Monday, May 29

Gateway ad/eo

Peace , President Bush , Peace !

with i.d. so long as individuals or groups appear physically
threatening, dangerous , possibly violent , they are not free f
personal history . bad-natured deception makes for horrors.

without i.d. but the harmless, physically stable are taken for what they appear to be , in each present moment and passing scene . good-natured deception keeps on toes.

"peace , President Bush , peace !

the arts of peace are infinitely preferable to the arts of war.

blueprint for regeneration

obolworld (advert ) :

a blue-print for social and ecological regeneration world-wide

at every personal point

in harmony

the liberation centre of
planet ASPHODEL ,

the jewel where sapience
abides ,

abode of SAPIENCE

our planet home.

guardian social entrepreneurship awards (work 27.05.06 p.2)

dear help, i am experiencing difficulties with your website,
relating to above , and am unable to view the terms etc of the competition. i append a brief paragraph on my position, and seek a reply only if the relevant editor has checked my website and found it interesting.

i have believed for decades now that global systemic change (breakdown,followed by re-formation) has us all in its grip. The world of divided loyalties faces suicide (causing reckless and/or dejected behaviour all over), and we need the prospect of a viable unity. Logically, there may be only one possible solution. my extended thoughts on this theme have been put my daughter in Singapore on a blogsite, the past 9 months or so.

all i need is publicity to test my thoughts out. the oxygen of
debate. my local area grants me survival. only the interest of outsiders can test me out.

world-wide sanctuary (planet asphodel)

a voice crying in the wilderness

"prepare !"

the spirit of holiness is settling

on our species

"sans frontieres !"

pageant asphodel , a transformational pageant , opens in baltinglass,
county wicklow , ireland predictably june this year. (global 12

IN , ON THIS WEBSITE, as elsewhere : "spiderweb" .

o come all ye faithful .... to baltinglass !

the wisdom mode

the wisdom of the species
lives on in the species

but each individual mind
learns differently
for itself

all peacefully , loosely ,
compassionately , intricately
inter-connected :

the mind of the species
in its wisdom mode

old tales retold


I . the ape tribe was perforce moving into new semi-desert
territory, where erect stature counted more than tree-hugging , and discipline
was survival. no getting drunk on semi-desert extra-strong herbs!

but one naughty girl tasted, and her gaze was changed, seeing them (her
lot) from outside , paradisally fearless (chemical effect in the
brain) - and she enticed adam , and they tasted and entered
paradise together ..... for a while ..... till hunger, or wild
interest stirring around ("what has the tribe left in compensation, as
sacrifice for transit, this time ? " 2 babes in the wood. playthings, so
sweet .....but some were licking their lips in contemplation of the feast
to come : in strict order, you understand, complete till this day of

Sunday, May 28

"coaching for provost's role" , pageant asphodel

"yes, of course , everyone with any sense at all haS BEEN WAITING FOR
THIS BREAKTHROUGH : WE JUST COULDN'T PREDICT HOW WE'D ALL GONE , AND GOT IT, WRONG. :- blinded by self-interest , of course .....but no version of the disinterested held water .... as this obolworld seems to do. yes, many had begun to despair, and despair was a disease of our time.

of course "obol" as hugh styles himself, apparently resurrecting his
school nickname, is most welcome to make my house his home , with his
family, during his stay in Dublin on the way to the boat in Belfast. i will
make way for memories from some who knew hugh in his short 4 years at this
college. the college's most distinguished-ever member is the object, if he permits, of the last corporate act of this college : the conferment of an honorary fellowship, - within the rules he helped draw up in his final year. "

conferment simplicity

Friday, May 26


To: "Jo Potts"

you are of course "family"
we kith and kin do not have to like eachother
or be friends
we can play all roles
but our family intimates as a group date from "before "

too late!

those who miss(ed) their chance (to be family friends), go to end of
line....after my personal death, all such distinctions void.
clean sheet.
pll lg ic

helen cullen o.o.o. 18-29 may


dear orlagh, kind of your office to remember me. of course, i have
won the case (994/1/2006) - i am perfectly happy to spend any or all of
my remaining days in gaol. in or out l, i shall continue to practise my
own version of humanly divine morality - in my unchallenged role as
christ re-incarnate, come to complete the work of many, especially jesus of
nazareth's semon on mount, etc. since i have received courteous
treatment throughout, and you have remembered me now i renew my invititation
to you(family, locals as escort), before my story breaks world-wide.
after that too late for any invited before.
best wishes
hugh of knockandarragh

my email "no, not chaos" 19 05 06

dear dg, sorry, i never sent the promised package. i have like
others been over-pressed recently. that sort of time. on reflection, i
will kep the package till interest is shown. could well be wasted.
obol/ hugh sacker (when will others realise that a global systemic
change is indicated....denial is what we're suffering under...)

