Tuesday, March 28

Fw: courthouse baltinglass 5th april ARRANGEMENTS

Orlagh Flood, as christ regnant on earth, which i hereby rename
planet asphodel , i in the person of hugh (sacker) of knockandarragh, in the glen imaal, which is hereby renamed obol's glen , do summon thee on thy knees to appear before me for one exceptional time, to apologise for neglecting my previous summons , and be banished from my sight - i mean from hugh's physical sight not from the sight of god, in which we always partake so long as we have mortal forms - belief in an afterlife is neither here nor there to me -- be banished from hugh's presence so long as he lives.

guide lines for your future are as follows :----

peace (ie no physical violence, or behaviour to incite it) logic (ie reason, common-sense etc dialogue between equals,, and we are all equal in actual fact and life-style in my era, ,, which for your registration purposes i call OBOLWORLD , which is every human soul's dream world in flesh and blood, in cosmic time...........you have to believe me for a while,,,,,,within one year ye will believe your own minds and experience. then i disappear from view, hopefully in fleshly form more or less for ever......christ incarnate in everyone living on earth this is the world i introduce.......ladies and gentlemen, children and old-folks.,,,,,,,i come to you all. you are not able to resist my coming from this point on

i have foreshadowed it....take it gently.....let's talk simply in
and around my home

sooner the better nice day today obol/hugh 045 4040409


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no chance, sucker -
i am still in total control.

yrs etc.


1:36 p.m., March 29, 2006  

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