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Fw: karen armstrong, and the end of the world


if, as the intelligent and sane karen armstrong says, the biblical creation story is a timeless myth about the sanctity of the world and everything in it (a belief i share) , and the book of Revelation was a timely prophesy about the end of the babylonian captivity (during which i read elsewhere that the earlier books of the bible were probably composed), then is not the "end of the world" (as now widely feared) about the end of our 3000-year-old civilisation, whose competitive divisions surely fuelled our species' investigations into the nature of existence but are now threatening to destroy everything we hold dear ? It was according to the same bible a jewish prophet of exceptional intelligence and humanity who told us how to unite in peace, logic and love at this juncture : love our enemies as our selves and abandon the hopeless attempt to combine service of "mammon" (based on self-interest, the use of surplus to increase the holder's wealth) with service of "god" (based on a selfless sharing of every single thing we have).

i have for 28 years dedicated every moment of my life to working out the practicability of this shift, from division to unity, and been side-lined almost entirely for doing so. i have written numerous letters to the Guardian and other media seeking discussion of my views. i have published a somewhat hysterical small book (1996), and a similar web-site trying to interest my fellows. may i ask now, at this admittedly desperate juncture, when many including ms armstrong fear Armageddon may be upon us , for inclusion in the market-place of discussion - along with muslims and christians and atheists , none of whom seems to see the possibility i do ? it could transform our remarkable planet into a sapient paradise if others put a fraction of the work into it that i have..

Fw: israeli/hizbullah war

ref. london "observer" 30 july, p.27. but it is everyone who knows me , or of me, that i beg for help in respect of raising public discussion of my case. i argue that it is both practicable and necessary. hugh

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Subject: israeli/hizbullah war

an excellent article, but please bear with me a moment....when i say : this IS another round in the conflict of good and evil - but by definition both sides are "evil". jesus of nazareth, a jewish prophet recognised by all parties as such, is very specific in the gospels : we should not only love (side , identify with) our friends, but particularly with our enemies. and this is the clear, logical solution to all such conflicts as that between israel and hizbullah. this is "good", and would work if adopted globally. this is "true love", i.e. not love of (extended) self - the root of all human conflict - but love of all that is not oneself. "look at it from the other point of view. look at yourself as the other sees you." when both sides do it, all is solved. we live in an age of extreme self-propagation - and it is true that in such an age both israel and hizbullah are "justified" by their violence, fearing the other would run over them otherwise. this is the world of (stupid) FEAR. the alternative is a world of (intelligent) LOVE. we have global intercom now, we are all human and share very similar brains: is it not the habit of self-interest that alone blocks our understanding?

dear mary riddell, i am 81, and had a fairly normal life and career , trying to make brave good choices, until nearly 29 years ago, when in despair at failing, i had a "near-death" experience. since then i have lived (as far as i could) in accordance and calculated how the species could change from selfish fear to selfless love, and it has been hard (isolation, poverty, learning all the time). i have put some of my (desperate) ideas on a website that (like most) is generally ignored (and could be greatly improved, but hardly by me now). and i have throughout begged to be investigated, for the sake of all (rather than myself, tottering along and quite happy to die any time). the logic of it all seems clear to me. debate is all i seek. disregard , and some hassle, is mostly what i get. far. i keep trying, as you see, and hope springs "eternal".

Question : can you explain to me why my ideas are not worth investigating, by people as intelligent and concerned and publicly known as yourself ?? (all combatants would find themselves in the wrong, of course - which is roughly what most people think!)

Fw: letters to the editor 30th july eo 29th


with respect (and i have felt and expressed it often in the past) peter preston needs the rectal probe that stimulated armando iannucci's imagination so splendidly. there's a load of shit in mammon's stables - in particular those of white protestant heritage. peace needs love and logic as companions, not money. in white protestant legend, jesus spelt it out to all - and we continued in the hell of engorgement, until this day - when i spell it out to the world, via this email, my website , and my every encounter every day. check with the local garda superintendant (baltinglass), check with the irish-american heiress who funded the electornic recording of all ancient greek and ancient irish literature, check with my neighbours - or continue stuffing your own arse, peter, and knowing it, peter, every bit as guilty, in your own particular way, as bush, blair, ahern and all who live by mammon, and not by the divine truth of their own deepest understanding. (and "divine" expresses the bliss experirnced by each and every one of us when all do so, explained in each individual mind DIVERSELY no doubt. when the mind of the species discovers harmony, every cell is unique and harmoniously cooperative...a trained and experienced journalist, you will put it far better than i can. i have lived for 28 years under dual strain, and am now 81 years of age. )

augean stable cleaning

i suppose the accumulated shit that hercules had to clean out in less than no time is the shit buried in our minds.....including libby's.......maybe that is being purged......and "doubtless" the shit in the mind of the entire species is due to be washed away as the pure flood water of realisation of the divinity and wonder of our sapient paradisal fulfilment experienced as timeless pours through the stables of the collective mind of humanity.

it's taken a few years , orbits of the sun , since my personal realisation an eye-blink in human history, let alone in cosmic history. see yous soon

Re: saturday morning

praise the lord and pass the ammunition....i admit having been
concerned......but after meditation (and the white tara hangs over my
bed) ,
i have no fears for either of you. we do not know the details of
anything save (perhaps, at best, with undivided attention!) the present moment
where each one of us finds her/himself.....and this moment doubtless contains
the secret of everything we need to know......fear not the future....forget
the past full justice to the present in the light of divine
perfection.....and abolish the curse of karma for a space....which is
eternity. ever-varying infinitely light and full of meaning.
the species can and does transform instantaneously the moment the
realisation spreads and it is something else to live in a transformed world.

allah is merciful

simple solution

i've had a hectic day, but resting just now (i'm 81), the thought of the millennium re-entered my mind.'s the moment when the obviousness of it hits "everyone", that is all that's needed.

the reversal of the Fall....when humans started out on our own, using our wits to create food & shelter "over" all others, outside the established systems. fear, the need to put own survival first. self, enterprise, competition....all the qualities now (at the success end) threatening to destroy us and our enslaved fellow species.

what a lot we've the whole system of sense perception works, and what is hidden there putting on the show. the natural sciences.

now we simply switch back - as all WISDOM teaches, and all idyllic stone-age ciommunities in remote lucky places discovered long ago -- and put each other and the whole first.....all together.