Thursday, May 25

re-writing mary kenny 24 sep 2004 :

the truth about fallen human nature is that it cannot bear the
imposition of virtue by some on others. ( that the universal light-hearted practise of virtue is human can be seen from many surviving stone-age communities discovered in the 20th century. it characterises any idyllic human society, such as that proposed in ) (advert.) greetings hugh of knockandarragh , inventor of the coming sapient paradise on this our planet.


systemic change

whoever you are (were), with all the rest gone , you don't make sense
that's where i come in .....

......the Guide into our Sapient Paradise here on a Planet now named

"at your service, 12 months only, "

obol of obolworld

an anomaly and an enigma, that's obol - or so says hugh,
inventor/discoverer/cartographer of obolworld, his mind's version of this planet's SAPIENT PARADISAL STAGE : location of the mind in our cosmos, the divine mind, in us .

inside the pearly portals

o rapture so divine !

no more of mine and thine !

the living garden of the

deity ,

our planet asphodel ,

our species its intelligent

inhabitants .

life is for us

compassion ,

infinite loving comprehension .

(it took a bit of acquiring ... !)

a mighty dread


- 2000 years later


hypocritically washing our hands
abusing our neighbours
abusing the/our divine creation
insane "self-justifying"
a cancer on the wondrous skin of this planet
tormenting and even torturing closest relatives
in our species and in other species

today there is little health in us ~ criminals.

(see email "avatar" 17/05/06
outline confession on realisation : "meaque culpa, nostraque culpa")
forgive me!

"when ?" - "now !"

"the whole world in my hands" ~ hugh 10.15 am 24th may eo29th

"inside eden, it's a love - affair between the human mind and IT
L - in it's every aspect !"
~ obol 10.30 am

" lay down your arms ! - this is the (re-)entrance of the species,
wiser now : a world-wide TRANSFORMATION , a saving Grace . "

Tuesday, May 23

no, not chaos

no , i don't bring chaos

i bring order

love and adoration

of the natural

order of it all ,

naturally divine

divinely natural ,

understanding and union

i bring


dear dg, unless your emissaries get here first - the best news story
of all time breaking hereabouts - i shall be posting a small packet to you
tomorrow, about my global pageant awaiting your personal interest ; i
have involved you on my website, as others no libel for me i'm free and
protected an anomaly

asphodel GRAND OPENING : announcement

where we are todaY pageant theme song

THIS IS what we called the Gateway of Eternal Life
THIS IS IT what we called the Gateway of Eternal Life

Globally & Locally

all at once THIS IS......





our code is


guide-lines pll lg ic


THIS IS IT the transformation pageant of our species on
judgment day


a transformational pageant, participation in which is a liturgical event,
a sacrament of passing from one level of understanding (that of
divided minds) to a higher level (that of re-united minds), from living in fear
to living in love....from hell to heaven.

switching over

o f c o u r s e "everyone" agrees that hugh should be heard ,
"just not t h i s way" , - and the trouble is : everyone feels the same.
that's why it has to be "local a n d global" , all at once.
when the time is ripe, all factors at every level set, pageant asphodel will unfold like a dream. like a mandala, to those who understand that.
living .
in life .
a centre point.
ever changing .
rippling out the past into the future
out the surround
back into the surround.
an all-changing transforming messianic moment. bubbling unceasingly
like a spring just appearing
a well of eternal life here,
geographically centred in a broad glen to the south-west of the dublin/wicklow
mountains named after a local chieftain of the 6th/7th century,
"obol's glen" , with many holy springs alas contaminated by recent filthy practices of our deranged species. here hugh and family, but not alma,
survived nearly 29 long years of non-recognition ,
but even that had its positive side............when the talking did

the avatar's journey

an absolute condition of my "spreading the word " is to be allowed in
my daily life-style to witness to its idyll :

i circle the globe in a bubble of sanity and delight - which my
circuiting hopes will spread and consolidate all round in every

19th may eo 29th
with Libby

the avatar

"dear friends, and enemies too, all people of my species who come
across these words of mine, i have a lot to teach . it does not matter
whether you consider me, from your point of view, as "divine", or from another
point of view as "ordinary human", but i do have conditions for my
teaching, and after. i and my family do not want to have our lives
made worse, but better. simpler, more enjoyable. keep it all gentle,
like the pageant i have dreamt up for the next 12 months. we as a family
are overstretched. help us enjoy simplicity more, and we'll help you.
ok ?"

