Thursday, August 24

the power of forgetting (Karen Armstrong)

Following Karen Armstrong's advice to empty the mind, maybe some individuals would even listen to me, i who preach a second Great Transformation, when other- and whole-love will , like a global tsunami, flood away our addiction to self-love , when we discover the wonder of that compassion which forgets self in identification with other , and peace and sanity descend upon our troubled and glorious species in a final sudden maturation. Some record of my thinking over the past year on principles and practice of this development are available to anyone interested on, but only in personal and then general dialogue can doubters' problems be settled. So far the media have shown no interest - too concerned perhaps with their own survival in a world of competing pyramids of power.

"spewing hate"

"i want" you, to realise your squeaky-cleanness and power (to show love and money) may have combined to make james , who is not squeaky=clean, nor has ample money enough of his own, trade on you, getting trapped in a web of deception that only you fully fail to accept. when you realise and accept this [possibility , both of you may attain a better understanding, and j. will lose the need to "control" his position at all times. i have no reason to doubt that both of you are , "underneath" , normally decent people, led astray by circumstances beyond your control , from birth.

i was involved in this by j. and j.' doctor (with j. in the room), and have investigated to find the truth. i am also motivated by my desire to see the world clean up, for the present and future of (it) all. outside investigators seldom diagnose what the insiders themselves believe. i make no claim to be squeaky-clean myself, but my commitment is not to be doubted.

i do not imagine for one moment that L. is perfect , but i naturally have her welfare at heart...along with that of everyone else. i may of course be mistaken, but my diagnosis would have to be taken seriously (not indignantly brushed aside) before anyone could know. i offer it as a considered help to those concerned, and the world at large.

i also , myself, take seriously my claims to be the pivot around which the world will turn.... and i have on occasion hoped marianne might investigate these , and thus help them be proved right or wrong. so long as they are ignored, the reluctance of the world to change may reasonably be suspected of being the obstacle to the salvation of the species. on the other hand, as you know, i regard every item as perfectly contributory , and the solution as bound to happen at the perfect moment, revealing all that went before as awesomly necessary.

i ask .above all, for l.'s forgiveness in following up the summons in the way seeming best to me....what else can one do?

i sincerely wish the best for everyone as ever

money and power

l.'s getting back in touch, much better. she says j. wonders if i'm after to all intents and purposes i have none since 28+ years ago, and wish none. (I've refused offer to pay my fine - and save me gaol. i welcome gaol..if that is what is on offer. i experience life under the laws of territorial protection racketeers as a far more demanding prison than life inside, for me today)

i'm against money and power. i preach and teach a world society without money, power or property. a selfless society where we all possess nothing but in love tend one another and the planet...raptured by the wonder of it all.

i war against selves, individual and group selves. they are my "personal" enemy. i praised your-self, teased your-self, and then broke with your-self. you probably interpret it differently. no matter. we don't have to bother about one another particularly....except as parents of two people involved with one another in a world of power and money.

i am more than fully occupied my grandson chose to spend the night with me alone last night....exhausting only because i'm old and slow by comparison. delightful.

j. is a game player. i think you're too serious...self-perfection is, as i said, the opposite of what i believe in - which is loss of self - which cannot cannot be effected by a self . it happens now and then - and will, i believe, happen to us all , the whole species, shortly. to further that is what i consider my particular "job". we shall see (proof of pudding...)

as ever and i'm so glad l.'s better. weight off my mind. (in a world of selves, one has to care for any more or less dependent selves while at the same time seeking the end of that world and of all selves less than the SELF of It All.) feel free to feel and think of me as it occurs to you no other way

my "job"

since late september ad 1977

i have had to protect my family's "selves" in a
world of selves ,

while at the same time warring against that world

and all "selves", though not the people with them.


Sat, 12 Aug 2006 20:53:58 +0100

suffering the same suffering as the other person, with the other person, but for different reason.... compassion. careless of self-security . unintentional . unintentional but accepting accepting

with luck both are released jews , muslims. christians , marxists even buddhists all the world ~ christ

fidel Socrates

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of one of the best books ever written (100 years of solitude) , has published an article in the Cuban newspaper Gramma, excerpted in today's excellent edition of the (London) Guardian. Final sentence of excerpt : "On seeing him overburdened with the weight of so many distant destinies, I asked him what it was that he most wished to do in the world, and he immediately answered me : "Stand on a corner."

i take off my hat to both of them and to the Guardian which today especially publishes also the o t h e r points of view.