ok, you doubt've not studied the idea for 28 years, bucking the trend all along. and you haven't produced a (patchy) elaborate web-site suggesting how, if others would only consider for a short while, it could work. others would work it out so much better, too. pioneering wasn't easy. so simple. so unforced. all you yourself would wish for, but despair of...?

forgive me...i do try. and i have sacrificed everything i could doing so.

individual & society

i wonder if you ever came across the book by r.d.laing "the politics of experience" (penguin 1967)....highly esteemed at the time, but because its findings would upset the social order, disapproved...and the (glaswegian) author rotted in drink. the maintains that, when an individual is disturbed, we must treat the setting in which it occurs every bit as much as the individual : a commonplace today, doubtless, but still mostly ignored in practice. to operate the principle would, presumably, change everything. (it applies to murderers and all)

it influenced my thinking back then (i would maintain that most crucial western thinking occurred in the middle of the last century..when atom, gene, and speech yielded to analysis, the bomb had dropped, and all was open. there has resulted a cover-up , during which nearly all of what our species knows scientifically has been learnt....all except how to associate , for which older wisdom is best), and i will copy out a few lines from an introduction i wrote to short stories by the austrian robert musil (which footnotes laing's book) :

"life is commonly experienced as a series of demands : to learn one's lessons, earn one's living, find someone to marry, bring up one's children , stand by one's friends - with periodic breaks for recuperation. if attention is distracted from the worry of satisfying these demands, perhaps by means of some "break-down", such as hospitalisation, falling in love, bereavement, drug-taking or old age, then life may be experienced differently :as a series of absorbing patterns in which one has a place, possibly an important one, but no worries at all. attention is then directed, not at maintaining one's position in society, but at the patterns themselves........"

well, it goes on, but of course, if one's "distraction" is immature and occurs in the midst of a worried society, then one may get paranoid. (Musil as a writer - an artist - had difficulty, but found a lady who protected him - and wrote some excellent stuff, though herr hitler & company successfully ruined his marianne told me hitler at least was elected....nothing so far has improved in human society world-wide) a "breakdown" an opportunity, or should it be papered over? at what price the former...on any particular occasion?

i'm a thinker. i think about what comes up in my life, or times. forgive me what will happen will be the cosmic move , reality, and ....i watch and work and pray till society renews. i also care deeply for libby hugh

(laotse's my eldest daughter, studied chinese, lives in singapore, married, 2 chinese tradition the eldest daughter is a second mother)

well, i am useful. i walk the dogs, feed the ducks, hold the fort, and my head orders it all as best it can. the solution is simple : all change from self-love (out of fear) to other-love (and whole love) ...out of despair/wisdom ....and this idiot typing away is ready for global focus....but but

Re: the christ-buddha in us

there is only one "team", thank god we are yoked. may you thrive. we shall see when the species least those of us who live to see the Day. immaterial to me. but i expect it "any day" expect a time in the future (as my elders did....and long in the future too) is to not believe.

the car i drove to Clare (Kali's car) was confiscated by the local gardai yesterday - i just had time for the job - but should be returned when she returns monday 7th august (as you leave - if you the light of the above, i regard even arrangements for "tomorrow" as provisional....the Day may yet be TODAY ! ) ....provided she says she didn't authorise my illegal use of it, no charge for its return apparently.

i regularly ignore all state laws which inconvenience me, being every bit as happy in gaol as out - if not more so, indeed: all provided, and change of company. the threat of gaol is idle to a free mind, now torment is not official - and one is essentially inoffensive and viable.

am alone here today, so chores to do.

norman cohn: pursuit of the millennium

i value the book as much as you, but i drew a different conclusion, namely that millennial movements went disastrously wrong when , having failed non-violently (against coercive systems), they resorted to violence. i .....have no doubt there is "a single indisputable route to salvation" (for the species) , to move from self-love to other-love. e.g. in the levant, israelis would seek to understand and nurture palestinians, and vice versa. love of the whole goes with other-love, too. and "all" faiths teach it, none more clearly than the gospels. it is not logically practicable except on a global scale, which is now for the first time ever possible.

take a second look. and cease feeding the delusion that there is no simple solution, and so things will go on as usual....till we are all destroyed by the same error. this is the worst thing you could conceivably do, in my opinion, of course, far worse than preaching hate for instance, because so basic and undermining.

i have a website, pushing my own millennial solution...i'd have to, wouldn't i?, but the policeman who talked to me in the local town this morning and volunteered that he's looked at it....only said there were a lot of words there. i wait for someone to put it simply, myself too busy just keeping on & on. any reaction would be gratefully received.

as ever


don miguel ruez is self-evidently wrong (to single insults out as necessarily delusional). the possibility should always be born in mind, and the mind that delivers an insult, has to have the knowledge to do so in itself, but it does not have to be deluded.

(at one point, when he was still wriggling out - in my opinion - i called james a coward and a shit, he responded excellently, ceasing to behave in fashions that might be so described, and we have got on better since. all credit to him- or the godhead in him) .... i probably am both (coward and shit) , anyway , i am human, - and every sin, wrong-doing humans commit is in me, lurking within my possibility - and doubtless evinced in acts of my particular person on infinite occasion.

i would want to ask you why you consider "cunning operator" an insult (if you truly do)? certainly it implies distance, the ability to consider you as any one, and wonder/admire/distinguish.

do i detest labels as such? i didn't know. i would like to think you and i might begin to understand one another better after this slight stand-off. i judge and forgive everyone (including myself). all are absolutely guilty. (the rules are to share everything, embrace absolute poverty, Matthew 19, 21; it is the only solution to the troubles of our species, and will transform our psyches.) (the gospels are very direct....eastern religions sometimes more evasive. christendom is of course not christ, indeed possibly anti-christ...but it has preserved and spread the "words")

the judgments are mine, offerings if you like. i suggest if you have not realised that you appear a gifted and cunning operator (seeking to save your soul while .keeping your privilege) to objective observers (those not caught up in solacing your particular ego, either for noble or ignoble reasons), then take it on - i may or may not offer back-up's not always best to get bogged down in arguable corroboration.
(james didn't seek it - is he more open?)