DPP 994/1/2006 ; comstaff P.S.257/06 25 april ongoing

hugh of knockandarragh, still free and unrepentant, reports position:

i cannot allow myself to accept subordination:

i exist, as obol, as an avatar in this present time and place,

to d e m o n s t r a t e how our species can now,
and must now,
and now will

s o c i a l i s e w i t h o u t s u b o r d i n a t i o n ,

without hierarchy, without money,
without some having power over others.

until my fellows, those of you who encounter or hear or read of me,
come and talk freely with me about the amazingly beneficial change in
my considered opinion facing our species today. i cannot appear helpful. it is essential to your self-belief to listen to the ideas of others, especially when
non-violent, so :

come on now, it's up to you, not to me. come and talk.

Saturday, May 13


i had a small accident in a car-park, and drove away, knowing the security
guard knew my car number. Later a state guard (police officer) called,
checked it out, visited the other party, returned - and told me, if i
paid the damages (705 euros), he would be content, but if i would not pay
up, he'd prosecute. Short of cash, and preferring always to align myself
with the losers , not the winners, i declined to pay, and there have been
interesting consequences, some of which i detail here.

1. although i have been claiming to be christ returned to
finish the job for some 28 years, only now do they headline that in the
local paper, and only now am i the subject of gossip, ribaldry,
admiration, avoidance etc publicly in my home area.

2. i have spent 2 days in cloverhill prison, where i was
put in the non-national wing, and had a wonderfully interesting and
enjoyable time....i wanted to stay longer, and hope to return , if i fail
to trigger global systemic change before.

3. i have experienced the workings of the law at first hand,
in this rapidly changing and temporarily materially booming country, and
hold the considered opinion that "the law " is a vast, elaborate and
expensive facade, doing practically no good at all, except buying time for
the stupid, self-righteous, controlling , and ever so smart ruling
factions on earth today - factions whose beliefs and practices are
destroying both humanity and our essential environment in a desperate bid
to line their own nests -at any cost they can get away with for the moment.

4. my family, while hoping i will "get away with it", and
that they will not meanwhile suffer further from their errant elder's
rebellious stand, continue much as before, - and we have sufficient
money and good friends to hope so - and the weather is glorious and the
furze (gorse) and other wild flowering shrubs, budding trees and hedgerow
flowers are more brilliant in their natural glory than i have ever known.
my four grand-children seem to be thriving, 2 here, 2 in singapore, and i
am enjoying life more and more, leaving the chores to others - as i
approach my 81st birthday (21 June). so : "god bless!" - and make your
peace with your deepest conscience, 'cause you will have to, or die
first..: the rampage of mammon is under notice.

Travel Notes For Alternatives

The Cloverhill Cosmopolitan Community

Recommended Highly

members of our species visiting Ireland, who have fallen foul of the
rules and practices of the host community and are confined but not punished
here, awaiting decisions from outside as to release, deportation, trial or
relocation. - a most enjoyable place to visit.

Obolworld : Homelife

Obolworld : Homelife

as a home needs a baby in it,
to be cared for as the (new-) born fledgling in the nest,

so a home needs an old person,
to be treated as an honoured guest


villages, communities are assemblies of "homes"

in porch with Joe Potts and my family 11th May
(a gorgeous day hereabouts)

in a trial (of any sort)
it is important that someone should speak for you

least good a hired pro
less good a supporter you've asked
best someone who identifies at one point and sees no reason not to say

Wednesday, May 10

end of reporting

i'm not intending to continue my habit of putting my thoughts (as
my life continues) on the web. from now on, in principle, people will
have to be here in person, as Joe Potts for instance is, and others have
been here recently, or ask me questions in some form, to learn what i am
learning and professing day by day. the court experiences of kali,
stephen and myself, recently have been so illuminating : it's almost all
99% facade, keeping government and its servants comfortably employed,
irrelevant to real issues, even in the cases being tried. i know. ask me.
obol's unrequested writings stop here.
thanks for everything, the site has kept me going.

bin Laden

if we westerners are hateful to bin Laden, then we should invite him to
tell us why , in absolute peace and hope of reconciliation....not make war
on him, thus giving him every reason to hate on, and huge support.
together we humans can have peace and reconciliation on this planet here and
now, divided we cannot. in peace we can, at war we cannot. it happens
that i can help my fellows understand how to change from war to peace, to
live with the arts pf peace, not those of war, and it happens that this
is a suitable and logical time for this change in our social behaviour,
etc. i can solve the iraq problem, too in fact all problems, but only
with cooperation. non-coercive, voluntary cooperation. only violence has
to be ruled out by all parties seeking a new peaceful life on earth. can
we now as a species agree to pay that price ?


