Monday, June 5

only man is vile

Littly, we are enjoying a superb heat-wave, following the most
beautiful late Spring / early Summer anyone remembers. Stephen, Libby and
moi-meme are here, with everything we need - except good company. Kali
enjoyed a visit from Friya's uncle Anthony's lovely girl-friend yesterday ,
making up for an unprovoked vicious phone-call she received from Jay's father's
presently separating girl-friend's mum in Ranelagh. Impi is helping
Chupi and Siobhan out in Dublin over half each week, and only waiting for
the end of that. And i added to the back of an envelope addressed to Jim
Nolan, subsequently left in Kay Kelly's hands before P.O. opening time,
something like : -

Give him the poison cup ! treachery, disloyalty, Socrates ! - my
ideas undermine the entire way of life & thought of "my own lot" : those
among whom i live with my offspring and whose support keeps us alive !

then back here i added on a sheet of refill pad : -

but, tho they poison(ed) our drinking water, they failed to drive us
out (Alma R.I.P.) ; tho they ignore(d) me, they failed to silence me ;
tho they arrest(ed) me, arrest only strengthens my position. Maybe at no
other point in human history could one man overthrow the entire social and
mental system of his fellows, without bloodshed, essentially non-violently,
with compassionate understanding , but only one such is needed.

christ-buddha of the central age-change of our species, see yous,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:29 p.m., June 08, 2006  
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