Friday, March 31

uncharted territory 994/1/2006

we shall be in uncharted territory 11.30 this coming wednesday in baltinglass. it is a long time since my gospel predecessor declined to defend himself before pilate. whether you yet realise it or not, my case is unanswerable.......with me our species enters its/our paradisal era.

you may check or not, someone will, everyone will, and it is all there.
and in my person, too. of course, i have been living in uncharted territory
for over 28 years, and my family have gotten used to it. it is obviously
preferable for you to use the intervening 5- days to come and talk with me,
witness my family life, check on computer and other documentation, etc.

... check outside me, too, but on me. if you fail to do this, your position , though relatively routine till wednesday, will be difficult after. you have been warned! i am very friendly to all who visit my home peacefully, though of course i judge all the time....i cannot help 12 months it should end, and i retire. everyone will then be free to judge from their own position ever after, and to inform others how it looks to them......but everyone has to listen too (which no one truly has yet done to me, except perhaps rob walker of fernhill gardens, whom i recommend to you, too).

life as we know it ends his wednesday, but life, LIFE , on earth begins.

~obol c/o hugh of knockandarragh, foolishly but wondrously summoned
by a careless guard, who may freely come and make friends. 045 404049


your imagination won't walk through obolgate : when it does,
wonderland !

how was the grip of the old system broken ? - by a man in west wicklow in the second half of his life putting the ideal rearing of his children
before all else....

discovering there was always a way through,
at every barricade a pass .....

bringing judgment (self-understanding),
and salvation (liberation from
the chains of the past),
to all my species

fulfilling prophesy
at the same time as revealing
the simple truth

hugh of knockandarragh

see you in baltinglass !

second PROJECTION 5th april 994/1/2006

i stay standing, and say : do you wish to have me arrested, judge, or
may i proceed where i left off ? if arrested and made to appear in dock,
i stay silent, after perhaps re-affirming my status.

dpp file 994/1/2006 april 5th ENTHRONMENT


it is declared a public holiday anywhere where this declaration is
known and promulgated, in the name of this revelation of the essential
goodness in our cosmos as we know it

window of opportunity

you see, this is a window of opportunity for the future species, not
for me (6? years to live, and a most amazing and varied life behind me), but
largely created by my ideas and doings, particularly over the past 28+
years, ......other people have to understand this for it to work.
it's the hole in the fabric of "mammon" through which we may as a species
burst into "god". you have to realise this unique opportunity, and
make your fellows realise - between now and 11.30 on 5 th april coming
very soon in baltinglass. it's there waiting. you have to fill it i
have to stop emailing, and you whoever you are have to stop all normal work
as far as compatible with say "sickness" (jay's school form is closed
omorrow - the teacher feels "flu" coming on)---- and spread the news
- by coming yourselves or if too sick sending subs....a;lll converging
on my local town to witness me defy the system and win out, inaugurating a
extensively about it - it can fill the media columns for a while....the
ALTERNATIVE GOOD SYSTEM obolworld to give it a name. ok ?


i believe belloc-chesterton once stated it was not that christianity
had been tried and failed, but that it had never been tried (quoted by an
rc primate of england in my time). the question arises : why did "he"
not put it into practice, instead of "just" saying it? this makes me wonder
at "my" opportunity the 5th april coming: i'm driving it as well i can to
a world(-changing) event. "everyone" thinks me foolish.....

noel's dad

his mother, mrs (kathleen, cathy) grace, once confessed to me that her
eldest son noel was a "virgin birth"....her husband jim had believed
this till lately, when a disturbing knowingness had manifested in him. i
persuaded her to visit prof jocelyn otway-ruthven in trinity, and tell
the meeting took place, but not the confession...according to the ot's
confidant david little mrs g admired the ot's shoes, and enquired where
from.............she was i believe convent reared, and we now know
more about that. she was strict with her 5 sons, presumably spoiling
all with the rod.
at this stage all 5 still unmarried more or less at home,
and seamus the inheritor of the farm looks terrible, with leukemia ?
undergoing ghastly treatment to extend life don't we need more
personal family unravelling , rather than the scape-goating of a few
abusers? it was (and is) an abusive society, and nearly all
presently reigning in ireland perhaps suffered at the hands of rod-wielders.
(my good fortune: my aunt was against it)


judging from my present experience (!), bewilderment must have been
the majority reaction to the way jesus in the story pushed it at the
Passover - to the point of crucifixion....;..".doing his own thing", others long
before lost the thread....

pushing it 994/1/2006

nobody ever thought my predecessor would push it to crucifixion either....but i'm destined to triumph....even so nobody believes i will push it.....

hugh of knockandarragh

judge james mcdonnell c/o cloverhill prison

well, that's what he needs, a dose inside. he's no idea what's what, trying to distinguish friends from enemies, when they're all one, so far as he can tell. (i'm an enemy of the system, a friend of the people...). sending my daughter Kali Sacker off to that disillusioned half-wit Mohan in 9 Usher's Island, to decide if she's ok, fit to drive, etc in 20 minutes. anyone who knows her and has experience could tell him, but they're (we're) all suspect to mcdonnell. besides which, in today's poisonous media atmosphere, no one dare pronounce anyone sane - for fear of an " accident", and loss of job. and that goes for mcdonnell himself.

what in the event did happen was that i, at 80 (without licence, insurance
for decades now...), drove Kali and babe in, and later out of central dublin
from 30+ miles away, in today's hideous traffic, and held the babe while
mohan drivelled time away, asking the same questions, not to catch out, no, because he wasn't all there. eventually he decided he'd better contact dr murphy, the discredited quack who had her before (and did good in emergency...), presumaBLY TO GET AGREEMENT THAT THERE SEEMS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. BUT...BUT...BUT and so i was exhausted as i seldom am nowadays, and still could not go for my full morning walk today, with my daughter Impi, becaUSE I'M SO TIRED. thank you judge, you're doing a fine job, but prison for a while is your sentence from ....the living
christ obol

what are you on about, hugh?


