Monday, June 5


characteristically, drugs have the chemical power to change an
individual's mental "set", his outlook of mind , from/to self / family / tribe /
profession / confession / species / bio-life / cosmos & deity, etc .

since our own, globally prevailing societies licence alcohol and
tobacco, these drugs may harm individually , necessitating increased state
activity , but collectively are harnessed for tribal solidarity and
competitiveness. :

in a world of similar (the world i exist to overthrow .

therefore, drugs which exceed the positive mind-blowing capacity of
alcohols and tobaccos, such as hashish , cocaine and opium, tend to break the
tribal fears & loyalties, the collective dependency , of individuals
and groups using them. hence their Prohibition, and Positive Nuisance
Value : remember Adam and Eve ! - we now return to the paradise of our
animal nature, knoledgeable and wise at last. in peace .


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