Friday, June 2

no choice

ye have no choice, ye will convert now to obolworld , your entrance to the
paradisal state of our species in its/our severely suffering paradisal
home. gaia, the body of life on earth, personified, and very possibly
having a common unified intelligence at layers of the brain too deep for our
binary wits to investigate, the spirit of life on earth, has made a great
sacrifice to educate us, the only location of binary intelligence at its
most extreme possible development on this planet, in this solar system,
and for all we know (almost nothing ) in this cosmos, whose "position in
any greater extra-cosmic scheme of things " is a question we can as a
species ask but not answer.

ye never had any choice. it was an illusion ye were reluctant to give up,
since your entire culture depended on it. now ye know better.

ye have my website to give you food for thought, operate "no violence !"
in heart and mind, in life and thought, together and apart, enforceable
if need there be (like no other idea or agreement : only peace may if
necessary be enforced ) . stage and join the pageant i have devised for us
all , starting in baltinglass as soon as ye call me, progressing round the
world - ONLY IF YE STAGE IT VOLUNTARILY - no enforcement by man on man,
ye see, we do it because we do it AND IT IS GOOD AND SEEMS SO IN OUR
PARADISE above all, babies and mothers, and a loving decent society
around them, not the vice and degradation our media both are and
report..........ok ? i wait.
hugh of knockandarragh,
deputising if you like for obol
who is your christ, not mine.
see you
old hugh


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