Wednesday, July 12

global transformation

my fellow humans,

your attachment to what you are doing will impede your absolute reception of my message. (if not, you are christ already, which the evidence of E rvin Laszlo's CHAOS POINT , corroborated by your website , leads me to infer you are not.) what you are seeking , not the d e s i re for a living human transformation but the event itself , doubtless starting at some butterfly-wing point but since the entire system is ready and - in a sense , at least with hindsight - waiting for this butterfly-wing, spreading so-to--say instantaneously throughout tour species , what you are seeking , i have to tell you , is already for almost 29 years now present in me.

you or anyone else approaching courteously, considerately, non-threateningly can corroborate this for your selves, by a visit to the Glen of Imaal in West Wicklow, on the island of Ireland , the "townland" of Knockandarragh (which being interpreted is Oakhill) on the north bank of the glen, and an old farmhouse called The Present inhabited by an 81-year-old retired professor known as Hugh Sacker , who went out of his mind here in late September a.d.1977, experiencing what is called by you folk near-death , and coming to to discover himself in a sapient paradise here and now. Since then Hugh has survived and reared a family of six - though losing their mother to breast cancer associated i.a. with the hardship and scorn she had to endure as the spirit of christ proclaimed its presence in the body of hugh of knockandarragh every possible moment in every non-violent way, according to the precise environment (as here), - while begging compassion for family members who would not leave him, as others did sooner or later - rather than join a solitary isolated exception.

the transformation of our species is, contrary to general belief, perfectly simple and practical. all it needs is access to the airwaves. in spite of appearances on tv and radio, in person in gaol, church, shop, home, market-place, at home and abroad - for instance ibn Auroville, or Bali, or Prague, this is so far denied.

we can agree to consider abiding by only one coercive law, universally observed and if necessary enforced by all subscribing individuals, the LAW OF NON-VIOLENCE. no one may enforce his or her own will on anyone else for any reason whatsoever, except to prevent violence. so long as any individual is non-violent (s)he is inviolate.

on discussion with hugh, calling himself, as christ, "obol" - a reference logo is useful - everyone positively interested will agree that this might work for people of goodwill, seeking our own good in the inviolate good of all others and of all the rest of the natural world we inhabit, our environment. i have been thinking about this for almost 29 years, in meetings of every possible kind with violent and non-violent people. i ask : how is it that you have not heard of me, and that no one has seen fit to propagate news of my existence ? i only ask , and have for all these years only asked for the normal treatment democracies claim as their core value : the "right" to be heard.....i am no fool. i am not without experience, nor learning.

meanwhile i have poured out countless words, many of which survive, in print and on the web. and i am here to be investigated.

along with non-violence (with goodwill the only prequisites of membership of the transformed world called for want of another name OBOLWORLD ), i have over the years come to suggest simple guide-lines for beginners. i express them in code-form as follows

pll peace (non-violence), logic (reasoning debate) , love (goodwill to aoothers and the whole)

lg local, global (consider both in every act)

ic impartial , compassionate (be both in every judgment)

i regard peace, logic and love as an indivisible trinity , each only truely itself in the company of the other two - e.g. logic is the logic of love and peace, etc. and similarly with local and global, an indivisible twosome, as also impartial and compassionate.

i think plato or aristotle - if not someone else - said (in other words) that if you don't feel virtuous, then act virtuously and the feeling will come. so i suggest - only the attempt can prove me right - that if and when others join me in now founding a sapient paradise on this planet , in acceptance of the logic of of peace and goodwill, then the mind of christ - true love, that is the love of others (not self) and of the whole (not even just our species, the incredible wonder of the whole of which we are ever an integral part, finite and infinite at once), intelligent love , wisdom incarnate - will come to dwell in us all...wisdom incarnate on a global scale. as ervin so rightly holds, its power should suffice for whatever occasion may arise.

fear not. i am here now.

christ-buddha obol


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