Saturday, July 22

try this one

try this one on athol : "just by a conspiracy of non-confessing, you end up with victims "......i've been smoking with my daughter siobhan, the one due to play president of ireland in the pageant as the american ambassador's residence in the park is burnt down by his own hand - to symbolise the subordination of might to right on this planet for evermore (in the reign of obolworld, that is !) - and this is what i concluded ./..we will me !

marianne, i hold that anyone who can ask a question deserves an open answer, so i'm available for 12 months, my cares taken off me....


Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 1:14 AM

if what you are suggesting is that the planet would be better off
without humans in it than I can't agree with you. The planet will be fine for
millions of years to come with or without humans. The ability of the
planet to support human life may cease but the planet and its ecology
will continue to evolve.

As such I support attempts of humans to strive towards sustainability
such that humans can continue to live on the planet. The final solutiuon is


Fri, 21 Jul 2006 21:11:37 +0100

"the final solution is sustainability" what a funny idea to worship
wot an odd criterion honour may be sacrificed if you believe x is
sustainable,,,survival length of days for the species length of
life of our species should be our common binding concept projected that
is through unimaginable deviations from recent tradition that are forecast
- and indeed certainly evidencing already, ever more alarmingly -- so
that no one knows what or how and that's why our leaders are so
short-term centred. the solution is the EXACT OPPOSITE you git, it is to
behave perfectly in the present, for the present find ourselves
transformed into optimal present dwellers, yet sapient as we could never have been
without our glorious and terrible history of with
the cosmos, the cosmos valuing us infinitely, so many rotations of planet
round sun in human form , with amazing love and intelligence reigning
in the heads of a curious species of animal on a planet now renamed


opening publicly with a PAGEANT due to start in BALTINGLASS Co
Wicklow whenever volunteers appear FOR IT IS A GLOBAL, VOLUNTARY,
TRANSFORMATIONAL PAGEANT. and will come together at exactly the one and only minute it could so perfectly do.
and give up this devil worship !!


am a role player, or the awareness behind the role player , as the moment requires. as many i's as occasions all issuing from this head and all (in-)consequential .... anatta ....
busy today...kali +2 off to england (car to airport and back with me) tomorrow drive to Clare...take it as it comes
love hugh (krishnamurti , the gentleman guru, referred to himself in 3rd person as k after ego-loss , a bit like gandhi's loin-cloth......i'm a family man..."they" don't like parental oddity....)


u c i judge and forgive any who come to my attention but they then start doing the same in their turn and very soon the whole global population is through the looking glass, and operating no coercion and pll lg ic till goodness and wisdom are the medium we live in it's a shift of the i in the mind and i can expound it, having experienced it so many years ago, and continued to keep it in mind ever since......

Thursday, July 20

at this stage

i need some one
or three
to look after me,
u c ,
so i don't have to do that myself
and can just be at your disposal 12 months is the term,
care of my family is the condition;
release from bondage is the outcome
... especially for me,
u c
such fun

era change

the bond between mother & son is hereby broken


a very slight chemical aid, a drug delicately "elegantly" used , now adjusts my mental take such that i experience the same present that others with me experience, but paradisal, exactly "right" , like a perfect painting, a work-of art exactly thus, exactly itself , in the 4 senses and all i need of others present is that they should not intrude and bother me with their disturbance in their apprehension of the same scene (including their own bodies of course - and presumably their own mind, their own apprehension of the scene as perfect, perfectly itself, a perfect vision, apprehension of a facet of a perfect and infinite whole - including presumably my own apprehensio of our present global insanity as the perfect stage, the precise and only base from which could arise the discovery of this possibility of heaven on earth here and now in all its meaning, the history of the species and its apprehension(s) now transcended , ever transcended of course in some other sense or even countless senses - but in our special human sense, now suddenly news for all on this planet today.

i'll stop there for the moment, but it is obvious that it may get hot for those who resist this heat. come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden for i will give you rest....but come ye must....i repeat that but come ye must for the mani lunatic suffering of the world of bush and blair and putin and iraq and all the other ghastly horrors we see seeming to increase,,,,,to

now see and assist HEAL . amen

obol, literally and effectively christ re-incarnate, an incarnation identically of buddha, identifying with all good and content to watch bad fade from the scene......all perfect all meaningful quite quite different

the only way out of the fix hubris led the species into

love from hugh (libby safely home if a bit over-excited for my full relish...calming fast ...maybe see james shortly ?)


a very slight chemical aid, a drug delicately "elegantly" used , now adjusts my mental take such that i experience the same present that others with me experience, but paradisal, exactly "right" , like a perfect painting, a work-of art exactly thus, exactly itself , in the 4 senses and all i need of others present is that they should not intrude and bother me with their disturbance in their apprehension of the same scene (including their own bodies of course - and presumably their own mind, their own apprehension of the scene as perfect, perfectly itself, a perfect vision, apprehension of a facet of a perfect and infinite whole - including presumably my own apprehensio of our present global insanity as the perfect stage, the precise and only base from which could arise the discovery of this possibility of heaven on earth here and now in all its meaning, the history of the species and its apprehension(s) now transcended , ever transcended of course in some other sense or even countless senses - but in our special human sense, now suddenly news for all on this planet today.

i'll stop there for the moment, but it is obvious that it may get hot for those who resist this heat. come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden for i will give you rest....but come ye must....i repeat that but come ye must for the mani lunatic suffering of the world of bush and blair and putin and iraq and all the other ghastly horrors we see seeming to increase,,,,,to

now see and assist HEAL . amen

obol, literally and effectively christ re-incarnate, an incarnation identically of buddha, identifying with all good and content to watch bad fade from the scene......all perfect all meaningful quite quite different

the only way out of the fix hubris led the species into

love from hugh (libby safely home if a bit over-excited for my full relish...calming fast ...maybe see james shortly ?)

