Saturday, July 8

your non-response


dear Secretary,

i emailed you the other day, after an intense study of ervin laszlo's CHAOS POINT (brought to my attention by my youngest daughter) , informing you, as well as i could briefly, that there is reason for you to inform your members, and investigate my claim to be the TEACHER /GUIDE our species needs to effect the TRANSFORMATION NEEDED AND DUE. SILENCE OF THE GRAVE ensued , no differently than with others i have informed over the past 28+ years in a position to make a difference. you see, it is clear from ervin's book that you have your variety of ego-madness , as others have theirs. the very idea of a living individual who not only lacks any such ego , but also both shares your deepest convictions, AND can play any non-violent part society requires of him - including this one now to you - as though with normal ego. "obviously insane" , i expect you conclude, and continue as before.

and continue as before. and continue as before.

you see, the difference in CONSCIOUSNESS that must occur for the due transformation, involves the death of the i operating within the thoughts of the individual mind within the thoughts of the individual society, and its replacement by an i that floats on a sea of emptiness that buoys up because all is love. it can be put differently, but never in words adequate to the experience (ask any "mystic", or zen master etc). this i is absolutely calm and restful, without anxiety - as a happy new-born might be. but whenever something happens to arouse this i, it enquires of the mind for information . the mind processes the happening automatically, without worry or anxiety, modifying itself to a greater or lesser degree to best accomodate this novelty (even if repetitious) , and the i of love discerns to the best understanding available to it what if anything to do or say - and then retires to its sea of emptiness and rest till the next stimulus.

it is not possible for a trapped ego to comprehend or achieve this death and resurrection of the i in an individual or a society. any more one might say than it is possible for us finite beings to comprehend or achieve infinity - and the legend of jesus of nazareth in the gospels indicates his failure even to generate it in his immediate disciples. all betrayed him, and then set up a memorial to him afterwards - the church , a jewish heresy , one which idolised the legendary founder (declaring in a world that had long considered all great men divine or semi-divine that only their hero really was - a natural development in a monotheistic tradition a tradition possibly stemming from a deviant egyptian sect that got turned out into the wilderness, and re-invented itself, later in babylonian captivity spelling out the legend we have in the bible, almost totally non-substantiatable : the jewish people entering history at that point "i" am not committed to this, but non-committal is of the essence).

nevertheless my mind as yours seemingly, deduces from the evidence that our species may well now be due for such a transformation on a species level - and my mind believed this 28 years ago when it experienced its own death - happily - only to discover it had been relegated to a role somewhat like a library catalogue or museum - the museum of the mind - naturally processing info under the carefree supervision of a new i. the i divine ? words are unfitting.

QUESTION : what do i have to do to interest you? i am too old and locally responsible (!) to visit you for weeks - or even hours. i assume, perhaps, that it is far easier for one or two of you to check me out in my lair, - the garden is lovely, especially now , especially this year, the kitchen is visitor-friendly, tents or guest-houses could be used. i imagine success....swarms of "pilgrims", i have good and full relations with the local police etc for this eventuality. but : are you afraid of looking foolish, perhaps ? i did open my former note by observing that ego-attachment would impede your appreciation of my message. but Q. "what can i do?" the answer i give myself of course, is "all is one, all is divine , no problem, everything leads to this fuolfilment, this fulfilment gives meaning to everything, "

so once again FEAR NOT ! emails the individual you need the "CHRIST-BUDDHA" of this AGE-CHANGE, the central age-change of our species, our maturation into our imago form, our self-discovery as (a/the) LOVING INTELLIGENCE of the cosmos, a miracle to cap all miracles, m and so much better than anyone imagined.


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