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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 1:14 AM

if what you are suggesting is that the planet would be better off
without humans in it than I can't agree with you. The planet will be fine for
millions of years to come with or without humans. The ability of the
planet to support human life may cease but the planet and its ecology
will continue to evolve.

As such I support attempts of humans to strive towards sustainability
such that humans can continue to live on the planet. The final solutiuon is


Fri, 21 Jul 2006 21:11:37 +0100

"the final solution is sustainability" what a funny idea to worship
wot an odd criterion honour may be sacrificed if you believe x is
sustainable,,,survival length of days for the species length of
life of our species should be our common binding concept projected that
is through unimaginable deviations from recent tradition that are forecast
- and indeed certainly evidencing already, ever more alarmingly -- so
that no one knows what or how and that's why our leaders are so
short-term centred. the solution is the EXACT OPPOSITE you git, it is to
behave perfectly in the present, for the present find ourselves
transformed into optimal present dwellers, yet sapient as we could never have been
without our glorious and terrible history of with
the cosmos, the cosmos valuing us infinitely, so many rotations of planet
round sun in human form , with amazing love and intelligence reigning
in the heads of a curious species of animal on a planet now renamed


opening publicly with a PAGEANT due to start in BALTINGLASS Co
Wicklow whenever volunteers appear FOR IT IS A GLOBAL, VOLUNTARY,
TRANSFORMATIONAL PAGEANT. and will come together at exactly the one and only minute it could so perfectly do.
and give up this devil worship !!


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