doctor mundi

tired but happy

j. ' maculacy

j.' maculacy was concealed only from his mother, who did not want to know. an open and generous rogue, disturbed by his effect on my daughter.......well, i hope so......the possible alternative (which i have mentioned to his doctor in milltown malbay as possible) , that he is sufficiently sad to enjoy watching victims squirm and fail , is contemplatable, since the media turn up such cases daily sorely needing redemption

motivation of obol

one might say "for the sake of others i redeem you". or for the sake of life on earth or for christ's sake or for my own sake (to be let off in a year or so, and retire before physical death ?) or "because i do" : my slot in the cosmos - which cosmos i worship as divine (our divinity ,-whose articulations are deciphered sufficiently by now, revealing the infinite glory of the whole) which so orders things that i do what i do as you too with (as you will see) a divine outcome or i am mistaken so what?


you say you ask questions "like socrates" you really suppose your (socially very well-placed) position with regard to me (drop-out outlaw critic of society) resembles that of socrates (drop-out, evrentually outlawed critic of society) to the young cubs of his day ?? such confusion

Tuesday, August 22

drugs and money

it is the buying and selling of drugs (mind-altering chemicals) that is the problem. there is money to be made, both by drug companies (among the world's biggest businesses, and self-interested) and by gangsters (out to make as much money as possible, no appeal for them to the laws of territorial protection racketeers (governments) , since these have prohibited the drugs they neither understand not profit from.

it is MONEY and POWER that are the problem MAMMON . and i am christ and mammon falls of its own failure, and sanity and love win of their own natural strength. i am but a cog in the machine. at this point a central cog. that can happen too.
love as ever and understanding now the species enters our WISDOM , our UNION , our SALVATION. OBOLWORLD.


it is doubtful if there has ever been a human culture which did not use drugs : humans are drug-users., primates who use discovered or man-made chemicals to induce alterations of consciousness. ( i have travelled widely, and can corroborate this statement. recently the use of such drugs by classical (greek? and ) roman writers has been researched. many if not most artists and stage-performers use them etc|)

.it is quite possible that experimentation of this sort is where humans separated from other primates (cf the garden of eden srory, indicating an extension or aberration of mind following eating a forbidden fruit....primate groups teach their young what is good to eat , like other animals; consuming mind-altering leaves or seeds etc doubtless usually would lead to disaster for primate young).

societies develop using some drugs and not others. thus "WESTERN" SOCIETY, WHERE THE EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS DRUGS TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL ARE LEGAL and provide revenue for their rulers.., and where other drugs traditional in other societies (and to some extent in western tradition too but not licensed or taxed) have threatened the status quo and been prohibited, leading to multi-billion criminal trades, and no understanding whatsoever. (divide and rule is the practice of all coercivre government...i repeat ..divide and rule is the practice of all coercive government).

the problem with any drug is its benign or malign use prohibition hugely handicaps the dissemination of the benign use of banned drugs. so their malign use flourishes since it is money-making to push them and there is no legal teaching of their benign use. our species was doomed to become sapient SAPIENCE OUR DESTINY

i have been studying this problem for half my life. i can teach the answer and when all have become christ drugs will scarcely be relevant at all they feature in a lost world but that world is now passing away in the illumination of return to eden sapient now.

when marianne claims that pot-smoking students in her classes are mindless, she sees absence of mind and rejects it; she may be right, she may be wrong . (is attending to her spiel vital for the student or seeing through her act and limitation ? or just dreamily recovering from something else which may or may not have been "positive"). crucial is that she , ignoant and prejudiced as she is, she CANNOT judge but thinks she can - no different from georgie w bush)

love obol c/o hugh of knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow +353 (0)45 404049 (suppressed publicly rather than debated with so far....prohibition , like the war on terror does not make for free discussion, and general enlightenment

On 8/11/06 3:39 PM,

there are circumstances where a tiny chemical change in the brain can trigger a shift of understanding to a perfectly impartial and compassionate level without anxiety

this is what positive healing drug-taking is all about

for instance in christian communion/mass practice through out the ages, the ritual sets the set and then a tiny drop of wine is added (to the priesthood in a hierarchic society or to all initiate members of the church in an egalitatian one).

bonded if only momentarily in a deeper mental/spiritual level than everyday i can share in teaching how to use "pot" as you quaintly call cannabis (resin or grass), as i can teach positive gamesmanship , and how to face life altogether and relate any item to an infinitely satisfying order with an occasional pull at the pipe. yes, maybe i store up trouble for the future, 81 and still going strong and living in the present

more pot

there are circumstances where a tiny chemical change in the brain can trigger a shift of understanding to a perfectly impartial and compassionate level without anxiety

this is what positive healing drug-taking is all about

for instance in christian communion/mass practice through out the ages, the ritual sets the set and then a tiny drop of wine is added (to the priesthood in a hierarchic society or to all initiate members of the church in an egalitatian one).

