....that will cease
in 12 months time, when hugh retires from public life.
obolworld operative now

beware! universal message

beware of meeting your self (image) going the other way


trobriand society problem

there is one well-known mystery about trobriand custom, and that is how, if
the adolescents go off for a few years by themselves and have free sex,
there are no babies till these years are felt as past, and parenthood
brings re-integration into village society. one loony possibility occurred
to me, thinking of a similar society today, how it might pay off for all
members to give out a free image, but not practise it : flirting all the then again in old age, but though allowed in parents is not so
really compatible with optimal parenthood, the test of any society. (ours
is notoriously insane.)

no escape now

you can't get out of it you know, deep in the plus i lurk, sanity and
unification, survival after all for life on earth as our forebears knew
t - before "civilisation" nearly destroyed it all........wherever you
look and find sanity and union, there am i you cannot know if i am only
in you or also in you but you and i are one in the divinity, the
divine wisdom of it all.

no compris ?

you don't seem to understand, or are you stunned ? in obolworld, our paradisal era, the strong seek out the weak, to restore the balance. my house needs protection : i give it into the care of my fellows world-wide. it is the tomb , in which i type this message, i, your messiah, i who in a sense like it or not lead you out of mortal-to-mortal chains into the hands of almighty god, conceived or denied how you like......obolworld

info hugh sacker

dear Ray,
you should have a copy of my 1966 book PEACE ON EARTH in your
keeping , since the summer 1996, re a charge brought against me for esb,
eventually like all charges against me, withdrawn/dismissed. the naas
district ct clerk should have one too, since a serious charge brought
against my son Stephen was withdrawn/dismissed, on my appearance as christ
and cancellation for ever of that court (since then illegal in obolworld,
and knowingly KNOWINGLY SO. the clerk has a number of papers of mine. My
local rector, a certain declan smith, nice older-middle-aged fellow, done
time in east africa or some such, used to the natives, u no, well he has a
lot of my stuff too. also i registered as messiah on the first census after
my self-discovery late september ad 1977, some 28 and more years a g o.
then i registered as messiah on entering the holy portals of mountjoy
(whither consign bertie ahern and cronies, for their own safwty...the
population is hereby released from bondage, and only constrained by common
sense, and my own coercive COMMANDMENT which is NO COERCION ! ), LATE NOVEMBER 1978A D and confessed same to the chief of the CENTRAL MENTAL place on the way to Dundrum, and he shook my hand and wished me well, doubting if i'd succeed....well today proves him wrong, cos here i am in my home giving guide-lines for my fellows as we all at once enter the sapient earthly paradise "of obol" to distinguish it from others, all of which if perfect and sapient it embraces automatically, as bits of mercury on a tray.......

ray, this is it. no one will ever come for me with physical force,
believe u me they have tried, and MY WIFE DIED UNDER THE STRAIN i as
hugh can never forgive that, i in principle never want to see again many
who knew and stayed with the prevailing lot. even as hugh i wish them well,
out of my knowing. let no one ever suggest to me that i do not christ all is forgiven
~ obol

ray, drop everything, and drive here , now, with any othes who will come.
it's you or the next man i inform WHICH IS IT ? no problem, i wait to
see. hugh sacker 045 404049

Tuesday, April 4


the biblical moses, having gorged his followers in the wilderness on the
blood of their brothers - divine inspiration - then gave them a dying
command : to gorge themselves on the blood of the inhabitants of a fertile
land........and today ?

: 994/1/2006 5 April

today i judge you
even as ye judge me
we all judge one another
- and so ourselves -
none has the upper hand
violence is tabu
non-violence, reason & goodwill prevail
this is the culmination
of human history :
a sapient paradise on earth

obol christ

Wednesday 11.30am Baltinglass: ref. 994/1/2006

short speech of proclaimed messiah: "christ is re-incarnate in me. when
others pay attention, from that moment the species goes into healing, the
entire prevailing social system is no more, we all behave for the best of
all. i advise you for good, and not for ill. so: do with me now what you
will : the moment is now, or later".


P.S 1. christians: God has apparently sacrificed a few billion humans and
countless other cellular creatures to the (creation of) appreciation of His
glory. let us be appreciative, then, and enter His paradise, here & now!