Wednesday, July 19

Re: the mind leap

yes, indeed. i don't want my kids (!!), --- what i want for them (as all others) is a world where they don't need anybody in particular, cos it's all divine. (impossible to suppose that in the trobriands back then, any were personally dependent - though, of course, as ego-empire swept over the islands, they all not to do so...or , better, to learn from them. as they wanted to learn from us: e.g. i was asked in what direction my homeland lay....i had to take some spherical object and indicate all directions were equal to somewhere "opposite". and i was asked what "methodism" meant - some villages had methodist influence, some catholic , this had methodist. - happily, actually, and they loved singing just as well as a welsh choir - i was a bit puzzled , so the fellow enquired "did it mean "love" as the missionary stated? i laughed happily - and so did he - relieved).

impi turned up anatmen/anatta on the web for me, and certainly it covers the sort of thing (or no-thing) I HAD IN MIND. roughly speaking, i know nothing, at least nothing properly, nothing that others know in their particular knowledges (tho i was able to correct a reference on the site to the bible, chapter was one out - for how long i wonder before a trained loner checked..? naughty naughty, but one is allowed human foibles provided appreciated as such ...thank god...whatever god is - or isn't...there's so much innocent fun to be had in this life.) . my own run is just that, as is everyone else's....all equally contributory my mind).

i now hear James is caught up this week with his equines, and only Libby will appear tomorrow. ah well i have learnt to wait, as i used to intone "patience is a virtue...seldom found in children"...

the mind leap

i either am, or am not , "right" - nothing unusual about that, of course - but the mind leap that i have in mind (!) is once for all for everyone : out of mind (every individual mind, however constituted, and the more sophisticated may, as ever, be the most resistant), into the global, cosmic paradise. mad as i am, this necessitates the world's media focussing on me , and my teaching of NO COERCION (except to prevent coercion) , and the guide-lines peace, logic, love; local & global ; impartial & compassionate. then we engage in a year-long voluntary transformational pageant, after which i retire from view, and the sapient paradise this planet could be unrolls indefinitely. i think that i can help others work out how it affects them, once the process starts. all previous ideas will be history, the story of how our species on this planet (were) prepared, educated for this cosmic wonder: it's been put hugely on record - not least by your contributions - but what interest it will have in future i dunno. i have put on my website ( lots of my thoughts leading up to this point, but they too will be history as it unrolls. we shall of course live in the present moment, each and every moment everywhen and everywhere.

you are a living wonder, yourself, marianne, - of course, who isn't?! - indeed what isn't ?! - the infinite is literally, scientifically present in every speck of dust - and i very much hope we may meet delightfully as the IT unrolls from now (wherever now is). we shall all be buddha, all christ, and we shall know and not know what these terms mean in living everyday practice...the medium we exist in.

i think i should stop. lots of love....and tomorrow james may be here for a brief visit...(was the meeting at mick and rosie's wedding a butterfly wing, not necessarily so much for james and libby (tho who knows) as for us all ? now the legendary breaking of the sapient paradise on planet asphodel.....our trivialities the foundation of the future - that may well commemorate it in happy pageantry for aeons to come.!!)....

Monday, July 17

concept of "person"

well, i expected to be driving to the bus-stop now, but stephen phones to say bus has engine trouble, waiting for replacement, he'll phone again....he quite enjoyed Queen, after all, and even stayed with his sisters to see a film in the evening. (two very good young friends of theirs, in dublin , chupi the local Topshop's youngest designer, and claire, - whom james knows - a wonderful night-club singer, but i'm not sure if they, chupi and claire , know one another)

"i don't hold much with the concept of person " - and least (and most heretical of all ) with the concept of the infinitely valuable individual soul - in most religions (and neoplatonic traditions) "just an ego-sublimation " - an attempt (like the super-"human" personal father-like deity) to ennoble the basic delusion of our species : hubris. now hopefully to be outgrown. our role an end in itself, and an integral item in the wonder of the whole, ....period.
i recall towards the end of zen in the art of archery, when the westerner finally shoots a perfect arrow and the master (without checking the target) congratulates the shot, the fool attempts to pay tribute to the person (of his teacher? ) , only to be reproved one final time : the miracle was in IT happening again, not in them.... and when, i think the only time i attempted to kiss a man's hand - i shook a pope's hand in the vatican , like other infidels - in Pondicherry, encountering on the road HuSu the go-teacher, he withdrew it as if stung.,,, the only man i ever met impressing me as a supreme master. well , one is a lot.


protest marching no, i meant anti-vietnam. i appeared on the sidelines of an anti-iraq-war in dublin back then, with Libby, i think (then resident in dublin). no academic traces since quitting a second time 1975. my old mate dave mowatt and i occasionally refer back to medieval german poetic features, "reference points" , but i never meet anyone concerned and seldom think of it.

the tonka (? the word's come back to me). she's mainly white, with orange and very dark-green drapes, sitting on the usual cloud roll and in the usual horseshoe . left arm bent back up to lock of hair over left breast, right hand extended. 9 figures around , mostly very dark, the one over her head orange. cloud wisps everywhere. i hope that isn't irreverent....exceptionally graceful, gently lady-like , i think (out of my random store of personal history) of the bodhisatva in arthur waley's (?) part translation of the chinese MONKEY, surely one of the more delightful spiritual journeys!

a new my "life & thought", not in a book ( lest you misunderstand my hieroglyphs... i continually utter out of my own knowledge of my own mind-content, and am often taken to task, e.g. by Stephen, for having said something i never could have meant...or so i think! language is as tricky as any other human behaviour....though the trickiness of the human mind , own's own very much included, is beyond must check and check again...and against what criteria ??!! - ask those conferring in Petersburg..?

the new chapter, then: collective imagining of the change i envisage....sudden but insidious as the media feature it. no enforced mexican border. no money. only violence absolutely tabu. would you need to populate your home differently for survival accord with all relationships go voluntary? to me, this is not a new idea, you realise, but something i've lived with , to some extent in reality, for longer than half the local population have lived here, or even been alive at all.....part of the furniture, now, accepted and disregarded both.

not just in practice, but in principle, i can't write my story...that is to pick out of the (in)coherent mishmash supposedly relevant threads - which would replace the essentially (in)finite reality....and it's not isolatable, either, and often sordid....krishna's stay in the town brothel in Pondicherry was still recorded on a dry fountain in the square when i was there, maybe cleaned up by now. the legendary christ preferred the company of outcasts to high caste. i loved the company in the international wing of the newish gaol in dublin 2 months much more enjoyable than where i hang out here...though that is extremely favoured by world standards..but druggy drop-outs are every bit as shifty in the last resort as their rulers, in my experience exceptions everywhere, particularly exceptional moments and emotions and deeds. (i don't hold much with the concept "person") etc ..etc

Sunday, July 16


You may not have met this book (yet), my copy of which i lent to my daughter Kali, and visiting her briefly today, got a photocopy of some introductory material, which i reproduce here -- explaining perhaps my interest:

1. a brief foreword:

Chaos in modern systems theory defines the state of a system in which its stable cycles and processes give way to complex, seemingly unordered behaviour, governed by so-called strange or chaotic attractors. In this state, the system is responsive even to tiny, sometimes immeasurably small fluctuations.