AVATAR is a recognised name for a number of outstanding individuals, who
impress not by their power or wealth or sexiness, etc, but by their practical and wise spirituality. thus gautama, a buddha, thus krishna, thus mahomet........thus jesus of nazareth, the jewish avatar, distinguished by the monotheism of his tribe and their leaders' conniving with the occupying power to get him crucified. his followers, a break-away group of immense historical importance, consequently preached his exclusivity, causing immense social rifts and bloodshed, which continue to this day. in my opinion for a sect to worship their particular human inspiration as uniquely divine is idolatry, and logically the cause of great dissension.

as i understand it, and i seek to support my interpretation in public
debate (in principle with every one on earth, but alas i am just one old
man, so you have to arrange my trial the best and most inclusive way
possible) : i now come to lead us all , all who follow that is, into
the sapient paradise of our species, here on this planet , our blessed

yesterday evening i set forth my wares for less than one hour on a video
brought without such intent by Libby's friend Glenn, a family friend
really. he asked me, if i claimed to be christ, what i understood by
"CHRIST", so after a pause, i held forth, for the first time ever
attempting such a definition. the words above follow this morning.


i imagine the video on cloverhill as a world show-piece for how each
other site has to adjust while suffering no disruption.

on the appointed day for ALL CHANGE all prisoners will be held under different law : they cannot get out except with the agreement of all inside the walls, and the ready welcome from those outside and a non-enforceable agreement to let the world know how it goes with them...... staff at that moment however will all be volunteers, agreeing freely to take this role in the age change, the systemic change now happening on this planet. for instance there will be some or many prison officers who have family obligations and should not volunteer, etc. but once inside at that fatal moment, they too cannot escape except with the agreement of all inside and a ready welcome from those out. all are confined together. SUPPLIES WILL CONTINUE MUCH AS BEFORE. no violence is the first necessity....any who cannot contain it, must be optimally restrained, and tended, while we others get on with understanding one another and the systemic change we are undergoing. those in constraint occupy us crucially, since without their free agreement, not one person (unless seriously ill...) can get out...........and then as we begin to exchange with those outside, others will visit, for the experience....and the cameras will have followed, presented, and recorded it all

do you want a better solution ? if so, let's talk it through. together
together ?

why the hell do you guys and dolls stay away ???? inevitably losing your
turn, as some new hope enters my field 0f operation,,,, e.g.sister
cecilia (i think) in cloverhill, C2 10 where my true friends Igor and
Nosa are perhaps still languishing, hearing nothing of my triumph in my
home area (believe me, or check for your selves....)

cloverhill social rehab centre

i'm conceiving a video, with cooperation from the prison, in which i
expound its function in obolworld (non-coercive) society, in the formative
age : a model prison of the future.

report and proposal of a visitor.

creating archetypes of the new era.

Monday, May 8


when cloverhill moves into the obolworld way of things, all concerned -
"of goodwill" to peace on earth, etc - join in maintaining the peace :
the necessary condition for emancipation. EVERYONE in the gaol at any time
may only leave if so desired by the others still there, and received
outside by other caring obolworld members. it remains, perhaps for years
to come, a safe refuge, to which anyone failing to prosper in prevailing
circumstances may apply for temporary residence, and learning. i will
elaborate in contact with sister cecilia of there, and the governor, at any time: we work out the idea and start together, and then it begins to unroll all over at once. a wonderful place, at least the international wing c2.

yes, i know

Yes, i know, dear, but my brother's gone mad....very plausible, but i
have to shield the children.... stand there when they come for him....the
men in white coats, possibly. i remember our dear mother's end,
associated with orphan hugh's beginning, obol at school, and years
after, obstinately obol, and now "obol's world" ! indeed, it happens in
the best of families....dear joan....i'm finding this hide-away quite

i run these off to get the confession from them,
then we start anew

what forces lay behind ?

what forces lay behind joan's decision to invade and take command ?
is she not really acting as one of bush's outriders ?
laying down the law she knows in the heart of the rebel hq ?

secret diary : extract 7th may

i've moved into the television room : i learnt to live with that in
Cloverhill : far lighter task than living with Joan's voice.


Littly, i just haven't time or energy to report, it's going so fast around
me. probable that the media onslaught will be loosed about wednesday, as
joan leaves (?) and after joe has arrived.
i try to prepare their minds for this, but they revert over and over. fascinating.
it has to find minds genuinely waiting for exactly this - A n independent public state setting up and accepted as possible model for a better future, in
west wickl;ow, and now preparing to tour the world
the obol circus
or circus of obol,
ladies and gents, as founded after 28+ years by hugh of knockandarragh.
watch for it
ladies and gents,

Sunday, May 7

Obol was then taken into custody for 2 days, seemingly for failing to pay a 100 euro fine. His case comes up again in June. Webmaster's note

Friday, May 5

wedns morning


what i am claiming
is to be a one-off
in the history of our species
- what the ancient greeks
called an idiot - one of a
kind, a unique unit -
therefore (and for
no other reason) considered
insane without investigation.
- for investigation would - and WILL now or later
discover in me the pivot around whom our
species transforms into
our unified, integrated,
mature, sapient, loving stage.
it is all stored on my website,
and in my house. do with
my body what ye will.

