Thursday, July 20


a very slight chemical aid, a drug delicately "elegantly" used , now adjusts my mental take such that i experience the same present that others with me experience, but paradisal, exactly "right" , like a perfect painting, a work-of art exactly thus, exactly itself , in the 4 senses and all i need of others present is that they should not intrude and bother me with their disturbance in their apprehension of the same scene (including their own bodies of course - and presumably their own mind, their own apprehension of the scene as perfect, perfectly itself, a perfect vision, apprehension of a facet of a perfect and infinite whole - including presumably my own apprehensio of our present global insanity as the perfect stage, the precise and only base from which could arise the discovery of this possibility of heaven on earth here and now in all its meaning, the history of the species and its apprehension(s) now transcended , ever transcended of course in some other sense or even countless senses - but in our special human sense, now suddenly news for all on this planet today.

i'll stop there for the moment, but it is obvious that it may get hot for those who resist this heat. come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden for i will give you rest....but come ye must....i repeat that but come ye must for the mani lunatic suffering of the world of bush and blair and putin and iraq and all the other ghastly horrors we see seeming to increase,,,,,to

now see and assist HEAL . amen

obol, literally and effectively christ re-incarnate, an incarnation identically of buddha, identifying with all good and content to watch bad fade from the scene......all perfect all meaningful quite quite different

the only way out of the fix hubris led the species into

love from hugh (libby safely home if a bit over-excited for my full relish...calming fast ...maybe see james shortly ?)


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