bonded if only momentarily in a deeper mental/spiritual level than everyday i can share in teaching how to use "pot" as you quaintly call cannabis (resin or grass), as i can teach positive gamesmanship , and how to face life altogether and relate any item to an infinitely satisfying order with an occasional pull at the pipe. yes, maybe i store up trouble for the future, 81 and still going strong and living in the present

available cars

you see, only by imprisoniong me, can they stop me driving old cars....there's an endless supply of cars just failed the test but still roadworthy fon no money passing at all for recycling a last service to a destitute ole man who needs a car and cares nothing for the authorities life in gaol a heaven for an orphan boarding school boy

what a wonderful education
for life christ's hospital was for me !! i owe them everything, and to everybody else of course without us all just as we are it never did and possibly never coould happen it happens like this with us ladies and gents and kids and elders age-change on this planet now named asphodel to mark the new start we now as a species make together wiser hopefully now

i'd really like gently understanding company please held out long time and all that and then we plan as we go it will be out of our hands except to insist on the best possible handling throughout and all over within 12 months

be (un-)afraid !

Fri, 11 Aug 2006

peter tierney was scared
people are getting scared
i am christ incarnate
doing the job of same
the way i do it is the WAY
you understand
the way we now as a species travel together
for the good of all and of our planet home
and for further infinite goodness
the mysteries of which we may well expect
to investigate further,
endlessly enchanting
as we go

"you'll never understand" lyric opening of pageant asphodel

"you don't understand"

it's like a magnetic field here strengthening by the hour

just now with peter tierney whose old french car is just being given to stephen only peter is worried about his legal position when stephen is caught driving it stephen like myself is banned and has no docs we can both drive period we would like better cars if cars at all i'd like pony & trap and that sort of thing myslf but they make the world we live in and then order us to live by their rules i am a rebel for all you hold dear you idiots

Re: Peace?

Fri, 11 Aug 2006

we are puppets working out not just our salvation, but the service we render
the cosmos in our maturity as a species. you may not "like" my rending, but it's all one to me. through suffering we learn , and all that.
stripping the veneer off the positions people have been reduced to by
the terror world, all over now now everything depends on that NOW
it's now to me but not yet for thee, except occasionally... in
obolworld it's always now and reality is so glorious as our minds
interact with it idyllically you are not easily deterred
and that's a compliment

cut loose

turn your dependants loose, to follow or not, as fate dictates you have had them in your keeping, and can no longer do so. we are all "in keeping", believe me, NOW TIME TO ACT ON THAT FACT.


in the world now being superseded, gentility was protected by the war machine looking after its own - thus suryan and marianne. in obolworld, now superseding that world of terror, gentility is protected by universal compassion and understanding. (no coercion.) each individual undergoes transformation at the changeover. it is not optional

one small error

one slight taking for granted, denying my statements of my role, lightly supposing me just another one of your well-meaning acquaintance, and you're finished. and similarly with everyone else. you're on the flloor, floored, but so is everyone else. pll lg ic your only hope now. don't bother to look me up. conceit was your downfall.


suryan, your life is destroyed. your circle of friends divided how far they respond at eavch stage to the messianic trumpet call.. divided in themselves and one from another, divided from you and you are divided in your self all isolated now as is everyone who hears my call the entire world in fast sequence is stopped, pauses,,,devastation on one hand healing on the other

then no coercion peace logic love etc guidelines for a dazed species website on which all appears shortly again (littly away in malaya just now, husband's triumph ?)

our minds are walnut encased and the walnut is cracking open to reveal the soul as ever obol


one assertion i do make viz. "no one knows the (in-)significance of my position better than i do" - it is an aspect of its strength

a divine mystery play

the makings of obolworld

my qualifications

my qualifications are sufficient for my role

unimpressed, you doubt it, and keep your distance

i am qualified and i am succeeding and my people shall inharit our planetary sapient paradise, enterint into genaral healing wondrously as i do and you will

christ-buddha obol due to invade all hearts and minds in peace, liberty (from social coercion), surrender, wisdom, compassion as worshipped by marianne in the figure of the White Tara now incarnate in her sex globally. amen obol

Re: Stop the Bloodshed

do you not want an end to the terror wars? are you not prepared to
sacrifice your own IDs for peace and sanity on earth ? do you
seriously suppose you can continue more or less as you are, and the world be
rescued from the acute terminal downhill spiral we as a species are engaged in
? do you seriously imagine the UN etc etc can rescue the system
it/they/we are a part of ???? delusion delusion my friends wheter you
happen to be on suryan's mailing list or not. this message goes out to all the
world. the solution lies in paying attention to me try and let's all join in a global healing
without any physical terror at all. that is the world of obol,
the contemporary human version of the leader of the species out of error
into union with the cosmos, introducing a new, and now perfected item :
the wisdom in the skulls of a sapient species of primate on a planet of
our star sol in the galaxy we call Milky Way, this planet being known in
obolworld as ASPHODEL the change-over to which by all on the planet
voluntarily takes place via a global voluntary pageant entitled
PAGEANT ASPHODEL now preparing to launch with full police support in the
country town of BALTINGLASS in the county of WICKLOW, on the island
of IRELAND , off the westnorwest coast of the landmass of EURASIA where
our species developed the sort of city/farmland cultures that have nurtured
our SAPIENCE, now at long last entering the WISDOM stage of the species.
: a blessing and not a curse on the planet concerned.

