Friday, June 2

Fw: "put away blame and shame" (bhagavadgita)


Katherine Barlow (letters today 31 may) believes God to be good,
not evil, appearing ignorant of the universally agreed logic that , if
God exists meaningfully , God must be beyond all binary divisions of
human thought. I myself, in my limited turn, believe our species at one
and the same time to be (now as i type) both at breakdown point - all
divisions being of the 50:50 , mirror-image sort in final analysis - and on
the point of re-formation. This re-formation would represent our mature
stage as a species : union , in our own individual psyches, in our
mutual relationships , in our common understanding (after a long and often dreadful learning curve) both of how to cohabit optimally and of how
to cooperate optimally to help heal this wonderful planet our present
disunity is further imperilling.

Sir, if you grasp the import of my gnomic words, may i say that i appreciate how much better you trained professionals in your prime could express it - and i sincerely wish the day when you do. i'm 80 and , like others, struggling - to leave a better world for my children and grandchildren than the one i lived through.

hugh sacker (at different times pupil at christ's hospital ,
soldier in the royal signals , scholar and fellow of caius, cambridge, and
professor of german at trinity college dublin), knockandarragh, donard, co


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