Ann, people pay slight atention to me, as to others, and then ask me, not waiting for an answer. It's easy, by now at least, dealing with a christ whose story, recorded in a book hundreds and hundreds of years ago, one can either take or leave, and the takers excuse themselves for not living as that christ commanded....he'll forgive us, we're only human. but living with a living christ, who requests all people to change their ways, here and now, to give up physical coercion whether by state, parent, or anyone else, and live in love and not in fear. and who expounds exactly how to do this. and who has set an example by rearing 6 children outside the prevailing system of coercion. that's something else.

do you realise no one has ever investigated our rearing ways? Pat Kenny never followed up, no other media or official body could be persuaded to show interest in a system-breaking experiment, hardly any parent.

this morning, i remarked again to Kali , that Friya (born epiphany last,now nearly 3 months) has new difficulties being moved around, as she is getting recognition of familiar places and people ("oh, wot is that now ?"). Yes, Kali agreed, but she had it earlier at a deeper level, for instance in the early weeks resting long periods with grandad (me): Kali didn't think she'd have done that with just ayone. That's it, i said, - combining both "sub-conscious " and "conscious" level together seamlessly, that's another aspect of growing up that coercive intrusion, compulsory schooling etc., interferes with, destroys. so that in later years many are either struggling out of the unity of all
("entepreneurs" !!) or angrily fighting it ("criminals, young thugs"). WHY WON'T YOU AND YOU LISTEN TO ME?? (we didn't school ours)

my son and one friend accompanied me to baltinglass court last time, to hear me confess to the court that i am the living christ, come to judge and redeem our entire species- and therefore necessarily waging non-violent war against the state in all its forms, including this court - and walk away, ignored. WHO WILL COME 5TH APRIL TO SEE AND HEAR THE FOLLOW UP ??????? this is the issue for my acquaintance now......i am doing my bit, and shall as christ (who stood by the legendary jesus of nazareth at his trial? all disciples combined to desert, betray their leader, as the church has certainly done since Constantine's make-over, anyway; most people just waied to see, another minor folly)

hugh of knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow 045 404049

end of compulsary schooling

compulsory schooling is meddling with the natural development of young minds, the minds of the future, at the whim of adults insanely screwed up by the minds of the past:- us ourselves. it does not exist in obolworld, where NO COERCION is the rule, for all ages and conditions of humans.

the 5th of april coming, when there is planned a ceremony in baltinglass district court to mark the global systemic change to NO COERCION, is hereby declared a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, and baltinglass on that day is in festival.

alma's children and mine have been reared in west wicklow free of compulsory schooling, whether in school or at home from birth to now. that is essentially what i left a good job for, and what alma died for. even after the family's appearance on KENNY LIVE autumn ad 1989, when i explained our system and my beliefs, we have been utterly disregarded by all and sundry, - except when caught out in a trivial contravention of the state laws, when we have been prosecuted but NEVER ALLOWED TO EXPLAIN OURSELVES. till 5th april coming , that is ; the tuning of the worms, world-wide.
(Pat Kenny on that occasion volunteered to have us back in a few years, to see how it turned out.......deaf to all reminders)

I expect visits from the gardai , to arrange all this amicably, soonest: it is the best news in the world

hugh sacker, knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


i reveal myself at every point,
yet people have to come and find me


ultimate magician

the ultimate magician unveils the truh,
the naked truth,
and we do not mind,
this is beyond minding.


the cross is the sign of a kingdom where physical power rules,

the resurrection is the sign of the triumph of good over evil,
evil vanquished here.

obolworld i call it

the sanctuary of obol

the sanctuary of my home, here in knockandarragh to begin with, by
implication all over the planet, extends to anyone happening to be
present and causing no immediate is protected by the regard
it is held in by all present.....and all absent.

obol c/o hugh

t h o u art god

before the world in order stood
or earth received its frame
from everlasting
t h o u art god
to endless years the same

ego-free we live in god,
loving every second of it

eyes to see

see what's staring you in the face
species-wide salvation
here and now
this is what my present presence means to the human species,
its environment
and the cosmos : a sapient species in
good souls occupy us all
the infestation of good
......i've been in a sense creating belief for 28+ years.
lost it once for a couple of terrible days
never else
your orphan cousin hugh

beliefs of the founder of obolworld

the afterlife begins here and now

we are the afterlife of the species

this planet is heaven (on earth)

renamed for the duration PLANET ASPHODEL


an essential stage in our transformation

our way of life hitherto has been insane, unhealthy

we were criminal lunatics, the inmates running the asylum

now, ceasing to judge one another, we discover our common collusion in

having been in darkness, we now live in light

recognising that this blessed transformation happened to us

it is not of our making


saturday midday, 18th March ad 2005, eo 29th
knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow, ireland 045 404049

Thursday, March 30


i think he must have struck that deal from the start : " i control your lab's finances, your other departments pay us for what we do for them.......i intend to run it at a profit, including financing my life-style among the barons of continental industrial chemists; those are my terms." and he got all he asked for, and till after the Hitler war, he was worth every penny of it....his fellow directors of "the family" were living like millionaires , as my aunt related : they could have mixed more wih the family at week-ends etc in the country, but they could not afford the stakes gambled for. (he was no mean gambler....all his life)... and then once, after the war, he had volunteered income-cuts like the rest - but for god's sake, income from salary was but a fraction of the income of the owning family members - he had to appeal for a raise.. the lyons he had joined was killed by hitler.

i was wonderfully reared by both your parents, John, and by seeking to know them better, i express and deepen my continuing regard (there are some i hope to be spared "knowing better" !!)

as ever

LHL. but without money

life continues , more simply, e.g. herewith, from my cousin John Lampitt, who also worked in the firm
joseph needham once told me he my uncle was known as "moneybags" at the beginning of unesco, under julian huxley's guidance; my uncle told me he'd pulled out because they would not indicate how it would be financed, the brave new world of the best imagination of the time.
i have no further check on all this


To John Lampitt

Peter Bird's history of the firm raises the question : was your father's public life-style financed by him out of the Laboratory's income, specified in his contract to be separate, or out of other income specially authorised by the Board ? - i had not known of his special terms before.

Your mother told me once that he could have earned more, with ICI for example, but he was content in Lyons, as the big fry, and they paid for his travels and entertaining "on the firm" for the credit and know-how he brought them.

Fascinating, are the records extant, i wonder ? In Basel, he gave Liza and me introductions to a free-lance chemist , a Dr Roos, whom he visited while we were there, a spy i surmise on Roche etc. Do records exist?

Do survivors exist ?