A chaos-window - in the human-context "decision-window" - is a transitory period in the evolution of a system during which any input or influence, however small, can "blow up" to change existing trends and bring new trends and processes into existence.

A chaos point, in turn , is the crucial tipping point in the evolution of a system in which trends that have brought the system to its present state break down and it can no longer return to its prior states and modes of behaviour : It is launched irreversibly on a new trajectory that leads either to breakdown or to breakthrough to a new structure and a new mode of operation.


The Club of Budapest, founded in 1993 by Ervin Laszlo, is an informal association of globally, as well as locally, active opinion leaders in various fields of art, science, religion and culture, dedicated to the evolution of our values, ethics, and consciousness in the interest of averting a global crisis and creating a peaceful and sustainable civilization. It publishes books and reports, conducts surveys, awards prizes, hosts the World Wisdom Council and the online Wisdom Academy, and is creating a network of likeminded organizations (the Wisdom Alliance), as well as television and affiliated radio series.

i put it to you who receive this email, that such a Club, such an individual as Ervin Laszlo, could well be expected to show interest in my proposals for global systemic change, refined as they have been over some 28 years. A cynic , of course, might respond differently :such a body being extremely well-placed to block any such individual, direct solution as mine, while it continued with its high-minded efforts to facilitate change , not now but in six years'time. i continue, however, as ever, advertising what is, i think, the ONLY POSSIBLE OUTCOME of humanity's present dilemma; all i seek is the interest of my fellows - to check if it's a winning entry or not.

Saturday, July 15

collective madness/sanity

continuing from my earlier email this morning, i dropped Stephen at the bus-stop, returned via the village shop (to post a note to the american ambassador, keeping him informed - well, doing my best, as i have done all along - i get no acks, just like the club of budapest....) and bought a Guardian, returned fed all, and with my bowl of oats+ and a cup of coffee, glanced through the paper. well, yes, i know the crisis in the levant is stepping up (Israel will attack "till Hizbullah is destroyed" - reminiscent of the Moses mission, i suppose...?), but of interest is perhaps Martin Kettle's tirade against the state of affairs in politics/media in London , ennui i call it:

"It's a form of collective madness that feeds and is fed by what Max Clifford, a reliable witness, last week told a parliamentary audience was "the most savage media in the world". France is bored, announced Alphonse de Lamartine shortly before the revolution that carried away the last French king in 1848. An editorial in Le Monde presciently repeated that phrase in March 1968, and a few days later the streets of Paris were full of barricades and rioting. Today there is something of that mood in British political life too. mBritain is bored. There is a yearning for a different kind of politics - or p e r h a p s f o r n o p o l i t i c s a t
a l l. That's why i say be careful what you dream of, lest your dreams come true.........( )


sometimes i wake up, and an idea surfaces - or did in the night .. i have a notepad by the bed. but regularly, at any time, i think "that's it. i've verbalised all possible, far beyond what ever seemed normal....the way-out IS so everyday, after all....but so what, what now ? as this morning, when it's hot already, and no daughters to share chores, and stephen off to dublin himself for the day, tempted by impi to see south-african ballet QUEEN , because freddie mercury was a boyhood hero of his -- not that he expects to enjoy it, disillusion is his forte.....and then i come down stairs, slowly - it takes me a while to warm up.....stroll in the garden with the dogs (midge bite).....back in for cup of tea with half-spoon of sugasr, sit down

and start a new chapter ........OUR HEADS (used to coercive system)

- a co-operative imagination ?

e.g. essential general people in them will be PLEASED to know what to do and be able to do it the best, simplest way and to be appreciated and helped by others (we in britain. as doubtless elsewhere then and now experienced this in the hitler war to a considerable extent).

everybody will be talking about it - peace and sanity in with a chance - and how it affects each individual and group.....

e.g. it's obvious that equality in practice is essential to prevent envy etc therefore share everything also that particular individuals aren't doomed to stick in one role for adult life or that teaching is best done by people who've just learnt whateveritis themselves....we learn (well every way of course but) by seeing, trying and helping then we move on or....but other- and whole-delight and good-will generally sustainable.

and people in arms factories will know arms-making is finished now, the factory or whatever is there, and needs recycling communion with all the rest, but as only they can begin....

now i.m more active , run stephen to the bus, then feed self and animals, then off to baltinglass (back-roads to not challenge gardai), supermarket, and half-hour with kali , jay and friya (a northern goddess daughter of an indian one) in their cottage....

present experience

we are living through our transformation - individually, and as a species inter-actively - transcending our immaturity and its (mis-)conceptions , growing up all together out of all that . - the realisation of our dreams. fearsome to apprehend before, it is gentle and subtle, fragrant like attar , heavenly.

apo-kalupsis : the looney simplicity of it

it's odd
being the hope of the world
(knowing and checking it as well as anything else)
and watching it self-destruct
for want of un-covering me

Friday, July 14

aside aurobindo ashram

in pondicherry exile (rebels in pre?war-time) the cambridge-educated aurobindo (& mates) formed an upper-caste monastic-type community - to investigate the apparent supernatural (time of annie besant, conan granny, i believe) - in the light of (a renewed interest in the) hindu , and other religious wisdom.

male-oriented, they doubtless tended (they still do in india - despite kali, after whom my second daughter is named . "the white kali" as i used to parade the little blonde beast through side streets where local kids would gather to stare ... only to be CLEARED BY a 3-year-old outrider or police escort. i reminisce again) to patronise the role and essence of womanhood - till it INCARNATED in their midst........

no way can i get them in auroville to incorporate my views into their not so far. they go all silent and unresponsive if i & let live hugh....yes but what about all the needless stupid suffering ? so sorry, you see i identify if at all with needless suffering and what about the ideals of your founder ? -- you wonder why they go off line ? ? no, you don't. others don't, either.... for 28+ years it's been one disappointment after another for my family. one non-member stayed here with us throughout alma's last year of illness, and so in a sense he saved the human race, too. there's always a saving grace and i say that, as one might say, "advisedly"


or (there comes into my mind) there's The Mother of the ashram of sri aurobindo in pondicherry. she, a true "late victorian" french traveller of great character, wormed her way into this all-male priggish bengali-in-exile monastic settlement, first through the kitchens, finally reigning as an incarnation of the mother goddess.....doubtless deeply resented by the ashramites, who provided an immaculate formidable court for the hippies and others who flocked there in the sixties and seventies. she gave individual darshan, and overwhelmed visitors by her wondrous loving hypnotic openness - i presume by contrast with all the turn-off they had to endure to get to her. !! naughty ... naughty ... a great woman.

