Monday, July 31


don miguel ruez is self-evidently wrong (to single insults out as necessarily delusional). the possibility should always be born in mind, and the mind that delivers an insult, has to have the knowledge to do so in itself, but it does not have to be deluded.

(at one point, when he was still wriggling out - in my opinion - i called james a coward and a shit, he responded excellently, ceasing to behave in fashions that might be so described, and we have got on better since. all credit to him- or the godhead in him) .... i probably am both (coward and shit) , anyway , i am human, - and every sin, wrong-doing humans commit is in me, lurking within my possibility - and doubtless evinced in acts of my particular person on infinite occasion.

i would want to ask you why you consider "cunning operator" an insult (if you truly do)? certainly it implies distance, the ability to consider you as any one, and wonder/admire/distinguish.

do i detest labels as such? i didn't know. i would like to think you and i might begin to understand one another better after this slight stand-off. i judge and forgive everyone (including myself). all are absolutely guilty. (the rules are to share everything, embrace absolute poverty, Matthew 19, 21; it is the only solution to the troubles of our species, and will transform our psyches.) (the gospels are very direct....eastern religions sometimes more evasive. christendom is of course not christ, indeed possibly anti-christ...but it has preserved and spread the "words")

the judgments are mine, offerings if you like. i suggest if you have not realised that you appear a gifted and cunning operator (seeking to save your soul while .keeping your privilege) to objective observers (those not caught up in solacing your particular ego, either for noble or ignoble reasons), then take it on - i may or may not offer back-up's not always best to get bogged down in arguable corroboration.
(james didn't seek it - is he more open?)


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