~ hugh

yes, you are right

To: "gillies macbain"

it has taken me 28 and one half years to invent an audience for my terms of a human life a long time.
but once done,
who will care ?

what motivates now, then?

with the disappearance overnight of the entire money system of the globe, we do not have any reason to work because that is survival - it is now an irrelevance to survival.

in peace, logic and love, having the best interest of us all at heart, we shall look after one another, not needing to think of ourselves - because we leave that to others, all caring for one another

and joining joyfully, for love of the whole, in playful activities for the good of all. ... as chance or providence beckons, and we respond.
heaven on earth.
sapient now.

st george file 994/1/2006

thus did st george,
in his obol incarnation,
slay the beast once for all,
hanging on to the kill to its ankle in baltinglass.
we all incarnate each and all our dreams of good role models
that is living as christ
together on earth
here and now
as i already ordered
there is no resistance

our bounden duty

is to reflect without commitment
~ obol

my heart goes out the super-rich,
who have so much to lose

5th april baltinglass CONSEQUENCES

so used have we become to the chains of power and money that we cannot imagine life without them, and do all we can to preserve them........but it is my job to free you all from the chains of power and money. can you for one moment imagine being free to do what seems best, what seems called for, at each and every moment, without ever having to think that you might be punished for it,, ,,,, ,, or how it effects the cash you have in your pocket ??? this is what is going to be the situation from the moment YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM SAYING, which i have scheduled provisionally for the baltinglass court on 5th april coming. i do not deal in physical coercion. no one in my system does. you have to abandon it, and everyone else has to too. the use of money then collapses automatically. unenforced, the tokens we attribute so much meaning to lose all meaning....child's toys. world-wide. then from that moment, with the cameras of the world on us, i lead the peoples of the earth into our earthly paradise.....none too soon for the way we are going society is breaking down and so are those precise systems of planetary control on which we depend for our survival. the FACT THAT YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE THAT THIS CHANGE COULD BE INAUGURATED, AND SPREAD ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY JUST LIKE THAT is the only fact hindering us at this moment. i will return to the theme as soon as i am free. i have a busy family life, with visitors expected today.

god bless all here
hugh (sacker) of knockandarragh

everyone equal even in a garda station. violence alone restricted.
everything open. no secrets. no wickedness. a living fantasy. a
fantasy come alive. christ back on earth. christ buddha. bringing
peace and logic and love to all humankind.

Wednesday, March 29


as a worm i have not been able to turn till this moment

at the centre of things

at the centre of things - i always said so, littly, i always said so eg to the state psychiatrist "either on the very margin of society - or dead centre " it's a small shift, once one understands the game, keeping the balances within the species and between species - knowing this common interest - just all of us sharing this knowledge pll lg ic at the centre of things, here in knockandarragh, they bicker to sharpen the dead scene up a bit, and i'm happy for impi particularly, but also for libby to have sparring practice while at home "ready for the next round" liberty to the white house, impi with us to mombasa./...the pageant opening planet asphodel the site of obolworld, the mature idyll of thespecies

i'm entering full-on paradise now

my every wish anticipated, and included in people's reckoning : can you imagine that for a messiah who has experienced this earthly paradise in our family here, seen it nearly succumb under worldly pressure, and now, eureka, i'm already experiencing the pre-joys ... the children (!) here so much cheerier....we're all able suddenly to say what we think, expressing all the pent-up emotions of decades, and get it straight back and be lightened, peter tierney is in on this, coming hrough strong, man, he's been where we scarcely touch. and from now on THE PAGEANT golden coach and all just for once, then someone else'e turn,,,,pageant, you see. all acting.

994/1/2006 breaking the mould

march 23

dear DPP,
my son and my friend (came early this morning after working till 2.30 am , to drive me to court) think i'm risking gaol for contempt,working over to teach me a lesson in the local station, and then, when i refuse to pay up, seizure of roperty.....that is where intimidation has got us, that is why no one supports me, that is no different, except in finesse, from the straightforward intimidation of the peoples of the roman empire 2000 years ago. And that is undoubtedly how President Bush sees it, "for the good of all", and how (as conor cruise o.brien tells us in his old man's worldly-wise way) any irish government will see it.

and so the intimidation will go on for ever...well, actually not for very long, for if we don't break the mould ....of rival power groups, rising and falling, quarrelling, fighting with ever cunninger weaponry, while the environment destroys a species that promised so well - but alas couldn't in the end get its act together, couldn't alter its ways, even when all wise and thinking people could..... see how stupid it have discovered the secrets of nature, and be unable to unite in peace and face the common problems together.

only the end of power can resolve our problems. only if talk prevails over force do we have a hope. yet the public of this country will not allow me to talk openly in the media and with those in power, even though i am totally peaceful, and even though my ideas are in print and on the web.

instead what happens is that the authorities wait till they catch me out, and then son and friend warn me as above. shame, shame, shame !

wisdom, not custom is needed now. hope, not despair. a velvet revolution, not more beating up. i do not have any idea what sort of a person you, ORLAGH FLOOD, are, i had never knowingly heard your name till the other day in an email from your office. have you read Kafka? this is your one and only chance to walk through the gate his poor anti-hero never does, to win fame and glory despite your self - you probably never sought it - ........but it does not matter essentially, for i am the one who will persist until the moment, today or some other day when the chain of sin and error snaps, and our species walks free and true , and united within itself and with all of nature, with "god". i did not choose this, it happened to me : i pray it may now happen to you.

"in god" - where we all always inevitably are, as we approach our
fulfilment as a sapient species in the earthly paradise, yours

Tuesday, March 28

TRANSFERENCE OF AUTHORITY 1. Baltinglass 5th April ad 2006/eo 29th

we have to discuss principles and practices. till your representatives come here - today, hopefully, the local super to the fore - to discuss these things with me, i am compelled to propagate my suggestions this way. common understandings will be best when ever.

the court will open with my case. no point in considering others before, since the jurisdiction is changed - ever since i announced my christhood towards the end of the Court tuesday 21st march recently. money and power cease to have any meaning with my return to earth and PUBLIC RECOGNITION.. physical violence to compel others is not tolerated - except where necessary to keep the peace. we all , everyone of us, count as one, inviolable, unless physically threatening, when all sane able-bodied people conspire to render the situation harmless, all concerned (everyone on arth) safe and secure. the violent may be restrained, confined where necessary, but never secretly so, never more than necessary, etc. it will work well.

the constitution-of-ireland judge will take his place as previously, the case will be called, and hopefully Orlagh Flood will then rise, and withdraw all proceedings against me, and will then kneel before me, in token of submission to OBOLWORLD , and NO COERCION and the new global guidelines PLL LG IC. Then the judge will yield the chair of the assembly to me, and an OPEN COURT WILL ENSUE.

