Wednesday, July 12


i woke this morning , once again with ideas in my head , but alone at the moment in the house, i did this and that, and lost track. i remember you mentioned your buddhism. what i imagine as a sapient paradise , this planet as the heaven we've often imagined in the past as somewhere else, not realising that we ARE in the heavens, this planet being "up there" from any other perspective, ....this is perhaps the reality of "nirvana" - a reality both structured and unstructured at once , these opposites 2 sides of one coin as all others. and i suppose my own previous 28 years is that of a bodhisatva - one who experienced bliss but was fated to mix with others not yet so lucky until all experience it together.... the only truly worthwhile goal.

as we debate and practise NO COERCION , with the guide-lines pll lg ic , i expect all trapped egos to vanish, and all living humans to discover the sort of egoless i that i have attempted, necessarily inadequately, to describe. Living in other- and whole- love, we shall individually care for one another and the entire living skin of our planet....that very beautiful husk in which the cosmos has developed self-understanding in intellectual terms. Communicating initially at least electronically and verbally with one another, we shall form an intelligence without a centre but with locations in every one of us....perhaps (see ervin laszlo's chapter on science) operating "telepathically" as we get into it.

the power of this species-wide intelligence cannot be comprehended beforehand, but can be imagined. But i have wondered : what is its function in the (living) cosmos , the one laszlo describes as the concern of scientists today ? It may be more important than we have supposed - to the structure and functioning of the whole....time not so one-directional, arrow-like as supposed? ..i imagine however, that this is what we shall discover as this articulated/unarticulated nirvana unrolls. the future of sapience on earth (which in obolworld i rename planet "asphodel" to mark the change in our common understanding and consciousness...see the obolworld blogsite - asphodel being the ? lilies/narcissi or other sweet-scented flowers carpeting the elysian fields?) will not be a common affair, not divisive as heretofore.

Marianne, i think that's enough from me. i apologise for using the facilities of computers to spread around my ideas stimulated by you or ervin laszlo or's a discourtesy i beg you to overlook in consideration of my relative extremity. i look forward to our meeting and maybe witnessing your Iphigenia on a stage myself.. oh, yes, that reminds me : in recent years, i've had lots of time to devise plans for the first year of the ideas catch on. i imagine a world-wide pageant, PAGEANT ASPHODEL, and theatre people would be welcome to assist.....there will be lots to do, creating the transition to the mature or imago stage of our species, a sapient earthly paradise.


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