i only got there shortly after her death (nnoo i nnoo she didn't really die....never), but have watched the spreading of the empire of auroville, under gov of india and unesco patronage, and 2 of my children have been interned there.....

an open mind is a very terrible thing

Thursday, July 13

obol in wonderland, cont.

you might as well say :

"the unity of it all is structured for our delight and understanding, NOT - "in the final analysis" - for us to lose our heads in partiality and fight to the death over.

not obol

latest usage i met in Attar's delightful Conference of Birds (into english by c.s.nott london 1954) p.115 in "reply of an idiot of god" ... "this world, which is compounded of horrors and crime, is like a palm-tree of wax, adorned with a hundred colours. if you squeeze the tree it becomes a lump of wax; therefore the colours and shapes you admire are not worth an obol. if there be unity, there cannot be duality; neither "i" nor "thou" has significance.
but what is the use of my words....." plus ca change.... stephen has just brought me (and libby) a glass of wine....


everything goes voluntary, you see. the future of your hospital wing, for instance becomes a matter for those there, and the support they receive, from day to day to behave for the common good. our species will keep going basic services, presumably, but not excess of any kind, nor harmful activities like arms or tobacco manufacture. on the other hand a gentle continuity will probably feature first, while people rethink. during this the pageant focuses attention, both in its central feature - my progress round the world , with circus etc, all at every point voluntary - and also in the encircling features all over the surface of the globe, local interweaving pageants - all reflected and inter-related by the - volunteer - media with their voluntary support, etc. all will be involved once it takes off....and so much is stored in my head for unloading, before i retire into my last "timeless" few days or years of quiet living in a sapient paradise.. ~ obol .(.i hope to be really wicked, i can tell you's been an awful bore being good with wickedness rioting all around .... hugh)

Wednesday, July 12

obol in wonderland

tuesday july 11th eo29th

you could say :
"i have come to restore your souls to (their rightful place in) you " - and you could think :
"of course souls don't possess anything, so if the i in you is the i of your soul........THE SOUL REGNANT IN YOU .......then............ ~ obol in this planet's sapient paradise immediately before the PAGEANT caught on ~ hugh (did you know the old babylonian (?) concept of a pleasure garden as a PARADISE caught on especially with rising london merchants in 17th? there remain "paradise lanes" between high stone walls today, the garden usually sold for building, but occasionally, as with the society of apothecaries plot surviving vitally till recently at least ? my garden is such a paradise, but have you visited my friend robert walker's globally famus paradise at fernhill, sandyford.lower slopes of three rock mountain south of dublin? one place where you might "mention me"!! mention me.... we're just eating reindeer he brought from finland.


i woke this morning , once again with ideas in my head , but alone at the moment in the house, i did this and that, and lost track. i remember you mentioned your buddhism. what i imagine as a sapient paradise , this planet as the heaven we've often imagined in the past as somewhere else, not realising that we ARE in the heavens, this planet being "up there" from any other perspective, ....this is perhaps the reality of "nirvana" - a reality both structured and unstructured at once , these opposites 2 sides of one coin as all others. and i suppose my own previous 28 years is that of a bodhisatva - one who experienced bliss but was fated to mix with others not yet so lucky until all experience it together.... the only truly worthwhile goal.

as we debate and practise NO COERCION , with the guide-lines pll lg ic , i expect all trapped egos to vanish, and all living humans to discover the sort of egoless i that i have attempted, necessarily inadequately, to describe. Living in other- and whole- love, we shall individually care for one another and the entire living skin of our planet....that very beautiful husk in which the cosmos has developed self-understanding in intellectual terms. Communicating initially at least electronically and verbally with one another, we shall form an intelligence without a centre but with locations in every one of us....perhaps (see ervin laszlo's chapter on science) operating "telepathically" as we get into it.

the power of this species-wide intelligence cannot be comprehended beforehand, but can be imagined. But i have wondered : what is its function in the (living) cosmos , the one laszlo describes as the concern of scientists today ? It may be more important than we have supposed - to the structure and functioning of the whole....time not so one-directional, arrow-like as supposed? ..i imagine however, that this is what we shall discover as this articulated/unarticulated nirvana unrolls. the future of sapience on earth (which in obolworld i rename planet "asphodel" to mark the change in our common understanding and consciousness...see the obolworld blogsite - asphodel being the ? lilies/narcissi or other sweet-scented flowers carpeting the elysian fields?) will not be a common affair, not divisive as heretofore.

Marianne, i think that's enough from me. i apologise for using the facilities of computers to spread around my ideas stimulated by you or ervin laszlo or's a discourtesy i beg you to overlook in consideration of my relative extremity. i look forward to our meeting and maybe witnessing your Iphigenia on a stage myself.. oh, yes, that reminds me : in recent years, i've had lots of time to devise plans for the first year of the ideas catch on. i imagine a world-wide pageant, PAGEANT ASPHODEL, and theatre people would be welcome to assist.....there will be lots to do, creating the transition to the mature or imago stage of our species, a sapient earthly paradise.

global transformation

my fellow humans,

your attachment to what you are doing will impede your absolute reception of my message. (if not, you are christ already, which the evidence of E rvin Laszlo's CHAOS POINT , corroborated by your website , leads me to infer you are not.) what you are seeking , not the d e s i re for a living human transformation but the event itself , doubtless starting at some butterfly-wing point but since the entire system is ready and - in a sense , at least with hindsight - waiting for this butterfly-wing, spreading so-to--say instantaneously throughout tour species , what you are seeking , i have to tell you , is already for almost 29 years now present in me.