After the court, i shall retire briefly to the neighbouring coffee-shop (where my family is slightly familiar - a very pleasant atmosphere, as in many places in Baltinglass), and then hopefully leave to visit my daughter Kali in nearby TINORAN , with her two lovely children Jay and Friya. And the global voluntary PAGEANT ASPHODEL will open, with Vanessa King Macfie travelling in the best carriage as far as Annalecky Cross , a few miles along the Blessingtom road, where i shall join the procession. I cannot tell at this juncture what time-table we may set for this -- discussion is needed - on a national scale...and international. i have written to the american ambassador, whose duty it is to set his residence in the Park on fire at a global ceremony a week or two later. a symbol of submission,
that suffices.....all as simple and peaceful, and meaningful as possible keynotes for the future.

and now for a second cup of tea by the fire see you on 5th best
wishes to all obol/ hugh of knockandarragh AN END TO PREVARICATION NOW!!

Fw: don't be coy !

Orlagh, come on now, it's only play-acting, ritual seen sacredly,
i see everything as sacred, you see, the holiness of the cosmos is ever apparent to me. you will understand better with time. i have 28 years advantage. i intend to dissipate that globally within 12 months. no corcion allowed in obolworld, goodwill required for active participation start playing now, resign publicly, and plot baltinglass 5th april, hand-over/take-over TRANSFER OF AUTHORITY in west wicklow, and by extension all the earth, renamed planet asphodel, as the asphodel change-round pageant gets under way. contact vanessa king macfie at coolbawn castlecomer, joining up time now
hugh of knockandarragh

only just

it's just the turning of the tables - it's only just, you know, restoring a balance, evening out a threatening growth....u no blah blah all hypocrisies same to me

signing off

"that then is my story of the foundation of the sapient earthly
paradise , " (s)he said, " all founder members (coming from "before") have our own story -- for those in future born into it, it will be different, - thank god. "


their beastly pride you know

the pride that maketh wrong to right you know

obol it counteth nought with me you know

footnote to history

22 March ad 2006/eo 29th

croaks tune-ily to self: -

"what more looney
wisdom do i
have to impart?

- i'll be in John's
shop for a paper
tomorrow -"

the refiners' fire
now sweeps through
the Empire of Mammon
leaving dazed mortals
waking in OBOLWORLD,
pll lg ic & all.

but what was i here for ?

but what was i here for ? well now, give me an incentive, you know, turn me on, take care of me, i'm yours my soul in your body for 12 months......



"to resist the light did cost us ever so dear -- but , my ! what we learnt!

what secrets we wrested from nature before discovering our mother !"


at home
5.40 pm
22nd march eo 29th


at some stage in the past 28 years i formally took the earth into my
charge, not trusting my fellows. i now give it back into the care of my
fellows "in obolworld." obol

Fw: courthouse baltinglass 5th april ARRANGEMENTS

Orlagh Flood, as christ regnant on earth, which i hereby rename
planet asphodel , i in the person of hugh (sacker) of knockandarragh, in the glen imaal, which is hereby renamed obol's glen , do summon thee on thy knees to appear before me for one exceptional time, to apologise for neglecting my previous summons , and be banished from my sight - i mean from hugh's physical sight not from the sight of god, in which we always partake so long as we have mortal forms - belief in an afterlife is neither here nor there to me -- be banished from hugh's presence so long as he lives.

guide lines for your future are as follows :----

peace (ie no physical violence, or behaviour to incite it) logic (ie reason, common-sense etc dialogue between equals,, and we are all equal in actual fact and life-style in my era, ,, which for your registration purposes i call OBOLWORLD , which is every human soul's dream world in flesh and blood, in cosmic have to believe me for a while,,,,,,within one year ye will believe your own minds and experience. then i disappear from view, hopefully in fleshly form more or less for ever......christ incarnate in everyone living on earth this is the world i introduce.......ladies and gentlemen, children and old-folks.,,,,,,,i come to you all. you are not able to resist my coming from this point on

i have foreshadowed it....take it gently.....let's talk simply in
and around my home

sooner the better nice day today obol/hugh 045 4040409

the issue is...

Baltinglass Court Day eo 29th

the issue is solely this :-

can we stand no-coercion?

our best option

how would it, n a y

how does it work ?

this my friends all over,

this we now together find out

the great adventure fairy tale in true reality starts n o w


first report on JUDGMENT DAY COURT, Baltinglass 21st March, eo 29th

dpp ref 994/1/2006

Summary of the cast to date

subject "learning the arts of living together - almost lost arts" story "That Judge recorded a plea of NOT GUILTY against my
express wish, and then deferred hearing my case (after verdict, he'd assured me he'd let me say my say !!!!), against my express wish, on the grounds that pleas of innocence were always deferred (i assume on grounds of time allotted for particular case...)", thus the defendant, who proceeded to entertain the court briefly with the announcement that "i am the re-incarnate christ, come to judge and deliver my people, and therefore committed to doing all in my power, saving always no violence - the use of which would be counter-productive in a war between one and illions...this is seditious talk, and these papers which i leave with the court " (hereat handing a brown-paper bag with scriptures on the bench near the clerk of the court) "as evidence against me" something like that - i don't recall exactly, and i doubt if anyone of those electrified by this turn of events does - then i turned to slowlt depart, and found a garda at my elbow, to help me go. "sir" i said, and took my leave, quipping with the garda on the door "we all have to do what we have to do", to which he found it ok to assent in fraternal understanding.

judgment of obol "Judge and entire court GUILTY compounded
in corruption, self-serving corruption "

Tuesday, March 21

evidence for this Tuesday morning; your ref 994 |1| 2006


Dear Orlagh Flood:

"Pageant Asphodel was officially announced in the Dunlavin Courthouse
in County Wicklow 25th May ad 2004 as the opening event at a District
Court session, and considerable information was then accepted by the District
Court Clerk (Naas Courthouse), and has been supplemented since. The
Garda Station in the local town of Baltinglass has much information also, as
has the Church of Ireland Rector in Donard."

Quoted from My intervention on that
occasion had the Judge's permission.

I mention this to save you from silly error, especially as you have
been absent from your office the past few days. The opening paragraphs of
that web-site make the gravity and intelligence of my stand perfectly clear.
How my fellows have managed to ignore them all this time puzzles me. My
predecessor talked of people "having ears but hearing not": one does
not hear what one cannot conceive.

There has to be an end to that denial one day, I sincerely hope it may
be this day - bringing glory to Baltinglass and all concerned. The best
thing, as I have said, would be, after preliminaries, for the presiding Judge
to stand down and invite me to take his place. Then the healing will

I trust you do not suffer too much under the invidiousness of the
position I put you in. After 28 years I understand it only too well.

