Friday, March 31

what are you on about, hugh?


Ann, people pay slight atention to me, as to others, and then ask me, not waiting for an answer. It's easy, by now at least, dealing with a christ whose story, recorded in a book hundreds and hundreds of years ago, one can either take or leave, and the takers excuse themselves for not living as that christ commanded....he'll forgive us, we're only human. but living with a living christ, who requests all people to change their ways, here and now, to give up physical coercion whether by state, parent, or anyone else, and live in love and not in fear. and who expounds exactly how to do this. and who has set an example by rearing 6 children outside the prevailing system of coercion. that's something else.

do you realise no one has ever investigated our rearing ways? Pat Kenny never followed up, no other media or official body could be persuaded to show interest in a system-breaking experiment, hardly any parent.

this morning, i remarked again to Kali , that Friya (born epiphany last,now nearly 3 months) has new difficulties being moved around, as she is getting recognition of familiar places and people ("oh, wot is that now ?"). Yes, Kali agreed, but she had it earlier at a deeper level, for instance in the early weeks resting long periods with grandad (me): Kali didn't think she'd have done that with just ayone. That's it, i said, - combining both "sub-conscious " and "conscious" level together seamlessly, that's another aspect of growing up that coercive intrusion, compulsory schooling etc., interferes with, destroys. so that in later years many are either struggling out of the unity of all
("entepreneurs" !!) or angrily fighting it ("criminals, young thugs"). WHY WON'T YOU AND YOU LISTEN TO ME?? (we didn't school ours)

my son and one friend accompanied me to baltinglass court last time, to hear me confess to the court that i am the living christ, come to judge and redeem our entire species- and therefore necessarily waging non-violent war against the state in all its forms, including this court - and walk away, ignored. WHO WILL COME 5TH APRIL TO SEE AND HEAR THE FOLLOW UP ??????? this is the issue for my acquaintance now......i am doing my bit, and shall as christ (who stood by the legendary jesus of nazareth at his trial? all disciples combined to desert, betray their leader, as the church has certainly done since Constantine's make-over, anyway; most people just waied to see, another minor folly)

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