Friday, March 31

end of compulsary schooling

compulsory schooling is meddling with the natural development of young minds, the minds of the future, at the whim of adults insanely screwed up by the minds of the past:- us ourselves. it does not exist in obolworld, where NO COERCION is the rule, for all ages and conditions of humans.

the 5th of april coming, when there is planned a ceremony in baltinglass district court to mark the global systemic change to NO COERCION, is hereby declared a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, and baltinglass on that day is in festival.

alma's children and mine have been reared in west wicklow free of compulsory schooling, whether in school or at home from birth to now. that is essentially what i left a good job for, and what alma died for. even after the family's appearance on KENNY LIVE autumn ad 1989, when i explained our system and my beliefs, we have been utterly disregarded by all and sundry, - except when caught out in a trivial contravention of the state laws, when we have been prosecuted but NEVER ALLOWED TO EXPLAIN OURSELVES. till 5th april coming , that is ; the tuning of the worms, world-wide.
(Pat Kenny on that occasion volunteered to have us back in a few years, to see how it turned out.......deaf to all reminders)

I expect visits from the gardai , to arrange all this amicably, soonest: it is the best news in the world

hugh sacker, knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


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