With all good wishes, yours sincerely,

Hugh of Knockandarragh, surnamed Sacker, aka Obol,
Co. Wicklow 045.404049

JDminus1 sentencing fears your ref 994/1/2006

i do not fear any sentence the Judge may impose. he is not able to
have me crucified , as Pilate did my predecessor and prototype. at worst,
i could be beaten up in custody (to teach me a lesson) . it happened
once before, when i was 14, but i was caught unawares then. of the slight
risk this time (for i have given offence to at least one garda in
Baltinglass), i have informed councillor Tommy Cullen, for what that's worth. It
would anyway be extremely cowardly of me to knuckle down for fear of this.
(my children are not happy about tomoprrow...) i am also mentioning the
risk here (there is no power without corruption) .

much of my correspondence with you, director, has been emailed by me
widely, as you know, and much is being put on my web-site, if my
daughter Laotse succeeds in this. the public record of the entire incident
should be interesting - for generations to come.

"god save all here" hugh/obol

Monday, March 20

Subject: Re: eccentric ?

i expect it would be classified as messiah would be classified as messianic complex . these classifications, in a case which breaks the mould, help people locate in their minds an area for approaching the break, but also tend to entrap.

----- Original Message -----
From: gillies macbain

On 17 Mar 2006, at 10:03, Obol wrote:

i do not deny the possibility

is that called 'agnostic' . . .?

"it is possible...that this phenomenon of intelligent love will suddenly, and soon, overcome our entire species.....

why witter on ? why not just shut up and let it happen ?
do you think your personl ramblings will make the
cosmos evolve any faster ? obol is your god. so i
suppose you are not technically an atheist. just in
thrall to a small demon. any mediaeval churchman
could have enlightened the sergeant as to your


gillies macbain
also readable at :

Orlagh Flood/DPP is out of the office

Sunday, March 19

Fw: 994/1/2006

as my message below refers to a historic appointment on the day
Orlagh Flood returns to her office , please refer same to either Helen Cullen or
Sarah Griffin in the Communications Unit, to further as thought fit. i
do what i can - as my granny said "do your best my boy, best can do no
i suggest whoever receives the message get in touch with the garda
super in Baltinglass , and take it fom there. (the entire government except
willie o'dea seems to be absent on the occasion of this "coup d'etat" -
according to miriam lord anyway !) ~ hugh sacker

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sacker"
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006 10:19 AM
Subject: 994/1/2006

dear director,

may i remind you that you have a personal
appointment in Baltinglass this Tuesday 21st March ad 2006 at 11.30 am ?
i have requested the garda superintendant there to liaise with you, so that this historic ceremony goes off smoothly.

he has long had instructions concerning my
family security afterwards, as also concerning the general tasks of his

with all good wishes, yours sincerely ,

baltinglass court 21 march, ref 994/1/2006


"as the prosecution knows, judge, i am claiming immunity to the laws
of the land, as the promised re-incarnation of christ. i am perfectly
sane, rational and intelligent, and have 28 years accumulated evidence to
substantiate my claim."

beliefs of the founder of obolworld

the afterlife begins here and now

we are the afterlife of the species

this planet is heaven (on earth)

renamed for the duration PLANET ASPHODEL


an essential stage in our transformation

our way of life hitherto has been insane, unhealthy

we were criminal lunatics, the inmates running the asylum

now, ceasing to judge one another, we discover our common collusion in

having been in darkness, we now live in light

recognising that this blessed transformation happened to us

it is not of our making


Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo....eccentric ?

the power of an idea in people's heads is well-known. i have evidence for this one : when arrested by our good sargeant o'sullivan (the same who helped consign you gillies, to newcastle) in dunlavin late november ad 1978, he enquired if i had anything to say. "i appeal to jesus" was my reply, which took him aback for a moment, but was duly written down. subsequently he and garda quigley (who lives to tell his tale) conspired to halt the hearing (from mountjoy) in naas, the judge was taken aback and the sarge came forward and spoke to the clerk, who spoke to the judge, who enquired if i wished the case to be dismissed at that point. (he had been caught out, and it had been brought home to him) i replied that i wished it to go ahead , and was found technically guilty but let off , with notice to probation officer to contact me and see if he could help with my difficulties. outside the court-room the superintendant from baltinglass, who had come for the case , shook my hand, and o'sullivan drove me back, enquiring conditions in the gaol. (ok i said except too cold,,,,he didn't like that. ) after that my family survived against local hostility with the protection of the gardai.

i have ever since treated the district gardai with especial respect (except when the rural policing system was changed and both o's and quigley prematurely took some time for the dust to settle, and alma was dying just then), as i have often written to them, including in the present issue. without them my family and i would have been driven out of here. i'm grateful to welfare, too....astonishingly tolerant and helpful, in my experience.

nor does not calling myself a theist make me an atheist. ( i do not deny the possibility of a loving divinity, as you can read on my web-site para 9, reprinted below). this is the sort of trap you regularly claim i fall into. silly. your other points i register as points you make . (i'm grateful for all replies, as they stimulate me.....Stephen plays a similar role on the spot) as ever ~ hugh

obolworld.blogspot para 9 :- "it is possible...that this phenomenon of intelligent love will suddenly, and soon, overcome our entire may be that then we shall be convinced that an "extra-cosmic" Intelligent Love exists to which the intelligent love in us responds, as the mystics more or less everywhere relate........buT i doubt very much whether this belief, or any other, can profitably be maintained before the transcendence i (have experienced and) imagine. that transcendence is reported by mystics, and experienced by me as requiring the loss of attachment to all previous vaues: A STATE OF TOTAL DESPAIR, ACCEPTED AS THE END-STATE OF HUMAN VANITY. "

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From: gillies macbain
To: Sacker
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo

ecentric decision for an atheist . . .

On 16 Mar 2006, at 07:49, Sacker wrote:

i put my trust, as i have done before, in the power of christ jesus in their heads......hugh


gillies macbain
also readable at :

on st patrick's day ad 2006

Complex Automats

that's what we are.

in our heads, as we come to associate fully and freely in peace, is an
amazing understanding of our cosmos and our planet.

an introduction to this state of affairs can be found on my web-site

(somewhat overheated in parts, but compiled under stress in difficult

i myself am freely available (law of the land permitting) to considerate enquirers any time in the next 12 months.

