Tuesday, September 26

hell - or heaven - on earth

The story of our species to date is best regarded as a prolonged residence in hell on earth. Caught up in our own predicament, we have struggled to "conquer" the planet , indeed if possible the cosmos. and make it serve us. There have been exceptions to this norm, but increasingly as we learnt more and more, we have idolised ourselves. Seemingly masters of our destiny, responsible for our own fortune, we now wallow in awe-inspiring pyramids of power and money. Many if not most of us wish it were otherwise, but despair of an alternative, and are engrossed in making the best of our particular situations while we can. Doom is prophesied on all sides, and generally feared, however much denied. We no longer trust our leaders: hypocrites, seeking their own success.

In claiming to offer the one and only solution , to prophesy a transformation of the entire species, in the nick of time before we are finally engulfed by our own folly, I assert, like my predecessor Jesus of Nazareth, that we are destined to exist as wisdom incarnate, idolising not ourselves but the whole thing, of which we are but an integral part . We shall come to appreciate we live in a miracle not of our making, to regard every detail of it as sacred, the body of our god - whose self-understanding and self-appreciation are located in our maturity in us.

This is the alternative "way", the "tao" of the chinese, the "yoga" of the hindus, a way of humility, and compassion, and wisdom, that permits no deviation but rewards with bliss beyond present understanding. All peoples have knowledge of it, virtually no one treads it - because it has to be trodden by the entire species together for this present hell to transform into heaven, a sapient paradise very possibly unique in the cosmos. To change to it, together, we simply have to
institute universal peace - by practising NO Coercion under any circumstances except to prevent coercion (the only enforceable law, which within a generation would need no enforcing, become self-perpetuating), and cooperate with hope and goodwill. And this I believe to be our cosmic destiny, whether we know it or not.

During the 29 years I have been convinced of this and been ignored, I have worked out a simple set of guide-lines for starters. Fundamental are peace (no violence), logic (not the self-justifying sort the present Pope is feared to believe in, but that which seeks dialogue, reasonable agreement between diverse individuals and groups, all equal and free) , and love (goodwill to all and the whole). These three form a trinity, in that each is dependent on the other two, the logic being the logic of peace and love, etc).

Then in considering action, we should always, now that we know we share this finite planet between us, consider local and global aspects of our behaviour. And finally, in forming opinions, judgments (for we must always form our own judgments, but tentatively, learning all the time), we should always be impartial (seeking the good of the whole, not our own), and compassionate : for whatever apparent mistakes one or other of us falls in to, that is reality, part of the sacred whole, without which nothing is that is - but changing all the time - and improving unbelievably as we learn union.

I have grown old and frail in this conviction, this endeavour, and little acknowledged. I assert defiantly that it is not because my logic and wisdom are so much inferor to those of "the world" that you shun me, but because they are superior, and threaten if and when properly respected to shame and transform you : a shaming and transformation well and truly deserved and needed. The way my species presently behaves on earth is disgraceful almost beyond conception. Remember the admonitions of my predecessor (a man like myself; "divine" only in being right and having the courage to show the world how you treat the admonition of virtue), and apply them to yourselves. I have no more to say, and hope to stop broadcasting the seeds of my wisdom - a deplorable if necessary activity - and wait in peace and quiet for enquiry.

Let us draw a line in the sand, and rise to the occasion! It is unique.


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I hope you're still around. Peter

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