i respect nothing
they respect

in practise they

power, & money,
social success,
- the "good things
of life"
that go with these
"things" (power/money/status)

as operatives of a power/
money/status system, i can't
expect THEM to have a
pigeon-hole for me which
allows them to CONTINUE

if they recognise me,
the system blows up

if they... allow for
the... possibility that
"i'm me" (he's HIM"!!),

then they are

struck dumb,
like Zacharias in
the first chapter of Luke

because thou
believest not
my words,
which shall
be fulfilled
in due season
- Luke v. 20

Wednesday, May 3

program notes

i have drawn them up for today, 3 or 4 pages, and Impi says she will put
what she can of them on here before stephen and i leave, with Kali who
has turned up, at 10.55 , and then after the ceremony, i /we will wait
for her in the coffee shop there, till she comes having picked up Jay.
then back here, then she'll drive back to their cottage for tonight, then
back here after kindergarten tomorrow, to collect joan friday pm.
then jo potts @ monday, a video maker by profession i think. here's stephen,
see yous dad/hugh/obol

may 2nd

as christ...

as christ, i have cancelled this court.
as christ, i offer you entrance to the sapient earthly paradise, the "happy now".
may i and my son leave now, please ?
follow me. all......
to the pageant asphodel

or, better ?

i am either christ, or i am not christ. as christ i have cancelled this
court. have you investigated the question ? i gave you ample warning...

anything to say?

have i anything to say , judge ? - only that, as you know, i have
cancelled this court.
with me back on earth, it has no authority.
christ, c/o hugh of.....

the happy now


law shake-up


all cases dismissed except those involving violence.....baltinglass district
court 3rd may eo 29th. records without value in future. all equal and
free at all times - except to be violent. we do not allow, we FORESTALL

at every point

at every point along my way i offer all present the chance to join me.
we are near the point at which the idea catches on. the moment will be
past before present - if you see what i mean. there is no other moment
for me.

police, prosecution, & courts

history will reveal this assault of obol on the triple arm of the
as the crucially effective blow - after which resistance was
all in the picture gave up.

Fw: good manners

Wm Empson Ambiguity : the whole problem lies in the presence or
absence of brackets in the sentence "they will (not) give them selves up to
the common cause"....the relationship of self to Self, as it's often put.

after the court meeting

then i wander off to the road......where, in the sketch, a carriage drives
up, with a lady and we gallop a few yards down the road . the ceremonial
opening of the pageant.

now you three, i'm sure baltinglass can raise at least a horse and cart,
and i'm sure vanessa king macfie of coolbawn castlecomer will come along
if the super goes and explains to her that it's ok....ok ok ok

court proceedings tomorrow

so i shall walk from th statue towards the court steps, and if your judge
is not there to greet me, i shall pause to address onlookers (i shall be in
pageant costume), somewhat as follows:

"they have summoned me and my son to their court
here, which i have cancelled, being independent of them, and subject to a
different law, which i have explained to them. let them now come out and
treat fairly with me, or will they drag me there in irons ? "
"who casts a stone ? i have here a packet of snaps of my family life none of
it in their records, none of it. they never come to see, they never
heed my words. ..........i denounce them, rogues and hypocrites the lot."

messianic claim OBOL

i could now not turn up, and wait for you to come and get me, but that
would be a sign of weakness. instead i intend to drive self and son to
baltinglass about 11 am tomorrow morning, cup of coffee, then walk to meet
the district court judge. i sincerely hope for all our sakes that he comes
half way to meet me........obol

littly - how can this drama not command attention ?


to your individual selves :

"if i focus on you, i kill you"

relaxing, now, slowing down

i'm past my best
i've shot my bolt
i'll never be so smart again
hugh (8o)

christ as executioner

they don't see the trap, i warn them, they deny the warning - and walk
into the "noose".
and there i find them,
and string them up.
yes, i do that.
since alma's death, professionally. until such time as
they/you cop on.
don't mind ! never mind !
it's picture language.
as the species turns on.

the shriving baltinglass 3rd may

is it by thy order, judge, that these gardai eject christ in person from
this court, and keep him out ?

i am he

he is i


c/o hugh of knockandarragh

i bring a new heaven and a new earth

intro on web as ye know

i travel round

and ye chat about it with me

one year

staged as pageant asphodel

now i leave this court freely

thank you

with my son

freely this time ????

no sour after-taste ??

god forgive you people.

i will not till ye realise your sin

matthew 22 i think, "one of them had an itchy rash ..." so the
attendants at the ceremony were not the knowledgable, but the ignorant ,
who had a great time so long as essentially innocent ... a sneaky
mercenary journalist who got in with the crowd was ejected with permanent

as ever

judge of judges


impartial as well as compassionate

good manners

my war, which is merely for show, a keystone in our understanding , is
against each and every self that thinks itself free, supreme, responsible.
that illusion disappears from the understanding of the species with me.
the system is the system is the system is........just accept it, and
that its workings are delightful to us, who are part of its workings, no
more, no less.

