Saturday, July 15


sometimes i wake up, and an idea surfaces - or did in the night .. i have a notepad by the bed. but regularly, at any time, i think "that's it. i've verbalised all possible, far beyond what ever seemed normal....the way-out IS so everyday, after all....but so what, what now ? as this morning, when it's hot already, and no daughters to share chores, and stephen off to dublin himself for the day, tempted by impi to see south-african ballet QUEEN , because freddie mercury was a boyhood hero of his -- not that he expects to enjoy it, disillusion is his forte.....and then i come down stairs, slowly - it takes me a while to warm up.....stroll in the garden with the dogs (midge bite).....back in for cup of tea with half-spoon of sugasr, sit down

and start a new chapter ........OUR HEADS (used to coercive system)

- a co-operative imagination ?

e.g. essential general people in them will be PLEASED to know what to do and be able to do it the best, simplest way and to be appreciated and helped by others (we in britain. as doubtless elsewhere then and now experienced this in the hitler war to a considerable extent).

everybody will be talking about it - peace and sanity in with a chance - and how it affects each individual and group.....

e.g. it's obvious that equality in practice is essential to prevent envy etc therefore share everything also that particular individuals aren't doomed to stick in one role for adult life or that teaching is best done by people who've just learnt whateveritis themselves....we learn (well every way of course but) by seeing, trying and helping then we move on or....but other- and whole-delight and good-will generally sustainable.

and people in arms factories will know arms-making is finished now, the factory or whatever is there, and needs recycling communion with all the rest, but as only they can begin....

now i.m more active , run stephen to the bus, then feed self and animals, then off to baltinglass (back-roads to not challenge gardai), supermarket, and half-hour with kali , jay and friya (a northern goddess daughter of an indian one) in their cottage....


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