Saturday, July 8


dear Secretary, i emailed you re "global transformation" 06 07 2006 11.47
and again last night re "your non-response 08 O7 2006 00.03
THIS MORNING I WOKE, WITH THE THOUGHT I MUST ADD A FEW NOTES AS WELL AS I QUICKLY CAN - before being involved with survival/family duties again. here goes :

1. the positioning of the i in the consciousness that i tried to describe last night is only practicable if the body of the individual is free from physical threats to behave, issuing from fellow humans who resort to physical force (the whip, especially, down the centuries, arm-twisting of kids now, smacking etc - just picking up and dumping in school with all adults conniving will do )... remember the words ascribed to jesus in the gospels. that is why NO COERCION ! (non-violence) is the basis of a good society as in obolworld. we have to regard the immunity of the individual as sacrosanct - to learn for itself , not to be compelled by us. hence monasteries and deserts, etc have favoured illumination - sometimes. also privileged survival stone-age societies, such as in the Trobriands which i visited, while under protection as a wonder in the british empire (doubtless no longer).

2. if you demand that i convince you by messages such as these, i shall fail - as i have all these 28 years. all that has happened, remarkably, is that it has just been possible for my situation to continue - in family isolation in the ireland of the past 28 years - so that i have learnt more about it, and can explain to (and with) you IF and when you show real interest, and seek to profit from this more or less unique opportunity (my website opens with a claim to present humanity's LAST OPPORTUNITY - with good cause - but then only one is needed......isn't it ??) i assure you that even with all my skill and experience and learning, it has been difficult, and i understand only too well the problems, both of surviving thus and of signalling to others.

3. in particular you ego-bound people do not understand that i can behave so presumptuously and not be presumptuous . i assure you acting like this is only possible without a trapped ego, for instance : having "died" once and never minding dying next time "for good". or for instance "knowing" that physical or mental pain is insignificant, because it cannot increase - except perhaps in the hands of an accomplished torturer (such as many parents and others are) - and a lucky individual can develop non-violent "zen" means of countering threat. i experience pressure but not anxiety.

4. my words are ever hasty and immediate. i now for instance have to feed our birds and animals, before driving to a nearby small town with my son for supplies. ( i drive because we cannot afford legality for our vehicle, and both are subject to immediate arrest etc - but whereas i welcome the possibility, he (who has not been reared in institutions and armies as i was ) does not. you see, i judge for myself what is best in the circumstances. i regard the laws of ireland as your laws, which i need to be aware of, but absolute they are not. sanity . (and we drive around 9 a.m. because it is improbable the police will be setting traps so early.....possible, of many things are possible)

that's all i have time for, mr or ms secretary. you should, in my view, circulate my emails to all people concerned for transformation, and you should do what you can to investigate further. but i accept as "perfect" whatever you do - because i am convinced all is happening just as it must to prepare the wonder its own time and way.


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