good manners !


this court tomorrow in baltinglass will be known as THE SHRIVING. YOUR
PERSONAL PRESENCE AND FUTURE ACCOUNT would be highly appreciated. encourage Rob, and others. witnesses valued eternally.

the trouble

trouble is : when you look close at any one of them, you find a fellow
human being, in your image.

that's why i never look close, retorted Impi!

the system owes me

now, you see, Rosita, i reckon the court system of this country, like the
population, is in my debt, owes me, if you see what i mean. the
population poisoned my family water supply as Stephen was born, there has
been no apology, no recompense. the courts, assuming the worst, gaoled
me for the judge's own error, and though he was ever after courteous with
me, he never apologised - OR MADE IT GOOD TO MY WIFE AND YOUNG FAMILY.

the courts of this country , and the peoples of this country (and others),
owe me and alma's children for her premature death. i told all and sundry
so after she died. Catherine and Sue Minet will remember.

with her death i lost all compunction in dealing with my fellows. it is
written in the stars that ye will either join obolworld, or languish and
die unshriven. i do not know in advance what will happen at any moment in
the future, i have never imagined i did. that is the fun of it.

but i assure you, my family, friends, and acquaintance, that i am the living
christ, and you will either join me or cease to count. amen

court tomorrow 3rd may

no dilemma for me : as with Socrates or Jesus of Nazareth, society ignores
my words at its peril. on the one hand my personal freedom amd my family's
present precarious balance, on the other the notoriously endangered future
of species and planet. a truly messianic moment.

statement the day before

i believe i have the solution to the world's problems. Nobody takes me
seriously . So i refuse to play their game, and may therefore be gaoled.
This would at least provide me with a break. i hope it might draw some
attention to my case, but the ability of my fellows to continue down the
road to self-destruction is impressive. this time my web-site provides
insight into my motivation. i hope my family will not be left alone, as
last time. it is not very exaggerated to say it cost Alma her life.

may 1st

formal claim

"in my role as christ alive, judge of judges. i now formally request my
fellows all over to give my judgment precedence for the space of one year,
all my judgments being non-coercive , and in accordance with the guiding
principles of obolworld. "

see website.
test case this wednesday baltinglass 11.30 am.

another wheeze

hey littly, i just thought of another wheeze, if "your" reps don't arrive
here by tomorrow night. tomorrow i plan to discover when garda ray hughes
is coming to pick me up, as arranged , for wednesday morning. then the
wheeze : stephen and i drive to baltinglass 20 minutes before that, and i
leave ray a note, saying we've gone on (to make sure), and would he please
bring libby and anyone else to see the show.....?

teasing, without getting hit

uc , i keep on running all their phantasies off to them (well, you in
particular, who get the lot, almost), leaving nothing left to
them......and then we operate non-violence, don't we ??

sharing the predicament

let me put you in the picture, causing you, garda commissioner, to lose
your innocence. ok ? :----

tomorrow i plan to drive my son and one daughter to lathaleere,
baltinglass, so they can sign on for doleas required. we have no means of
financially and legally getting from here to there, unless the gardai
provide a car and driver as requested.

otherwise i shall drive them in an unfit, unlicensed, uninsured car, not
having had a driving licence for a decade or more myself. it will be safe

when you take one of us up for failing your paymaster's requirements, you
ignore our circumstances. so please stop law enforcement now, and join
with me in spreading obolworld globally without delay.

forcing the judge's hand

suppose i enter the court, dressed regally , go up to the Bench and require
the judge to stand down in my favour, since i am christ incarnate come to
judgment ?

then he does so, or has me last, so much easier......but
what now ????media coverage ? it would be very odd if not. and
witnesses, of various types, including gardai who know me. and would
they arrest me, if i held up my hand to stay them, and looked
steadily......? and everything on the web-site.

ray, get in touch, and move fast, time is running out for you.


i think my "friends" , like peter tierney, who drop off at this stage,
fear "contamination" - in a hopeless cause. but witnesses to the truth
of baltinglass 3rd may will experience de-contamination - from the
exposure of hypocrisy when christ appears to a fully prepared court.
"all right, none of us perfect "....will be the least of it.

i'm spelling it out

i'm spelling it out. it is automatic. so am i. you have to heed my
spelling it out. it leads us all into our united, peaceful, sane
maturity. then similar spells will be running off in all your heads.
then i retire. thank god. job done. naughty old age ? watch me.

obol's throw 3rd may baltinglass

i stake everything i have upon this throw, my freedom, my reputation, my
family's peace of mind.

