Sunday, June 11

dear giles frazer, i agree so much with you piece in todays is years since i denounced pastor robert dunlop for preaching spare
the rod and spoil the child in the baptist manse estate-type church near
kilcullen founded by an immigrant banker converted by the preacher, -
though i was miraculously spared abuse myself virtually all my life. orphans
live in trepidation.

i had started a piece when i remembered seeing your outrage next
to max hasting's verdict on bush, blair, rumsfeld - and goldsmith. not
that i would let off soldiers more than anyone else. in every case there
exist extenuating circumstances; in judgment one must be impartial and compassionate ... every time ... nostraque culpa is the only
acceptable plea. meaque culpa. nostraque culpa.

i'm sure no selfless heart and mind disagrees with my guide-lines,
nor with my interpretation of the wondrous life ahead for us all...but a
confident, selfless , independent intelligence is hard to find....or so i have
found. so many nearly, almost to the point, but risk all they won't.
we're reared in cowardice....centuries of the whip. and as it per--haps
retreats, they victimise remaining oddballs whose behaviour the self-righteous
have failed unforgiveably to supervise , as they have failed and do fail
to supervise our own these grow up safe to do good, and
not rewarded any way, just ridiculed good-naturedly for attempting evil. "evil" will be childish, and so easily outgrown. i've stayed in
the trobriands still under preservation protection , i know how
wonderful community life can be. the best mannered adults i have ever met,
and the freest, best loved children. don't talk to me of human irrelevant issue in the whole order of things. i'm not fond of
narcissism, nor of individual or group (divisive) self-righteousness. or rather,
i roam the globe seeking them out - to test my strength - for they shall
remain at best as gleams in the child-eye, not positive for global sanity.

my daughter got your address off the web, and i've posted a despatch
to you. you may phone. forgive me, like others
in christ
hugh of knockandarragh


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