Tuesday, March 21

JDminus1 sentencing fears your ref 994/1/2006

i do not fear any sentence the Judge may impose. he is not able to
have me crucified , as Pilate did my predecessor and prototype. at worst,
i could be beaten up in custody (to teach me a lesson) . it happened
once before, when i was 14, but i was caught unawares then. of the slight
risk this time (for i have given offence to at least one garda in
Baltinglass), i have informed councillor Tommy Cullen, for what that's worth. It
would anyway be extremely cowardly of me to knuckle down for fear of this.
(my children are not happy about tomoprrow...) i am also mentioning the
risk here (there is no power without corruption) .

much of my correspondence with you, director, has been emailed by me
widely, as you know, and much is being put on my web-site, if my
daughter Laotse succeeds in this. the public record of the entire incident
should be interesting - for generations to come.

"god save all here" hugh/obol


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