Friday, March 31

judge james mcdonnell c/o cloverhill prison

well, that's what he needs, a dose inside. he's no idea what's what, trying to distinguish friends from enemies, when they're all one, so far as he can tell. (i'm an enemy of the system, a friend of the people...). sending my daughter Kali Sacker off to that disillusioned half-wit Mohan in 9 Usher's Island, to decide if she's ok, fit to drive, etc in 20 minutes. anyone who knows her and has experience could tell him, but they're (we're) all suspect to mcdonnell. besides which, in today's poisonous media atmosphere, no one dare pronounce anyone sane - for fear of an " accident", and loss of job. and that goes for mcdonnell himself.

what in the event did happen was that i, at 80 (without licence, insurance
for decades now...), drove Kali and babe in, and later out of central dublin
from 30+ miles away, in today's hideous traffic, and held the babe while
mohan drivelled time away, asking the same questions, not to catch out, no, because he wasn't all there. eventually he decided he'd better contact dr murphy, the discredited quack who had her before (and did good in emergency...), presumaBLY TO GET AGREEMENT THAT THERE SEEMS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. BUT...BUT...BUT and so i was exhausted as i seldom am nowadays, and still could not go for my full morning walk today, with my daughter Impi, becaUSE I'M SO TIRED. thank you judge, you're doing a fine job, but prison for a while is your sentence from ....the living
christ obol


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