Monday, July 17

concept of "person"

well, i expected to be driving to the bus-stop now, but stephen phones to say bus has engine trouble, waiting for replacement, he'll phone again....he quite enjoyed Queen, after all, and even stayed with his sisters to see a film in the evening. (two very good young friends of theirs, in dublin , chupi the local Topshop's youngest designer, and claire, - whom james knows - a wonderful night-club singer, but i'm not sure if they, chupi and claire , know one another)

"i don't hold much with the concept of person " - and least (and most heretical of all ) with the concept of the infinitely valuable individual soul - in most religions (and neoplatonic traditions) "just an ego-sublimation " - an attempt (like the super-"human" personal father-like deity) to ennoble the basic delusion of our species : hubris. now hopefully to be outgrown. our role an end in itself, and an integral item in the wonder of the whole, ....period.
i recall towards the end of zen in the art of archery, when the westerner finally shoots a perfect arrow and the master (without checking the target) congratulates the shot, the fool attempts to pay tribute to the person (of his teacher? ) , only to be reproved one final time : the miracle was in IT happening again, not in them.... and when, i think the only time i attempted to kiss a man's hand - i shook a pope's hand in the vatican , like other infidels - in Pondicherry, encountering on the road HuSu the go-teacher, he withdrew it as if stung.,,, the only man i ever met impressing me as a supreme master. well , one is a lot.


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