Thursday, March 30


i think he must have struck that deal from the start : " i control your lab's finances, your other departments pay us for what we do for them.......i intend to run it at a profit, including financing my life-style among the barons of continental industrial chemists; those are my terms." and he got all he asked for, and till after the Hitler war, he was worth every penny of it....his fellow directors of "the family" were living like millionaires , as my aunt related : they could have mixed more wih the family at week-ends etc in the country, but they could not afford the stakes gambled for. (he was no mean gambler....all his life)... and then once, after the war, he had volunteered income-cuts like the rest - but for god's sake, income from salary was but a fraction of the income of the owning family members - he had to appeal for a raise.. the lyons he had joined was killed by hitler.

i was wonderfully reared by both your parents, John, and by seeking to know them better, i express and deepen my continuing regard (there are some i hope to be spared "knowing better" !!)

as ever


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