Tuesday, July 4

Chaos point

So the chaos increases - Gaza, Darfur, let alone Baghdad or Mogadishu - and a top systems philosopher publishes a major study of the present human dilemma - "breakdown or breakthrough" - the time is still not ripe (?) for you to feature me - the solution on your doorstep. it is true, my development has been troubled - i and my family took the storms in person, and have survived to tell the tale; and it is true my website could be easier, but Erwin Laszlo does not cover all the ground i do. Maybe you could note that in stead of the traditional "peace, truth, and love", i propose "peace, logic and love", replacing "truth" - which groups and individuals believe they possess, leading to conflict - by "reasoning debate between equals", which , conducted with peace and love (non-violence and goodwill) is infinitely more promising. etc etc. But in a world mad on celebrity, you need a "christ"-figure to precipitate the transformation Laszlo believes in, and you perhaps don't. It's largely in my website, if you look in a spirit of goodwill, etc


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