Thursday, June 15

Fw: the inherent justice of the universe


dear Bel, forgive me if i intrude. you write so well, and i agree
almost totally with your reply to the insane L.S. today, especially of
course "real love puts the self last". But that seems to apply , nowadays, only
between human individuals (when at all). Our divided religions are perhaps
to blame. Our potential global unity , and common natural dilemma , may
show hope.

My conviction is that our selflessness as a species has to regard
the universe as the other, perfectly logical and supreme , which is
always right, creating everything , and which will reward us (as a species
and individually ) as we learn its inherent logic , and love it.
Christ expressed this in the language of his day as love god and love your
fellows "as your self". You see we do not "see" our own selves, we only see the other, the mirror image of our self. Love that, writ small and large, and our self
will blossom, indeed transform into our soul. To see at best only the
other of our kind is the idiocy underlying L.S. and her entire society.

It is not her special fault, but her society's --and that apparent
"fault" like all others, is surely part of the excellent logic of it all -
which may lead to a new and more wonderful era than ever before, an era when
humanity is mature in wisdom as well as in cunning. Is this where our present
global breakdown is leading ? Hubris, the hubris of our species , is the
problem, appearing in myriad forms, never more extreme than today. We appear
to ourselves so cunning. Maybe such extremism precedes bouleversement.

Our survival (not mine, at 80) may depend on it. I do not believe
it is within our control , but the (blind?) universe's. "blind", - or are we the mind in the universe? totally controlled,
totally wondrous.

forgive me.
with respect , and apologies that my ordering of my thoughts is
poorer than
yours, sincerely.,
hugh sacker,


as i say , forgive me, and also my poor power of expression, so
unlike yours - sincerely,


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