Sunday, May 28

"coaching for provost's role" , pageant asphodel

"yes, of course , everyone with any sense at all haS BEEN WAITING FOR
THIS BREAKTHROUGH : WE JUST COULDN'T PREDICT HOW WE'D ALL GONE , AND GOT IT, WRONG. :- blinded by self-interest , of course .....but no version of the disinterested held water .... as this obolworld seems to do. yes, many had begun to despair, and despair was a disease of our time.

of course "obol" as hugh styles himself, apparently resurrecting his
school nickname, is most welcome to make my house his home , with his
family, during his stay in Dublin on the way to the boat in Belfast. i will
make way for memories from some who knew hugh in his short 4 years at this
college. the college's most distinguished-ever member is the object, if he permits, of the last corporate act of this college : the conferment of an honorary fellowship, - within the rules he helped draw up in his final year. "

conferment simplicity


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