Friday, September 22


Like it or not, my mind runs ever, but we don't now meet to exchange chat. I presume that that separation, like all else, is part of the pattern leading to the needed culmination.

The rule seems to be, that so long as one's mind supposes our thoughts, emotions, deeds etc are our own, our doing, - for good or ill - one c a n n o t experience the bliss of integration, union, harmony with the cosmos...the unio mystica of the saints . Disharmony is disruptive, even though it has its essential place in the pattern and logic of it all, - specifically in the creation (seen in a time-unrolling way) of the self-understanding of the cosmos, or if you like of understanding and appreciation of the cosmos existing in the body-minds of creatures on a particular planet in the cosmos. (Who then experience timelessly, without bonding to before and after: "eternity in time", from one point of view.) To appreciate the wondrous unity, and act and think and feel in such a way as to serve it, one has to lose the delusion of separateness, of free-will, of independence. Then it appears just how wonderful we are - like any other part, but special, possibly unique. - Without "us" the wonder of the whole is incomplete.

No individual can fix this change in the mind , but it can happen, and as you know, i am convinced it will "now" happen species-wide....That there is little sign of it generally beforehand , when everything seems to require and make it possible, is no reason for despair, but will underscore our utter dependence when and as it happens....."not of us, but of it". (I was of course brought up far more steeped in religious tradition than you, it only remained for it to be cleared of dross, integrated with the cosmos of science and scholarship, and feet on the ground. "It" is almost certainly


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