- no wonder that others are wary !

hugh sacker 1st may eo 29th

the future

sure, it's all determined, but nobody knows what it is till it happens

the new aristocracy

successful pioneers of the new age are its natural aristocracy - with
model manners and abhorring violence.

Fw: warnings

dear buck, perhaps you see now that the tables are turning this week here in west wicklow. anyway you should get this warning. it's not just one day any longer, it's this week. see you whenever, no break with you for constant affection's sake - but one rat left ship this morning !


P.S.257 25 april

dear commissioner, i warned garda hughes not to bring the case, i warned
the DPP not to pursue the case, i warned Ray Keyes of Carlow district court
to request a thorough investigation of my claims before this Wednesday, i
cancelled the earlier court in dunlavin that sought to try my son, i
cancelled the present court in baltinglass which seeks to try us both, -
and now i warn you, the Garda Commissioner, not to ignore me, but on the
contrary immediately to come with ray hughes and the local super to drink
tea with me, and discuss the change of plan, as pageant asphodel breaks on
the world.
thank you, hugh

Monday, May 1


i spell it out

i spell it out

Fw: the prescott affair


it's another bishop casey !!

join now!

join obolworld for a society more delightfully loving !
join now !
enquire personally

opportunity for epoch-making collaboration

obol claims that anyone who studies the media can see that the present
global social system is crashing round our ears, and that,

although the presentation is necessarily that of a memo-pad or log-book
(obol's on full-time duty) ,

all problems concerning a species-wide systemic change that will save
species and habitat are now resolved , except one :

it remains for obol's fellow humans to pay attention, rally round -
visit, and talk!

a public occasion is scheduled for 11.30 am this wednesday 3rd may in
baltinglass, county wicklow. see you there! see you whenever !
my bit's done


the main meal of the day, in any home, is seldom eaten without participation
by some passing stranger, allowance always being made for "the man who
had dinner with Bacall"...
....oh, not here today, then perhaps i may ...?
there is positive competition for personal interest
many play music...

logic of umiversal understanding

universal understanding is the logic of it it were, "infinity
to its finity".


Joan has suddenly arranged to visit here 5 days from friday 5th. one or 2
nights she may stay with Kali . Stephen suggests you be invited to co=incide with Joan, at least for a nite or 2. Joan agrees it would be nice for her, hasn't seen you for ???? etc

joan suggested i send this email, inviting you soonest, no conditions save
non-violence and good manners, open house in old-world fashion, whole
world undergoing transformation to unification, pure blessing.

speed limit

a global speed limit of 10 mph would facilitate the move back to horse-drawn and canal transport, as we all slow down, live best in each moment , learning its relationship to IT ALL as we go.


you notice a sore spot, the intelligence of society focusses on it.


file P.S. 257/06 interview

interview, opening Pageant Asphodel to government :

garda commissioner "you've got a Challenger on your rurf, taoiseach,
......I'm only just in time to alert you. Tournament Baltinglass Wednesday.
he suggests you take refuge in Mountjoy, along with the Drumcondra Mafia,
and establish a Governor- Residency there, for a spell guide lines far more appealing than old ones... pll lg ic....peace and security for all on earth who behave well at each and every moment. that's you too, boss......

important discovery


the principle in the mind :-

" i always give credit
for best intentions,
and always register
the consequences "

29th april eo 29th

--"the way to combat hypocrisy " ~ hugh

garda manners


it seems to me a good idea for all gardai to carry a number of personal I.D.
cards, giving name and address of garda station and home address , phone
etc. IF a particular would-be garda fears for his home in such
circumstances (transparency), then he should not leave it. voluntary
service of the planet involves caring for one's patch, before other
venturing. when not needed at home, a man may venture , more or less like
a fictional knight of old, seeking to help keep the peace and help the
needy. or for other purposes compatible with obol's guide-lines and their

that is a garda in obolworld, a volunteer knight . or lady. or lady.
but probably less often, just the same. the two sexes can complement each
other, in commoner ways and in lesss common, but always complementary.

thank you thank you


the fairy-tale pageant now takes all attention.i.a. libby visits the white
house, and siobhan moves into the aras. now : would chupi please
accompany her, and the 2 of them redesign interior for partying
celebrations around the american ambassador's ritual burning down of his

symbol of empire. hugh

in principle, in the first year the needy, for whatever reason, are each
provided with a full-time personal servant or prime minister, voluntary
always, who has taken on the job of solving the problems. with society's
aid. these ministers may well come from the ranks of the hierarchy &
bureaucracy, the whole superstructure of administration in the formative
age, now happily internalised in the species.

wisdom of obol

i am before words, you understand..........

zones and accidents, obolworld

society is a complex internet of territorial and other zones. without
coercion, it behoves us to show respect to all relevant zones at all times,
i.e. to live in each present moment (as eternal, if you like).