you or anyone else approaching courteously, considerately, non-threateningly can corroborate this for your selves, by a visit to the Glen of Imaal in West Wicklow, on the island of Ireland , the "townland" of Knockandarragh (which being interpreted is Oakhill) on the north bank of the glen, and an old farmhouse called The Present inhabited by an 81-year-old retired professor known as Hugh Sacker , who went out of his mind here in late September a.d.1977, experiencing what is called by you folk near-death , and coming to to discover himself in a sapient paradise here and now. Since then Hugh has survived and reared a family of six - though losing their mother to breast cancer associated i.a. with the hardship and scorn she had to endure as the spirit of christ proclaimed its presence in the body of hugh of knockandarragh every possible moment in every non-violent way, according to the precise environment (as here), - while begging compassion for family members who would not leave him, as others did sooner or later - rather than join a solitary isolated exception.

the transformation of our species is, contrary to general belief, perfectly simple and practical. all it needs is access to the airwaves. in spite of appearances on tv and radio, in person in gaol, church, shop, home, market-place, at home and abroad - for instance ibn Auroville, or Bali, or Prague, this is so far denied.

we can agree to consider abiding by only one coercive law, universally observed and if necessary enforced by all subscribing individuals, the LAW OF NON-VIOLENCE. no one may enforce his or her own will on anyone else for any reason whatsoever, except to prevent violence. so long as any individual is non-violent (s)he is inviolate.

on discussion with hugh, calling himself, as christ, "obol" - a reference logo is useful - everyone positively interested will agree that this might work for people of goodwill, seeking our own good in the inviolate good of all others and of all the rest of the natural world we inhabit, our environment. i have been thinking about this for almost 29 years, in meetings of every possible kind with violent and non-violent people. i ask : how is it that you have not heard of me, and that no one has seen fit to propagate news of my existence ? i only ask , and have for all these years only asked for the normal treatment democracies claim as their core value : the "right" to be heard.....i am no fool. i am not without experience, nor learning.

meanwhile i have poured out countless words, many of which survive, in print and on the web. and i am here to be investigated.

along with non-violence (with goodwill the only prequisites of membership of the transformed world called for want of another name OBOLWORLD ), i have over the years come to suggest simple guide-lines for beginners. i express them in code-form as follows

pll peace (non-violence), logic (reasoning debate) , love (goodwill to aoothers and the whole)

lg local, global (consider both in every act)

ic impartial , compassionate (be both in every judgment)

i regard peace, logic and love as an indivisible trinity , each only truely itself in the company of the other two - e.g. logic is the logic of love and peace, etc. and similarly with local and global, an indivisible twosome, as also impartial and compassionate.

i think plato or aristotle - if not someone else - said (in other words) that if you don't feel virtuous, then act virtuously and the feeling will come. so i suggest - only the attempt can prove me right - that if and when others join me in now founding a sapient paradise on this planet , in acceptance of the logic of of peace and goodwill, then the mind of christ - true love, that is the love of others (not self) and of the whole (not even just our species, the incredible wonder of the whole of which we are ever an integral part, finite and infinite at once), intelligent love , wisdom incarnate - will come to dwell in us all...wisdom incarnate on a global scale. as ervin so rightly holds, its power should suffice for whatever occasion may arise.

fear not. i am here now.

christ-buddha obol

Sunday, July 9

dying once already, etc

1. are you a workaholic? you certainly have amazing vitality and productivity. if you are, you might have to change hugely to accomodate my new "me" !

2. Dave Mowatt's intro : you did indicate receipt, but my SENT box showed a total mess, so i was misled.

3. my death experience. it went a bit like this. late September 1977, totally at the end of my tether, an exhausted failure , i was trudging up our lane here one morning to visit a dude caravanner who'd called the night before. my heart slowed, my feet slowed, my mind reviewed my situation, diagnosed heart failure and reviewed the nodes of its formation, its life, somewhat like HAL in 2001....complete acceptance ("better thus"). my conscious brain died (lack of blood?), i began to fall....(but it seems i was just at the end of a gentle rise, and the ground fell away as my feet tottered, so i stumbled on a few paces - and presumably the movement restarted the heart, because....)... consciousness returned, my mind diagnosed "after-death", and thought "how splendid, here is after-life, and it begins where the other left off, and look, there's the caravan and black horse waiting for me".

the leader was understanding, gave me a cup of tea (they were just brewing up), and accompanied me to "where i'd died" - only my feet stopped a couple of yards short, and a bit to one side. funny, i said. my feet stop here but i died there.. yes, he said, that's the "gap" - or some such word, i've never been quite sure - but his assurance helped me. Later, at midnight, i said to Alma, that there seemed no alternative, i'd have to become a "guru" now. then next morning, when we (2+2) woke up, we were all blissful, "in paradise here and now"

i think my "no response" email to the Budapest Club office, copy to you, indicates how i have since come to think of the death of an i and its replacement by a quite different one. the subsequent journey has been enthralling (literally!). the i i now have is certainly not "mine", though equally certainly located in my body, and doubtless due to terminate with this body - but it is only an outpost of ....? enough for the moment to suppose of the i of the species, contemplating and worshipping the wonder of it all.

but it has only limited regard for the achievements of our "civilization" - except that we have gained (as a species) amazing knowledge of cosmos, planet, and life in all its forms - so that if we now (as i expect) re-enter paradise (as a species), we shall not only be free of ego, but also sapient : wise and loving, another miracle to add to those we already recognise in our miraculous cosmos (on which see perhaps the science chapter in ervin laszlo-s book CHAOS POINT ....he gives us till 2012 to change)....i have long expected to die a second time around christmas 2011......we shall see : "the test of the pudding is in the eating".

wishing you all happiness whatever, hugh

Saturday, July 8


dear Secretary, i emailed you re "global transformation" 06 07 2006 11.47
and again last night re "your non-response 08 O7 2006 00.03
THIS MORNING I WOKE, WITH THE THOUGHT I MUST ADD A FEW NOTES AS WELL AS I QUICKLY CAN - before being involved with survival/family duties again. here goes :

1. the positioning of the i in the consciousness that i tried to describe last night is only practicable if the body of the individual is free from physical threats to behave, issuing from fellow humans who resort to physical force (the whip, especially, down the centuries, arm-twisting of kids now, smacking etc - just picking up and dumping in school with all adults conniving will do )... remember the words ascribed to jesus in the gospels. that is why NO COERCION ! (non-violence) is the basis of a good society as in obolworld. we have to regard the immunity of the individual as sacrosanct - to learn for itself , not to be compelled by us. hence monasteries and deserts, etc have favoured illumination - sometimes. also privileged survival stone-age societies, such as in the Trobriands which i visited, while under protection as a wonder in the british empire (doubtless no longer).

