Saturday, July 22


am a role player, or the awareness behind the role player , as the moment requires. as many i's as occasions all issuing from this head and all (in-)consequential .... anatta ....
busy today...kali +2 off to england (car to airport and back with me) tomorrow drive to Clare...take it as it comes
love hugh (krishnamurti , the gentleman guru, referred to himself in 3rd person as k after ego-loss , a bit like gandhi's loin-cloth......i'm a family man..."they" don't like parental oddity....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of ways to fill the day......however we refer to ourselves, we’re still it and not it....

2:03 a.m., July 22, 2006  
Blogger obol said...

absolutely. kali+2 got off ok , but hour-long road snarl caused by tired now.....clare tomorrow ?
it and not it is true, but a society , a partial society, always has to take one side or the other over at least one two-sided item , that's why the society experiences as apart, from birth fundamentally interfering between an i and its total range. so i propose to you and everyone that all sub-societies (including as archetypal case mother-son) all can recognise this bit of simple LOGIC together .....discuss it in the light of non-violence (peace) and goodwill (love). so truth is not anyone with identity in such society so we all lose our identity to become members of the voluntary global non-violent society of obolworld. hey presto !.....and as many rabbits out of my hat as it takes. and "not more than one too much !"

i want to retire i've been on this boring old job nearly 29 years now, mostly stuck isolated you suppose my claims to superiority did me any good - when supported by poverty, poor-mouth - lying , cheating - i allowed myself any non-violent (non-abusive) trick i could get away with - so far as i could tell that's what winners do today, so well, i always confessed afterward, so that did me a fat lot of good too....not idle life, and highly educative, that of mendicant messiah with family je t'assure

2:04 a.m., July 22, 2006  

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