Wednesday, July 19

the mind leap

i either am, or am not , "right" - nothing unusual about that, of course - but the mind leap that i have in mind (!) is once for all for everyone : out of mind (every individual mind, however constituted, and the more sophisticated may, as ever, be the most resistant), into the global, cosmic paradise. mad as i am, this necessitates the world's media focussing on me , and my teaching of NO COERCION (except to prevent coercion) , and the guide-lines peace, logic, love; local & global ; impartial & compassionate. then we engage in a year-long voluntary transformational pageant, after which i retire from view, and the sapient paradise this planet could be unrolls indefinitely. i think that i can help others work out how it affects them, once the process starts. all previous ideas will be history, the story of how our species on this planet (were) prepared, educated for this cosmic wonder: it's been put hugely on record - not least by your contributions - but what interest it will have in future i dunno. i have put on my website ( lots of my thoughts leading up to this point, but they too will be history as it unrolls. we shall of course live in the present moment, each and every moment everywhen and everywhere.

you are a living wonder, yourself, marianne, - of course, who isn't?! - indeed what isn't ?! - the infinite is literally, scientifically present in every speck of dust - and i very much hope we may meet delightfully as the IT unrolls from now (wherever now is). we shall all be buddha, all christ, and we shall know and not know what these terms mean in living everyday practice...the medium we exist in.

i think i should stop. lots of love....and tomorrow james may be here for a brief visit...(was the meeting at mick and rosie's wedding a butterfly wing, not necessarily so much for james and libby (tho who knows) as for us all ? now the legendary breaking of the sapient paradise on planet asphodel.....our trivialities the foundation of the future - that may well commemorate it in happy pageantry for aeons to come.!!)....


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Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

1:42 p.m., July 22, 2006  

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