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christians and muslims etc

Tue, 19 Sep 2006

yes indeed, and more so - but myself, I analyse from increasing idiocy all round the imminent collapse of our civilisation, and rather hope a purified one may be born from the ashes.. Meanwhile, it always amazes me that muslims and jews do not generally call in question the irrationality, improbability and indeed (self-)idolatry of one religious tradition regarding its particular founder as uniquely divine - especially since 2000 years ago it had long been customary for distinguished individuals to be so considered (and performing miracles remained a common event of hagiography for at least a further 1000 years).

I myself was reared in a totally christian tradition, and became a medieval scholar , so I have some knowledge of the issues concerned - and indeed wonder if you are acquainted with the crusading epic "Willehalm" by Wolfram von Eschenbach , around 1200? It shows great respect for muslims, and debates the whole question, taking the view that defence is alright, but attack not, since all are children of "Altissimus", "Tetragramaton", juden , heiden unde kristen - if I remember right. I refer you to my fellowshio thesis "The Tolerance Idea in Wolfram's Willehalm", a copy of which was deposited around 1952 in the library of Caius College, Cambridge. If Willehalm was an exception in its time, nevertheless an indication of the folly of dismissive generalisations about an age, any age. (Folly only exists to nurture wisdom)

Christians do not follow in the footsteps of their legendary founder , as recorded in the gospels they venerate. Indeed I would hold that true religion is the same the world over , and essentially free from the local colour in which it appears and is later clothed. Selflessness, the recognition that one sees one's reflection in the scene around, not by self--projection, love of the scene around - as christ said love of one's enemy is a crucial test. It is the "other" way , not the way of worldliness, absolute equality, immediate preference for own's own death rather than sacrifice of such a position - and now that other species are going down so fast before human self-regard, preference by our species of the others -this is "religion", in no way sectarian, and may yet be the saving of a species driven mad by its unique penetration of the mysteries of the world of the senses, needing now only to appropriate the wisdom latent in all communities, prevalent nowhere.

Forgive an old man rambling on. Your chosen field of study and obvious righteous wrath inspired me.


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