Baltinglass Tuesday 21st

the Romance of Christ

I mis-dated my last email : yesterday was 5 days before JD, not six.
In bed overnight ( i slept well) the following words occurred to me, and
were jotted down on a little bedside note-pad one of my children gave me : i put/ represent/ embody/ articulate the Proposition of Christ , "back on earth".
my standing alone proves what ...?

i would just add that i am completely rational , and both sane and
intelligent , and have innumerable writings on paper and computer
revealing the development of my present position. i do not myself
believe (or not believe) in the supernatural; it is an irrelevance to the
species-wide transformation i am promoting.

Hugh Sacker (obol)
JD minus 4 , being St Patrick's Day ad 2006/eo29th
Knockandarragh, Donard, Co. Wicklow 045 404049

judgment day minus six

"i'm sorry, judge, but , as the state's public prosecutor and the
district garda superintendant know, i don't believe in the laws of nations, and
am (like my predecessor christ jesus) not going to defend myself in their
terms. you have the power to free or imprison me, to have me
examined by a psychiatrist - or to change places with me. it is all one to

Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo

mind you,. if Bush had the power - and he nearly has, rendition and all - of Caesar and Ahern were his administrator here , as Pilate was, my sedition might lead to a grisly end. perhaps it still will, i put my trust, as i have done before, in the power of christ jesus in their heads......hugh

Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo

possibly i did not make it clear that i am up before the district court that day - in their understanding, so there will be some "concerned" with me. i have been busy challenging the prosecution case , so that they know exactly what to deal with. how it will go, remains to be seen. will i in the event refuse to plead, refuse legal aid, admit the power of the judge, but deny the right , maintain that there is another way , claim to be a fully rational and sane incarnation of christ , who knows ? god ? ~ hugh

Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo

alas, and in the prototype even the disciples fell asleep, afterwards the women wept, and then another church developed. but death is not yet predictable for me. ~ hugh

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From: gillies macbain
To: Sacker
Cc: chomsky@MIT.EDU ; Dave & Lyn ; Laotse Sacker ; Ooi Kee Beng ; ;

Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 6:32 PM
Subject: Re: change-over ceremony ad/eo

On 15 Mar 2006, at 01:37, Sacker wrote:

to all concerned

i don't see anyone particularly concerned.


gillies macbain
also readable at :

Saturday, March 18

individual responsibility


"It could be argued that the notion of responsibility is
always a kind of convenient fiction we adopt to make the world manageable.
Human actions may appear and feel free, but they are just as much the
result of blind forces of nature as rising tides and falling leaves. That
may be true, but as the late philosopher Pete Strawson emphasised, human
life is not possible unless we treat people as though they were free and
responsible for what they do. .... Like so much of life, what is not
ultimately fair or philosophically defensible is sometimes nevertheless
(Thus Julian Baggini in The Guardian, G2, page 25, 14.03.06)

With respect, this seems to me about as dangerous
double-think as it is possible to meet.: "keep the truth from the people, it's best for them - or at least for us". What Julian Baggini implies is, that
if we are to continue our present ways, we must do so because we cannot
conceive differently, even if logic and equity are against us. But we can.
Clearly if we accept , truly accept, the possibility that we are "automatic", like
everything else in nature - and not to do so suggests our usual sin
of hubris, blindness in own case - then everything changes.....and
changes in accordance with the laws and logic of ever-unfolding nature.
Would this necessarily be so bad ? If we are not responsible for our thoughts,
emotions and acts, then we can only feel compassion for one another
in our various confusions. Should we find that we then as a species accept
that violence between one another is completely unacceptable, as i
imagine we shall, we may find living in accordance with our best understanding is the key to happiness on earth, and our re-union in the womb of nature.

I have for over 25 years contended that our species is at this
present time living through its central age-change. After discovering more or less how everything works and instituting a system of global intercom, we only have to come to our senses, to enter our mature, optimal form.
Losing our illusion of independence, we gain togetherness in admiring
the wonder of the whole, which a united global mentality operating in
the heads of countless individuals all with differing experience and expertise
may understand far better than at present.

Of course, as bad news sells better than good, and the
supervisers of the present order fancy their privileges, it is difficult to
arouse public interest in such a great change - yet great longing is
expressed for some such in many and various places every day. It may be
scheduled by blind nature to surprise us - enjoyably.

change-over ceremony ad/eo

this ceremony is now scheduled for the coming tuesday 21st march
2006/29th, as the double reference may best be stylised. in my local
town Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, in the courthouse (newly appointed inside ?
not seen the inside yet) fronted by the statue of our local historic
freedom fighter. The appointed judge will step down in favour of myself, as
i hear the director of public prosecutions defend his office against my
charges. then i shall dismiss all charges not involving violence or the threat
of violence. to all concerned i shall then state that i will no longer
tolerate personal phyaicaL VIOLENCE BEING PERPETRATED UNDER ANY EXCUSE OR AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER ever on earth now and for evermore. this is my immediate concern, and i propose to patrol the earth for the coming 12 months to check that my absolute law is being observed everywhere.

anyone at all may question me peacefully at any time, given normal
consideration for my health, etc. after 12 months i wish to be left
in never-noticed retirement for the rest of hugh's born days.

signed OBOL christ-buddha
incarnate, around whom the species now transforms.. thank you, thank you

no fuss please the less fuss the better there has been too much
fuss on earth from the unruly human species for a long enough time now

reform reform now do not allow anyone to abuse anyone
ever in your sphere of existence nor any other animal nor any other
species nor let us aim at no abuse very soon zero abuse by common
consent our second species requirement for an earthly chance of
peace and happiness while the system supports our species on our planet
let us stop mucking it up for our selves no privileged individuals or
groups of same. no self-indulgence simple and straight we enforce it
by example above all by doing it anyone can do it publicly now
in my name

do you understand the trick yet ? oh ye of little faith
love me i love you ~hugh

Wednesday, March 15

similarly; wrist 2

similarly, a long-time crucial issue for me has been: is our species in every aspect part and parcel of ....nature, or are we, as we have tended to suppose, somehow separate? if we are part and parcel, as i myself suppose, then our "hubris", "self-idolatry" etc is subordinate to the whole, as is our present tendency to outgrow this. what i suppose is that, having been through some sort of educative process, naturally, in the "order of things", we are now being re-integrated in our own understanding - or, "our own understanding is now being

there is nothing to regret, and only a little care to show, as in the case of my wrist. nor is it particularly difficult for each one of us to play our part....we shall do so willynilly, and as we come to realise this, we shall be happily caught up in the healing. all i have been programmed to do is think out how the problems our lot might see can resolve if realisation spreads fast globally and catches on. the more discussion occurs, the less maniacal my position and mind....