P.S. 2
global systemic change

Monday, April 3


IN THE LEGENDARY HISTORY OF THE ISRAELITES , seemingly largely dreamt up in babylonian captivity - a historical event - when the israelites were in danger of merging with their captors, exodus is the name for the escape from captivity in egypt, led by moses....a foundation event, connected with the passover, which in the story preceded the flight. (My friend gillies macbain thinks moses may have been an egyprian priest, leader of a heretical sect of monotheists, who fled with his followers. it fits, but may not be true for all that....reconstructions are ever tenuous. he seems to think that religious understanding went wrong with momotheism - in my book a projection of the hubristic human ego, now doomed))

but this start of the public PAGEANT ASPHODEL , DUE TO ENCIRCLE THE GLOBE IN THE COMING 12 MONTHS, is admittedly my family's exodus from the trap of this survival fortress of "the present" in this townland of knockandarragh, where we dug in 28 years ago, and now break out to fill the news columns of the world.

message from the other side

"i have suffered civilisation long enough" ~ Gaia

(medium obol)

inside story 994/1/2006

inside the mind of the christ, the man destined to lead our species into
our imago stage, the sapient earthly paradise named obolworld , in the 2
weeks between the Judgment Day in baltinglass and the Enthronement a lesser extent between the near-death experience of hugh
(sacker) of knockandarragh, in the glen of imaal, ireland, 23rd september
ad 1977, and the media focus.......hopefully this 5th april....but the
run-off is the run-off. you have access , this is your trial

Fw: this wednesday 994/1/2006

dear ms flood,
you must understand and face the gravity of the situation, now. it is 3 days to go only, and my projections have already reached:

i come to lighten things up, not make them heavier : when you here in public listen to my words, you and all humankind are freed from the inherited shackles of human tyranny.

i.e. in a nutshell : "i save you, but i cannot save myself: - gaol me, judge, evict me, or change places with me. i am your christ."

do not imagine, ms flood, that i type these words lightly.

yours sincerely hugh sacker 045 404049

Saturday, April 1

successor era of obol

terms for gillies macbane to follow you, voluntary part-time , director
to rte but anything else to anything else, ok ? he can't refuse answering
queries from rte, incidentally like obol

obol's one commandment

and a single commandment give i to ye : "be good to one another ! "


the palestinians now live in an embattled military dictatorship - pushed
to it, they understandably insist, by israeli expansionism backed by
american might. survival and recognition is their demand. in denying them
recognition, we further join in their absolute destruction.....OUR DOING much as not. that is truth that is my judgment. my son
stephen will be willing to fly in as hon. king of jerusalem, emperor of
china, etc, stephen jerico starlight, spreading peace and understanding
in a settlement that does not deal in ownership at all common
ownership is common responsibility etc ~ obol

role of men

i see the role of men in obolworld as supporters/providers in a social
system that puts the child before the parents, and the women before the
man......the opposite of the prevailing system, which was devised for
inter-tribal warfare. we now give up internal warfare and selective
warfare against other species, and enter healing, which leads to our
sapient earthly paradise, ready in the mind of obol, the christ-buddha of
this central age-change in our understanding of our history. amen

martin jaques?

who shall stand??

i suggest music from handel's messiah fill the square in baltinglass
wednesday 5th april coming from say 11 am,

so i can ask when dropped there by peter tierney about 11.15 "who
shall stand when i appear in court at 11.30 ? -as
christ ? that is the question to be answered today - and : who will

and then i shall take the chair of the court , and expound the practice of
law in obolworld.

then i shall repair to the nearby caff, and peter is booked to take me to
kali's in tinoran for 1.30 pm whence after a meeting we return home,
as the pageant gets underway. i only join at annalecky ok ?

obol's code

the discovery/invention of what is known as o b o l ' s c o d e , or
the code of social life is credited in the final analysis to hugh of
knockandarragh, an academic of modest distinction who took early retirement
to devote his energies fully to the alternative rearing of children.
pll lg ic is now known to every human on earth capable of understanding
in own terms. obolworld is our world. pageant starts publicly 5th
april 11.30 in baltinglass period......