if you have an accident, you cannot summon anyone to help you. you will
(as always)be dependent on immediate circumstances, chance strangers etc,
so it behoves us all to treat others as we would like to be treated, for

and so life slows down immediately, and the moment regains freedom to be
enjoyed for its own sake.

and people never go back. amen obol, redeemer in person, for the


file P.S. 257/06 25 april

i have personal security. my security is only liable to physical pain,
which i do all i can to avoid. words, body-postures, others' insecurities
do not disturb my personal security. my house has no locks. i have no
documentation of any interest to me. i live within my security, its
boundaries are clearly defined, and i hope from now on to extend them
world-wide : to travel freely round the globe, leading the PAGEANT
ASPHODEL which introduces a similar security for everyone from birth to
grave : complete security, never threatened by other human beings, for
we now know that we are all one, one species in one body of life on earth.
we have become sapient, and now wise all of a sudden. we live by obol's
guide-lines peace, logic , and love, a ruling indivisible trinity of
abstract principles we all can agree. then in all our decisions we
always consider local and global implications, for we are all one, local
interests and global interests the same. then in our judgments -
note this, please ! - we are always impartial and compassionate. pll
lg ic and we prize peace first of all : NO COERCION ! - EXCEPT IF
NECESSARY TO PREVENT COERCION is our only absolute law, to which all
members must subscribe. those who decline are not members of obolworld.
we who are, when in a clear majority, may ignore their wishes, but should
assist their minimal survival. general acceptance will follow this


paranoia is a natural state for a tigress or she-wolf threatened in her
lair : frightened, aggressive, on edge. leave people like george bush
and tony blair in charge at the present juncture, and paranoia will
increase globally ("war of terror on terror"). they have to go, and that

similarly, if three young men are quietly smoking a joint or two in their
house in Athy, and the gardai come with a search warrant, and find only
that, for them then to bring those lads up before a judge like Mary Martin
can only increase the mayhem and misunderstanding in the world. Where, one
wonders, are the better placed citizens of Athy with their drug habits ??
And what gives Mary Martin the right to suppose the brain waves in heads
like hers (!!) are desirable ?? Has she not noticed that things are getting
out of control?

What, Commissioner, did the gardai think they were doing in bringing those
lads to court for quietly smoking at home?? trying to produce a world of
tobacco and alcohol users (bringing revenue to the govt), but prohibition
on the other drugs that had been around for ages, but not revenue-producing? or simply, DIVIDING SOCIETY , on the principle of DIVIDE AND RULE ?? there are ways to spread the positive use of drugs, in a sane society, and ways to spread the negative abuse , in a mad society.
You, Commissioner, and you Director of public prosecutions, and you Chief
clerk of the district court in Carlow, you are all on the wrong track.
and you MUST ENTER DISCUSSION NOW . you have no option.

hugh sacker of knockandarragh, aka obol, the guide and teacher of his
species at this time, and as i wrote to mary martin "judge of judges".

you see, those courts do not allow open two-way discussion. If they did,
with me around, peace and sanity would prevail....indeed will - now ? -
prevail. For i cannot be shut up.. And my experience is vast, and my
intelligence up to it.

my son Stephen Sacker

ref DPP 994/1/2006 ; garda commissioner P.S 257/06 25 april

my son Stephen is a bit worried - he worries - because you've raked up a
long-past case against him, to coincide with a present one against me. the
garda who brought the summons,said he'd tried to deliver it many times
before, but that cannot be true, as someone is always here, and usually
also Stephen in his shed in the yard (have you seen how he lives ??).
three and a half (or 2 1/2? i'm 80) years ago he had a bad accident in
which no one was hurt. what happened in court has yet to be agreed, but no
further summons appeared, until the other day.

Now Stephen, once a somewhat wild young lad, had a great shock with his
accident, and quietened down a lot. He does not work for money, but works
steadily helping me keep this place in order, as a family home. Come and
see : it is on welfare, and something of a show-piece. As you know, as
christ, his father does not believe in mercenary labour.. Since his
accident, Stephen has been forced to stop driving, since insurance is
prohibitively expensive for one in his situation. (No public allowance is
made him or me for living isolated in the country, away from transport, and
not sharing the ethos of our neighbours.) He even has no licence...allowed in the circs to lapse.

So what should the judge do ? Stephen's is a model case... of learning
from a mistake. i tell him not to worry, but the idiocy of the hide-bound bureaucratic hands-off system disturbs him. are you pleased ???? -------no one
checks up on us, or ever has...not even when the kids never attended
school....nothing will get the officials to check on us as we are........WHEN WHEN oh WHEN will that happen ? today ?

as ever hugh /obol the living saviour of our species and its environment
, due to represent himself in baltinglass 3rd may....see you all there ?