Monday, July 17


protest marching no, i meant anti-vietnam. i appeared on the sidelines of an anti-iraq-war in dublin back then, with Libby, i think (then resident in dublin). no academic traces since quitting a second time 1975. my old mate dave mowatt and i occasionally refer back to medieval german poetic features, "reference points" , but i never meet anyone concerned and seldom think of it.

the tonka (? the word's come back to me). she's mainly white, with orange and very dark-green drapes, sitting on the usual cloud roll and in the usual horseshoe . left arm bent back up to lock of hair over left breast, right hand extended. 9 figures around , mostly very dark, the one over her head orange. cloud wisps everywhere. i hope that isn't irreverent....exceptionally graceful, gently lady-like , i think (out of my random store of personal history) of the bodhisatva in arthur waley's (?) part translation of the chinese MONKEY, surely one of the more delightful spiritual journeys!

a new my "life & thought", not in a book ( lest you misunderstand my hieroglyphs... i continually utter out of my own knowledge of my own mind-content, and am often taken to task, e.g. by Stephen, for having said something i never could have meant...or so i think! language is as tricky as any other human behaviour....though the trickiness of the human mind , own's own very much included, is beyond must check and check again...and against what criteria ??!! - ask those conferring in Petersburg..?

the new chapter, then: collective imagining of the change i envisage....sudden but insidious as the media feature it. no enforced mexican border. no money. only violence absolutely tabu. would you need to populate your home differently for survival accord with all relationships go voluntary? to me, this is not a new idea, you realise, but something i've lived with , to some extent in reality, for longer than half the local population have lived here, or even been alive at all.....part of the furniture, now, accepted and disregarded both.

not just in practice, but in principle, i can't write my story...that is to pick out of the (in)coherent mishmash supposedly relevant threads - which would replace the essentially (in)finite reality....and it's not isolatable, either, and often sordid....krishna's stay in the town brothel in Pondicherry was still recorded on a dry fountain in the square when i was there, maybe cleaned up by now. the legendary christ preferred the company of outcasts to high caste. i loved the company in the international wing of the newish gaol in dublin 2 months much more enjoyable than where i hang out here...though that is extremely favoured by world standards..but druggy drop-outs are every bit as shifty in the last resort as their rulers, in my experience exceptions everywhere, particularly exceptional moments and emotions and deeds. (i don't hold much with the concept "person") etc ..etc


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