Monday, May 29

old tales retold


I . the ape tribe was perforce moving into new semi-desert
territory, where erect stature counted more than tree-hugging , and discipline
was survival. no getting drunk on semi-desert extra-strong herbs!

but one naughty girl tasted, and her gaze was changed, seeing them (her
lot) from outside , paradisally fearless (chemical effect in the
brain) - and she enticed adam , and they tasted and entered
paradise together ..... for a while ..... till hunger, or wild
interest stirring around ("what has the tribe left in compensation, as
sacrifice for transit, this time ? " 2 babes in the wood. playthings, so
sweet .....but some were licking their lips in contemplation of the feast
to come : in strict order, you understand, complete till this day of


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