Josh Lacey writes of "American exceptionalists" "who believe
that the U.S. is above all rules and beyond all laws", and Steven Poole states that "Washington does not insist on the rule of law even on its home soil ; the current administration is quite explicit in its view that the law cannot bind the president's actions " (both, Review Saturday 11. 03. 06, page 9).

I would just point out that we belong to a species which as a whole regards itself as exceptional, all others being subordinate, and that each one of us tends to individual exceptionalism, either excusing or accusing own deeds quite differently from others'.

Surely we have here the familiar human curse of hubris - the same that makes us insist on our exceptional free-will, even though science and reason suggest every single item in the cosmos, however intricate, is subject to the infinite logic of the whole, and so "automatic".

In my view, when we accept this probability, losing our self-regard in the wonder of the whole , we shall discover universal forgiveness and compassion, leading to species-wide healing, and re-union with the rest of nature.....may be exactly what is needed at the present time.

Monday, March 13


i have nothing new to say, but i'm interested in verbal and non-verbal
knowing, because "understanding" has seemed to me the one thing our
species has acquired, particularly in the past pretty disastrous century, and
i have slightly weak wrists and knees now, such that one or other
occasionally gives indication that it's over-strained, and then i
nurse it a bit, and carry on.... today, for instance, i'm nursing my
left wrist, which can do most things but not some. just what these are, i
don't know, but provided i don't rush things, it does, and avoids them.

this is of course a common experience, but perhaps a case in point.
my interest in reporting this to you is, of course, in "caretaking"
....e.g. shall the planet this time avoid the disaster of a species pushing
things too far, because we are aware of the risk ? by analogy with my
wrist, awareness, and some degree of consideration may be all that is required
, generally.....but a change of priorities , from us first (self-love,
self-idolatry) to it (her) first (other-love, worship of the wonder
of it all) is the essence of the "great change" i'm on about.........just
trying to bring it home to others that we can, now, and might immediately
begin to witness healing. i'm more interested in what you and i have here,
discussing the issue, than in my self-projection as obol, though
willing to pay that price if required. to rule out obolworld and pageant
asphodel seems silly to me.

re: her

it is possible we are programmed to discover what is happening to and in this extent: experiencing a tiny localised cosmic ripple, precipitating a local ( paradise....and it is possible this is not so.....if it is so, it is possible i have been programmed as the focal point just now....and it is possible that is a delusion of mine.

more on change

it seems fairly certain that a huge meteorite hit the earth a long time
ago, raising dust which swept round the globe, perhaps ending the reign of
the dynosaurs....catastrophe. and it's fairly certain that we are agents
of the annihilation or at least decimation of large numbers of species
even now. from this latter point of view, and all the trouble our
apparent hubris is causing life on earth, the great change i talk about is a
reduction in change, a slight reversal of a catastrophic tendency.
it's "only" a change in the minds and actions of one species, under changed
conditions, - and surely such changes are commonplace in life on earth.
nevertheless, it's too great a change for other people to contemplate
easily beforehand. in the event little more than a cooling off.

rates of change

you are wary of an imminent "great change" because you hold that change
is continuous......on which everyone is agreed. but, strange to say, my
ideas are no more random, loose than yours. i quote from Hutchins
encyclopedia on "catastrophe theory" (not necessarily right or wromg) :
"catastrophe theory" developed by Rene Thom 1972, in which he showed
that the growth of an organism proceeds by a series of gradual changes that
are triggered by, and in turn trigger, large-scale changes or "catastrophic"
jumps...."....perfectly reasonaBLE, I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT, CHANGE IS
CONTINUOUS BUT NOT STEADY....ANYWHERE? (caps again in error...i'm

anyway, a "great change" such as i see us as undergoing as a species
precisely now is no great change cosmically, and not so great even
compared with what we know about the history of planet or our
species....? the working of metals, Bronze Age, etc.....i
see it in that sequence, only suddener because of our globalisation, etc.
also it will take generations to work through "on the ground"

on leaving hell

... and after waking this morning, before rising, it occurred to me so
clearly : as we transform, it will be obvious to us that we've been living in
hell (on earth), and all the behaviour is just the physiognomy of hell,
now left for ever.....details trivial, though each of us has our longer obsessing us, our minds now occupied with the
paradise apparent.

Wednesday, March 8

still on compassion

a bunch of thoughts came to me after going to bed last night, following on
what i've been saying about compassion.

there is all the difference between compassion in a compassionate society,
and compassion in a non-compassionate one. in a compassionate society
(where the free-floating i is there from birth to death ; no fear, total
awareness), compassion is normal, automatic, taken for granted, cost-free:
i myself experienced it in oluvilei, the trobriand village i stayed in (and
where they invited me to stay "for ever", but i was not ready - and also
conscious of the need to bring my knowledge back where it was needed (and
their way of life was threatened ours).

but in our society, where fear reigns and all look to self and own-group for
survival in a dangerous whole, the exercise of true compassion (as i
understand it) is extremely dangerous and brave (considered foolhardy by the
generality). the visitor's freefloating i loses its freedom in the cell
of the prisoner. there is no safety clause, no guarantee of a way back.
that is the real thing (christ on the cross, common fate with the
reprobates rather than the self-righteous). the philosophy is "so long as
anyone is in hell, i will be too" (cf Gandhi's loin-cloth : he was happy
to dress better as soon as everyone else could ).

only 100% compassion changes the world, anything less may alleviate
locally, but has no general effect - except perhaps to help a general
smugness that "our" society includes such remarkabe examples of
self-sacrificing humanity - which is what "charity" does, until we
discover how self-serving it is, and defensively abandon even that -
for self-defence. Francis of Assisi is the best-known example in westen
history, hypocritically claimed by MargaretThatcher as an example, when she
became British Prime Minster and pursued exactly the opposite policies to

life on a different level of being is what i have in mind. after a
start (and i do not know how that happens, it remains to be seen), i
anticipate a chain-reaction....for a fear-operating society has no way of
dealing with non-violent fearlessness. from a christian point of view, i
hold that all the time between the crucifixion and the envisaged
transformation is the second "Day", when christ is in hell : the
"Resurrection" occurs when our entire surviving species is willy-nilly
caught up in true compassion. may it be soon !


