Friday, June 30

the liberation

when next i visit cloverhill, i visit as christ incarnate & recognised , with adequate media coverage , and i set all in my cosmopolitan wing this exemplary task :

distinguish the potentially violent among you - go on point out and confess, confess and be recognised , hear the evidence impartially & compassionately , the only way as prisoners should know , and conspire together to guard all from possible violence , while leaving all as much freedom to be good as consistent with complete security. all societies clearly have this as their , our , first task : to save our fellows and so our selves from inter-human violence, so that very soon it simply never occurs amongst us , and we live as well as we can in peace, and love for the wondrous life on this planet, so that our life is understanding and loving life, not its dark counterpart (with which we have had considerable historical acquaintance - but no more !).


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