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You may not have met this book (yet), my copy of which i lent to my daughter Kali, and visiting her briefly today, got a photocopy of some introductory material, which i reproduce here -- explaining perhaps my interest:

1. a brief foreword:

Chaos in modern systems theory defines the state of a system in which its stable cycles and processes give way to complex, seemingly unordered behaviour, governed by so-called strange or chaotic attractors. In this state, the system is responsive even to tiny, sometimes immeasurably small fluctuations.

A chaos-window - in the human-context "decision-window" - is a transitory period in the evolution of a system during which any input or influence, however small, can "blow up" to change existing trends and bring new trends and processes into existence.

A chaos point, in turn , is the crucial tipping point in the evolution of a system in which trends that have brought the system to its present state break down and it can no longer return to its prior states and modes of behaviour : It is launched irreversibly on a new trajectory that leads either to breakdown or to breakthrough to a new structure and a new mode of operation.


The Club of Budapest, founded in 1993 by Ervin Laszlo, is an informal association of globally, as well as locally, active opinion leaders in various fields of art, science, religion and culture, dedicated to the evolution of our values, ethics, and consciousness in the interest of averting a global crisis and creating a peaceful and sustainable civilization. It publishes books and reports, conducts surveys, awards prizes, hosts the World Wisdom Council and the online Wisdom Academy, and is creating a network of likeminded organizations (the Wisdom Alliance), as well as television and affiliated radio series.

i put it to you who receive this email, that such a Club, such an individual as Ervin Laszlo, could well be expected to show interest in my proposals for global systemic change, refined as they have been over some 28 years. A cynic , of course, might respond differently :such a body being extremely well-placed to block any such individual, direct solution as mine, while it continued with its high-minded efforts to facilitate change , not now but in six years'time. i continue, however, as ever, advertising what is, i think, the ONLY POSSIBLE OUTCOME of humanity's present dilemma; all i seek is the interest of my fellows - to check if it's a winning entry or not.


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