do you think "she", whoever, knows what she is doing ? i have surmised
(boldly) that she does whatever and that it hangs together, but that she may
only know - in the sense we use the word - in the heads of humans in
their mature stage. it is still her knowledge. "the cosmos understands
itself in us" does not imply it's our doing. i also surmise that we may be
better equipped to deal with the problem of reciprocity , between in us and
beyond , after we are mature. our linguistic usage forces a gender
distinction on us -it/he/she - though not with thou/you - (the plural form
of address originated with hierarchic distinction, and like sitting on
chairs, lying in raised beds, has become general in english as we know it,
and we are all "apart" from one another, differing even in how to talk of

there is also the problem of engaging the minds of others "alternatively":
one has to engage them where they are - and by deduction we ourselves only
engage where we are ... but the aspiration of all somewhere other than the
prevailing confusion and hubris is real, and crucial for me.

sixth sense?

yes, i do mean something like we have outdone ourselves and lost what we had on the day, though i would describe it as natural goodness, the habit of living together and in harmony with our environment, simply, etc, rather than a sixth sense.

perhaps 35 years ago i spent 12 days in a trobriand village, which was
idyllic and proved to me that humans can live idyllically. peace from
outsiders was at that time guaranteed for them by "us" (it's been given
away since), but had previously been managed by sociable exchanges with
neighbours (see the first professional social anthropologist G. Malinowski,
Argonauts of the South Seas, 1920s). i was like a weird ape to them (as
elsewhere in my travels), and was given an open central store-hut to sleep
in. the odd thing was., if i wanted in the afternoon, say, to lie down, as
i went to my hut, they all ceased to notice me...until i stirred again,
showed uncertainty as to what to do. then seemingly any one of them would
notice , come across and draw me back into society. i was utterly
conspicuous and totally unembarrassed. always. (well, i have stories,
but...) they were the same with children, never a trouble in any way. when
i left, i wept, it was like leaving the womb again, and i thought, if i
ever get cancer, i'd wish to return here to die.

but, well adjusted like they were, they'd nevver probe to discover the
secrets of IT ALL. Only people out of harmony would/could do that. Now
it's time (and i believe opportunity) to return to that harmony. we need
the IDEA, the realisation of how it would make sense of IT ALL - for us -
and guide-lines of how to behave, and some project for the change-over.
Those are the sort of things i've been working on for 28+ years.

as i see it, we would then realise we actually have always been doing what
we had to do to fulfil the cosmic conception we have....being ourselves the
intelligent caretakers of this extraordinary planet, understanding ever
more pefectly both how it all works and what a wonder it is.......more
marvellous than anything anyone has ever conceived, heaven on earth. (it
doesn't prove or disprove "intelligent design", but it reveals design with
intelligence located in our heads)

Just at the moment the "world" as it is presses on this family here,
squeezing get blood out of a stone? Odd that at the same moment i
should be articulating to, and with, you the "solution" to all such
problems - but i doubt whether anyone free of such experience could
understand... thank you for being there

compassion and the free-floating i

well, i woke up in the night, as often happens....with far-out thoughts, and made a note or two, but can't see it all so purely in the complexity of day.

i've long held that the essential mental difference between our present-day mentality and the alternative my particular i now believes in is, that in the one the i is trapped by fear from childhood reinforced by all around inside the ideas in the head... one has to defend oneself, look after number one, or go under. whereas in the alternative state of affairs, as existed in the trobriand islands for instance and as i believe must have existed in all christ figures etc, the i floats free, buoyant because in a good society each individual's every-moment welfare is the concern of all, and each individual grows automatically to cooperate in this state of affairs. then the general state imay be described as compassionate, but easily, freely so. so i get the adage "the fee-floating i is
essential for compassion": such an i has no particular attachment to, concern for
the individual in whose head it exists, but an automatic attachment to the virtues of for example pll, lg, ic, but all the true is always unoccupied, free to react, drawing on the experience in its stored experience and this store is its own store, but in unison with the stores in the other heads it meets. wisdom reigns.

as we, in ones and twos, and then more and more, appreciate the true nature of humanity at its best we liberate one another....and by so doing liberate ourselves. it's a process that is tough early on, but gets lighter and lighter as it spreads. of course this is all on the assumption that now is the time for this to happen globally, species-wise, but i have little doubt of's possible, desperately needed and fulfilling, and it joins up all the individual goodnesses struggling in a bad set-up ....which however had its raison d'etre.

the prisoner trapped in the unique cage of the socialised mind experiences ompassion for the compassionate visitor who surrenders own freedom to be lost in the sufferer's cage and maybe helps the new sufferer, thus releasing both. what do you think?

rights and principles

i'm not happy about "rights" at all....they are something won
from authority, or enforced by coercive law. i prefer "principles"
(guide-lines ?), that would go along with a sane and non-violent society. e.g. "no
one to have any more authority than anyone else".......for it seems to me a
fundamental error of our day that very inadequate individuals such as
Bush or Blair (etc) have a ridiculous amount of authority and continually
err....this survives from the days of absolute conquest, where a conqueror
had absolute say, and divided it among his followers, who then had to
strike terms with the conquered...if these were to work for them....they (we) gradually won "rights", which are even today in jeopardy, and were
never equality.

Thursday, March 2

weakness of democracies

what i have been describing may well depend on the inability of
"democracies" to proceed effectively against individuals who break free
AND operate pll lg ic (are clearly harmless and well-intentioned, and
appreciate the dilemma of their would-be persecutors, and are unattached to their
social position, though shunning pain), cf. perhaps Mandela (and contrast
with the legendary Jesus of Nazareth, whose crucifixion may have
influenced this "weakness" of democracies..."christian" democracies, in many
My personal history these 28 years supports this idea.
sorry i run on like this, thoughts come....

ending fear

in the individual case, compassion removes fear: this seems to require the compassionate to lose her/his self in the prison of the fear-filled.....a brave thing to does not wish it....but it is liable to happen (but institutionally verboten). then both are trapped, it is frightening, for the compassionate, though togetherness registers) but the compassionate mind is only visiting that cell, and discovers the door is open....eventually (there is an interval, in my limited experience) both are free. love wins out.
i suspect there is no other way, but it could catch on, like an epidemic....especially if (as has never yet been the case) a prospect opens of general peace & sanity, etc.
religions have perhaps always had pll lg ic at heart, but circumstances have led to the tribes concerned vitiating them, leaving the divided faiths we know. but pll lg ic is hopefully species-wide (i have travelled with all sorts)