Thursday, March 30

5th april baltinglass CONSEQUENCES

so used have we become to the chains of power and money that we cannot imagine life without them, and do all we can to preserve them........but it is my job to free you all from the chains of power and money. can you for one moment imagine being free to do what seems best, what seems called for, at each and every moment, without ever having to think that you might be punished for it,, ,,,, ,, or how it effects the cash you have in your pocket ??? this is what is going to be the situation from the moment YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM SAYING, which i have scheduled provisionally for the baltinglass court on 5th april coming. i do not deal in physical coercion. no one in my system does. you have to abandon it, and everyone else has to too. the use of money then collapses automatically. unenforced, the tokens we attribute so much meaning to lose all meaning....child's toys. world-wide. then from that moment, with the cameras of the world on us, i lead the peoples of the earth into our earthly paradise.....none too soon for the way we are going society is breaking down and so are those precise systems of planetary control on which we depend for our survival. the FACT THAT YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE THAT THIS CHANGE COULD BE INAUGURATED, AND SPREAD ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY JUST LIKE THAT is the only fact hindering us at this moment. i will return to the theme as soon as i am free. i have a busy family life, with visitors expected today.

god bless all here
hugh (sacker) of knockandarragh

everyone equal even in a garda station. violence alone restricted.
everything open. no secrets. no wickedness. a living fantasy. a
fantasy come alive. christ back on earth. christ buddha. bringing
peace and logic and love to all humankind.


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