Friday, March 31

noel's dad

his mother, mrs (kathleen, cathy) grace, once confessed to me that her
eldest son noel was a "virgin birth"....her husband jim had believed
this till lately, when a disturbing knowingness had manifested in him. i
persuaded her to visit prof jocelyn otway-ruthven in trinity, and tell
the meeting took place, but not the confession...according to the ot's
confidant david little mrs g admired the ot's shoes, and enquired where
from.............she was i believe convent reared, and we now know
more about that. she was strict with her 5 sons, presumably spoiling
all with the rod.
at this stage all 5 still unmarried more or less at home,
and seamus the inheritor of the farm looks terrible, with leukemia ?
undergoing ghastly treatment to extend life don't we need more
personal family unravelling , rather than the scape-goating of a few
abusers? it was (and is) an abusive society, and nearly all
presently reigning in ireland perhaps suffered at the hands of rod-wielders.
(my good fortune: my aunt was against it)


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