Tuesday, March 28

TRANSFERENCE OF AUTHORITY 1. Baltinglass 5th April ad 2006/eo 29th

we have to discuss principles and practices. till your representatives come here - today, hopefully, the local super to the fore - to discuss these things with me, i am compelled to propagate my suggestions this way. common understandings will be best when ever.

the court will open with my case. no point in considering others before, since the jurisdiction is changed - ever since i announced my christhood towards the end of the Court tuesday 21st march recently. money and power cease to have any meaning with my return to earth and PUBLIC RECOGNITION.. physical violence to compel others is not tolerated - except where necessary to keep the peace. we all , everyone of us, count as one, inviolable, unless physically threatening, when all sane able-bodied people conspire to render the situation harmless, all concerned (everyone on arth) safe and secure. the violent may be restrained, confined where necessary, but never secretly so, never more than necessary, etc. it will work well.

the constitution-of-ireland judge will take his place as previously, the case will be called, and hopefully Orlagh Flood will then rise, and withdraw all proceedings against me, and will then kneel before me, in token of submission to OBOLWORLD , and NO COERCION and the new global guidelines PLL LG IC. Then the judge will yield the chair of the assembly to me, and an OPEN COURT WILL ENSUE.

After the court, i shall retire briefly to the neighbouring coffee-shop (where my family is slightly familiar - a very pleasant atmosphere, as in many places in Baltinglass), and then hopefully leave to visit my daughter Kali in nearby TINORAN , with her two lovely children Jay and Friya. And the global voluntary PAGEANT ASPHODEL will open, with Vanessa King Macfie travelling in the best carriage as far as Annalecky Cross , a few miles along the Blessingtom road, where i shall join the procession. I cannot tell at this juncture what time-table we may set for this -- discussion is needed - on a national scale...and international. i have written to the american ambassador, whose duty it is to set his residence in the Park on fire at a global ceremony a week or two later. a symbol of submission,
that suffices.....all as simple and peaceful, and meaningful as possible keynotes for the future.

and now for a second cup of tea by the fire see you on 5th best
wishes to all obol/ hugh of knockandarragh AN END TO PREVARICATION NOW!!


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