Wednesday, March 29

994/1/2006 breaking the mould

march 23

dear DPP,
my son and my friend (came early this morning after working till 2.30 am , to drive me to court) think i'm risking gaol for contempt,working over to teach me a lesson in the local station, and then, when i refuse to pay up, seizure of roperty.....that is where intimidation has got us, that is why no one supports me, that is no different, except in finesse, from the straightforward intimidation of the peoples of the roman empire 2000 years ago. And that is undoubtedly how President Bush sees it, "for the good of all", and how (as conor cruise o.brien tells us in his old man's worldly-wise way) any irish government will see it.

and so the intimidation will go on for ever...well, actually not for very long, for if we don't break the mould ....of rival power groups, rising and falling, quarrelling, fighting with ever cunninger weaponry, while the environment destroys a species that promised so well - but alas couldn't in the end get its act together, couldn't alter its ways, even when all wise and thinking people could..... see how stupid it have discovered the secrets of nature, and be unable to unite in peace and face the common problems together.

only the end of power can resolve our problems. only if talk prevails over force do we have a hope. yet the public of this country will not allow me to talk openly in the media and with those in power, even though i am totally peaceful, and even though my ideas are in print and on the web.

instead what happens is that the authorities wait till they catch me out, and then son and friend warn me as above. shame, shame, shame !

wisdom, not custom is needed now. hope, not despair. a velvet revolution, not more beating up. i do not have any idea what sort of a person you, ORLAGH FLOOD, are, i had never knowingly heard your name till the other day in an email from your office. have you read Kafka? this is your one and only chance to walk through the gate his poor anti-hero never does, to win fame and glory despite your self - you probably never sought it - ........but it does not matter essentially, for i am the one who will persist until the moment, today or some other day when the chain of sin and error snaps, and our species walks free and true , and united within itself and with all of nature, with "god". i did not choose this, it happened to me : i pray it may now happen to you.

"in god" - where we all always inevitably are, as we approach our
fulfilment as a sapient species in the earthly paradise, yours


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