2. if you demand that i convince you by messages such as these, i shall fail - as i have all these 28 years. all that has happened, remarkably, is that it has just been possible for my situation to continue - in family isolation in the ireland of the past 28 years - so that i have learnt more about it, and can explain to (and with) you IF and when you show real interest, and seek to profit from this more or less unique opportunity (my website opens with a claim to present humanity's LAST OPPORTUNITY - with good cause - but then only one is needed......isn't it ??) i assure you that even with all my skill and experience and learning, it has been difficult, and i understand only too well the problems, both of surviving thus and of signalling to others.

3. in particular you ego-bound people do not understand that i can behave so presumptuously and not be presumptuous . i assure you acting like this is only possible without a trapped ego, for instance : having "died" once and never minding dying next time "for good". or for instance "knowing" that physical or mental pain is insignificant, because it cannot increase - except perhaps in the hands of an accomplished torturer (such as many parents and others are) - and a lucky individual can develop non-violent "zen" means of countering threat. i experience pressure but not anxiety.

4. my words are ever hasty and immediate. i now for instance have to feed our birds and animals, before driving to a nearby small town with my son for supplies. ( i drive because we cannot afford legality for our vehicle, and both are subject to immediate arrest etc - but whereas i welcome the possibility, he (who has not been reared in institutions and armies as i was ) does not. you see, i judge for myself what is best in the circumstances. i regard the laws of ireland as your laws, which i need to be aware of, but absolute they are not. sanity . (and we drive around 9 a.m. because it is improbable the police will be setting traps so early.....possible, of many things are possible)

that's all i have time for, mr or ms secretary. you should, in my view, circulate my emails to all people concerned for transformation, and you should do what you can to investigate further. but i accept as "perfect" whatever you do - because i am convinced all is happening just as it must to prepare the wonder its own time and way.

your non-response


dear Secretary,

i emailed you the other day, after an intense study of ervin laszlo's CHAOS POINT (brought to my attention by my youngest daughter) , informing you, as well as i could briefly, that there is reason for you to inform your members, and investigate my claim to be the TEACHER /GUIDE our species needs to effect the TRANSFORMATION NEEDED AND DUE. SILENCE OF THE GRAVE ensued , no differently than with others i have informed over the past 28+ years in a position to make a difference. you see, it is clear from ervin's book that you have your variety of ego-madness , as others have theirs. the very idea of a living individual who not only lacks any such ego , but also both shares your deepest convictions, AND can play any non-violent part society requires of him - including this one now to you - as though with normal ego. "obviously insane" , i expect you conclude, and continue as before.

and continue as before. and continue as before.

you see, the difference in CONSCIOUSNESS that must occur for the due transformation, involves the death of the i operating within the thoughts of the individual mind within the thoughts of the individual society, and its replacement by an i that floats on a sea of emptiness that buoys up because all is love. it can be put differently, but never in words adequate to the experience (ask any "mystic", or zen master etc). this i is absolutely calm and restful, without anxiety - as a happy new-born might be. but whenever something happens to arouse this i, it enquires of the mind for information . the mind processes the happening automatically, without worry or anxiety, modifying itself to a greater or lesser degree to best accomodate this novelty (even if repetitious) , and the i of love discerns to the best understanding available to it what if anything to do or say - and then retires to its sea of emptiness and rest till the next stimulus.

it is not possible for a trapped ego to comprehend or achieve this death and resurrection of the i in an individual or a society. any more one might say than it is possible for us finite beings to comprehend or achieve infinity - and the legend of jesus of nazareth in the gospels indicates his failure even to generate it in his immediate disciples. all betrayed him, and then set up a memorial to him afterwards - the church , a jewish heresy , one which idolised the legendary founder (declaring in a world that had long considered all great men divine or semi-divine that only their hero really was - a natural development in a monotheistic tradition a tradition possibly stemming from a deviant egyptian sect that got turned out into the wilderness, and re-invented itself, later in babylonian captivity spelling out the legend we have in the bible, almost totally non-substantiatable : the jewish people entering history at that point "i" am not committed to this, but non-committal is of the essence).

nevertheless my mind as yours seemingly, deduces from the evidence that our species may well now be due for such a transformation on a species level - and my mind believed this 28 years ago when it experienced its own death - happily - only to discover it had been relegated to a role somewhat like a library catalogue or museum - the museum of the mind - naturally processing info under the carefree supervision of a new i. the i divine ? words are unfitting.

QUESTION : what do i have to do to interest you? i am too old and locally responsible (!) to visit you for weeks - or even hours. i assume, perhaps, that it is far easier for one or two of you to check me out in my lair, - the garden is lovely, especially now , especially this year, the kitchen is visitor-friendly, tents or guest-houses could be used. i imagine success....swarms of "pilgrims", i have good and full relations with the local police etc for this eventuality. but : are you afraid of looking foolish, perhaps ? i did open my former note by observing that ego-attachment would impede your appreciation of my message. but Q. "what can i do?" the answer i give myself of course, is "all is one, all is divine , no problem, everything leads to this fuolfilment, this fulfilment gives meaning to everything, "

so once again FEAR NOT ! emails the individual you need the "CHRIST-BUDDHA" of this AGE-CHANGE, the central age-change of our species, our maturation into our imago form, our self-discovery as (a/the) LOVING INTELLIGENCE of the cosmos, a miracle to cap all miracles, m and so much better than anyone imagined.

Tuesday, July 4

Chaos point

So the chaos increases - Gaza, Darfur, let alone Baghdad or Mogadishu - and a top systems philosopher publishes a major study of the present human dilemma - "breakdown or breakthrough" - the time is still not ripe (?) for you to feature me - the solution on your doorstep. it is true, my development has been troubled - i and my family took the storms in person, and have survived to tell the tale; and it is true my website could be easier, but Erwin Laszlo does not cover all the ground i do. Maybe you could note that in stead of the traditional "peace, truth, and love", i propose "peace, logic and love", replacing "truth" - which groups and individuals believe they possess, leading to conflict - by "reasoning debate between equals", which , conducted with peace and love (non-violence and goodwill) is infinitely more promising. etc etc. But in a world mad on celebrity, you need a "christ"-figure to precipitate the transformation Laszlo believes in, and you perhaps don't. It's largely in my website, if you look in a spirit of goodwill, etc