Tuesday, September 26

the divine present

Experiencing the wonder of the passing scene, whatever it is, however terrible or delightful from our personal point of view: this is the ever-changing face of our divinity, contemplate it, in the knowledge it is a construct of sub-atomic particles and energies. It is evidently not geared to the well-being of every human : to suggest that is human-centric, hubristic. To believe it is our job to meddle with it in order to make it more accomodating to us - a total misunderstanding. Our species has learnt the secrets of IT's structure by meddling self-centredly. Now we change. What IS is right because it IS. This is how it IS at each and every point of time and space, and it should be wondrous in our eyes: the very idea that understanding and appreciation of THIS can exist within it, in our heads and hearts - that is amazing. And it is possible. What is more, when we discover this wonder and acceptance in us, then we behave in a way that improves our situation - especially when we all do it, so that we are not in conflict with IT, but an appreciative part. When we as a species discover this truth, then in harmony with one another and with the cosmos, we cope with the passing natural phenomena of global warming etc far far better than seems at all likely to most people as I type - Doing what comes selflessly, living in the moment intelligently but without care for past and future , is the key to our future, a sapient paradise.

And the muslims are right : it is all determined - whether by an omnipotent living god, or by the logic of an omnipotent set of cosmic laws should not prove divisive. We all experience compassion, and the system proves compassionate. All peoples that on earth do dwell can share in this , perhaps greatest of wonders. The source of the wonder lies not in us, but in the Whole.


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