Wednesday, December 28

Varieties of Imperfection

Varieties of Imperfection

It is the fault-lines in the personal and social I.D. to which the individual self is attached: they define it. and all agree that this is how it must be.

bedtime Christmas Day
e.o.29th K'h

Stephen's Day, midday,
for over 28 years they say to me "perhaps some day some way but not now
your way Hugh" - but my way is the eternal Way known to all at all times,
the way of Peace and Love, joined in me to Sapience , sufficient for my
species to enter their paradisal, imago stage. We are converging,
believe me, in the best possible Way: "perfection".

I slipped into paradise here and now 281/4 years ago, here where i am
writing this now. i have spent the years since defending and strengthening
my discovery, so that now it meets every objection anyone can raise about
and i besides have prepared in outline a Pageant in which all may
choose to participate, which may lead us all into that paradise i discovered. i
seek the interest of my fellows: peacefully and considerately, please; my
family is vulnerable, like any other, like any of yours: we seek to mingle
happily for the good of all.
Hugh "of Knockandarragh"

peace on earth, goodwill to all life and all non-life

I'll settle for that.

Monday, December 26

who am i?

i process information
and may make a move
bu the moves i make
do not make me

you can't catch me
i vanish on approach

my existence depends
on a healthy & unafraid
body and mind : my home

at home in the cosmos


stephen's day eo 29th