Wednesday, June 21

that last judgment

Littly, you were present , of course , though you may not , or little remember , at the first opening Last Judgment i called, for the 21st June ad 1978, nine months into first year of obol , after our visit to Pondicherry , at Gillies's home, Cranagh Castle, just 28 years ago. In preparation i had reduced to zero my debts and credits , and i was determined from then on never again to work for money . i had practised institutional living , flourished in, and turned away from it , and i had done well as a gambler (of my pension) on the fastest calculable market available to me in the world, the London Metals Market (on which a gambler only had to put down one tenth of his stake, and the broker sold out the moment that tenth was lost), and i had turned away from that too. Neither option made it possible for me to join the mother of our children in our pact, our partnership to attempt the ideal rearing of children, far freer than that of our own society , more like that i had witnessed in the Trobriand Islands on a visit some few years before. by then the experimental alternative societies of the 1960s were everywhere in disarray, and we found our family of 2 adults and 2 children isolated and threatened with poverty in a land where our own language was normal but we lacked family and social affiliations - and now alternative experimenters like ourselves were having it tough. In these circumstances i was reasonably distraught, and so i assume was Alma, and eventually on perhaps the 23rd of september ad 1977 i thought i was dying, my mind closed down as in death , my heart stopped - but i did not collapse as expected, my feet had just reached the top of a slight incline, and as i stumbled , my feet tottered downhill , and it seems the jolting restarted my heart , blood flowed to my brain - and believing myself dead, i was gently pleased to find there was an after-life, and it began where the other left off , and look, yes, there were the 2 black horses and the excellent barrel-top waiting to carry me off....Only the understanding gentleman travellers gave me a cup of tea, and led me homewards, and perhaps that night i said to Alma after you two were asleep, i see no option now but to become a "guru", a spiritual teacher. and when she went to bed explicitly leaving it up to me, i put some old ivory (or bone ?) beads i had bought when in Agra with her round my neck, and dedicated my life to changing the world to make it suitable for the ideal rearing of children (since i had proved to my satisfaction that as at present organised it was not). The next morning all four of us woke up in paradise here and now. During the next 9 months we travelled carefully at first (so as to not offend the natural environment, with which i entered a series of rituals of total commitment) , but then by Concorde to Bahrein, and by Air India to Bombay, thence by a super business-men's jet to Madras, and so to our family friend Bobby's in Pondicherry. All the time i proclaimed my message, and spent lavishly, till we quite ran out of money and returned to settle remaining affairs here - in preparation for that opening of obol's Last Judgment.

Littly, on getting up (ie coming down) this morning, i penned a very few words concerning one aspect of the "Process of Redemption", in which i have found myself logically and inevitably involved - in consequence of the foregoing events :-

the "purpose" or "aftermath" of my Judgment - lasting so far 28 full years this Tuesday midnioght - is universal mutual forgiveness - a necessary & obvious & logical pre-condition for a new, paradisal accommodation on this planet ,

and Littly, in a note underneath, i have scribbled :-

the Judgment is simply my history of non-recognition, the story or account of the failure of my fellows even to investigate my claims and put them to their fellows, i.e. the measure of individual & collectiver inability to see through the eyes of a living christ-buddha.

that's all for now, i had to get that off my chest, been crotchety all day as your siblings can testify. Impi told me you'd put my "Fathers' Day" email on the site, so too i thought this follows on. ... i did wonder to Joan (who visited Cranagh briefly with Rab that Day, and indeed Linda was present throughout) if news of my presence on my 81st might wipe football off the screens ..!!.. she thought that an excellent idea - and is indeed very supportive. lots of love to you all, and as always may see yous sooner than you


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