Wednesday, July 19

Re: the mind leap

yes, indeed. i don't want my kids (!!), --- what i want for them (as all others) is a world where they don't need anybody in particular, cos it's all divine. (impossible to suppose that in the trobriands back then, any were personally dependent - though, of course, as ego-empire swept over the islands, they all not to do so...or , better, to learn from them. as they wanted to learn from us: e.g. i was asked in what direction my homeland lay....i had to take some spherical object and indicate all directions were equal to somewhere "opposite". and i was asked what "methodism" meant - some villages had methodist influence, some catholic , this had methodist. - happily, actually, and they loved singing just as well as a welsh choir - i was a bit puzzled , so the fellow enquired "did it mean "love" as the missionary stated? i laughed happily - and so did he - relieved).

impi turned up anatmen/anatta on the web for me, and certainly it covers the sort of thing (or no-thing) I HAD IN MIND. roughly speaking, i know nothing, at least nothing properly, nothing that others know in their particular knowledges (tho i was able to correct a reference on the site to the bible, chapter was one out - for how long i wonder before a trained loner checked..? naughty naughty, but one is allowed human foibles provided appreciated as such ...thank god...whatever god is - or isn't...there's so much innocent fun to be had in this life.) . my own run is just that, as is everyone else's....all equally contributory my mind).

i now hear James is caught up this week with his equines, and only Libby will appear tomorrow. ah well i have learnt to wait, as i used to intone "patience is a virtue...seldom found in children"...


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Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

1:42 p.m., July 22, 2006  

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