Friday, July 14

aside aurobindo ashram

in pondicherry exile (rebels in pre?war-time) the cambridge-educated aurobindo (& mates) formed an upper-caste monastic-type community - to investigate the apparent supernatural (time of annie besant, conan granny, i believe) - in the light of (a renewed interest in the) hindu , and other religious wisdom.

male-oriented, they doubtless tended (they still do in india - despite kali, after whom my second daughter is named . "the white kali" as i used to parade the little blonde beast through side streets where local kids would gather to stare ... only to be CLEARED BY a 3-year-old outrider or police escort. i reminisce again) to patronise the role and essence of womanhood - till it INCARNATED in their midst........

no way can i get them in auroville to incorporate my views into their not so far. they go all silent and unresponsive if i & let live hugh....yes but what about all the needless stupid suffering ? so sorry, you see i identify if at all with needless suffering and what about the ideals of your founder ? -- you wonder why they go off line ? ? no, you don't. others don't, either.... for 28+ years it's been one disappointment after another for my family. one non-member stayed here with us throughout alma's last year of illness, and so in a sense he saved the human race, too. there's always a saving grace and i say that, as one might say, "advisedly"


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