Subject: Stop the Bloodshed
> Dear friends,
> We haven't been in touch very often since our work around Iraq. But
> civilians in Israel and Lebanon dying daily, we're at another
> global moment.
> Regional and global leaders continue to fail to come up with a
> plan to stop the violence in the Middle East. Our friends at the
> Campaign are urging people around the world to pressure the Security
> Council to come up with a real plan to get an immediate ceasefire and
> international peacekeepers. This is a sensible call that would curb
> bloodshed while laying the groundwork for a more enduring peace.
> The Ceasefire Campaign is looking for 1 million co-sponsors to
> their petition to the Security Council this week. Can you join them?
> here:
> Sincerely,
> –Eli Pariser
> P.S. Here's a message from the Ceasefire Campaign with some more
> Dear friends,
> For more than three weeks now we've watched the bloodshed in the
> East with horror. All the while, global and regional leaders have
stood by
> and failed to take the necessary action to stop the violence.
> this weekend, the US and France reached agreement on a plan. But this
> compromise plan fails to call for a full ceasefire and is so weak
that the
> violence has not—and will not—stop.
> This is unacceptable.
Hundreds of innocent civilians have already been
> killed, thousands have been wounded, and almost a million people have
> made homeless.
> The UN Security Council will be meeting early this week to try to
> the crisis. They need to know that the world is watching them, and
> anything less than an immediate ceasefire is not good enough. Click
> to sign this petition demanding that the members of the UN Security
> Council take immediate action to end this bloodshed.
> Please sign the
petition today, and then spread the word by forwarding
> this email on to all your friends and family. Our goal is to deliver
> petition to the Security Council with 1 million signatures this week,
> to publicize the petition in major newspapers in the capitals of the
> UK, France and other Security Council members.
> Thanks so much for your help,
> Ricken Patel
> P.S. Groups and leaders from across the world and from diverse
> perspectives agree that an urgent ceasefire is an important part of
> resolving this crisis. Most countries of the world, from Lebanon to
> Tanzania to India, have called for a ceasefire, and have been joined
> major international NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International.
> Christian leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI, and the World Council of
> Churches have also called for a ceasefire Arab and Muslim
> such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also been
> by Israeli and Jewish groups such as Meretz Israel, Degel HaTorah,
> Brit Tzedek v'Shalom in calling for a ceasefire.

g2 today 11th back page
Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:18:33 +0100

please inform charlie brooker that it so happens that the future he wants is "just round the corner", introductory matter , pageant of unreadiness opening baltinglass co wicklow , with hugh of knockandarragh acting obol, shortly. charlie brooker testing now sincerity itself h.sacker knockandarragh donard co wicklow ireland (where else ?).
n.b. this letter will appear on website after weekend h.s.

form of submission

just how the worldly world submits we live to discover as we act it out. i expect a delegation here in my home, where i first experienced this mission back in late september ad 1977, and where i have made my base ever since. i wish it put into global care, please. as all the rest of the planet. i have long waited for a friendly visit from superintendant tom mulligan of baltinglass gardai, it would be lovely if m. and j. came too - with my daughter L., presently whiling away her days in dublin, waiting for a call. and s. and o. ....claire? whatever it will be perfect as it is and obolworld will be famous and improved on in the event so that i can disappear for a little while "JOB DONE"

israeli storm troopers

Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:01:21 +0100

the elite corps in america's army were the israelis , trained in hitler's concentration camps , after a century of european pogroms, after a 3-million history of dispossession - of a migrant tribe according to their legends, or possibly of an expelled band of monotheistic heretics from ancient egypt according to modern hypothesis - and now beaten by the elite corps of their semitic brothers , competing still as ever for the same strip of good land. that, my friends, may be the last such episode in the history of our just have to pay attention to me for a short while, and not remain in denial, keeping it all going on its suicidal way.


you invoked the divinity - and want to know what you're getting into before submersion "just exactly what, hugh ?" selig du seliges kind

Monday, August 21


with respect, you do not seem to have grasped the idea that the dream of good souls in heaven now takes place on earth (renamed asphodel), our bodies and situations remain the same but we identify as good souls, predominately, overwhelmingly , before us the bad selves cower flee dissolve into phantasties and are gone, of the past of our species that is now, and i have (been) prepared to give advice during these early days of general recognition hold fasdt pll lg ic money and power have no meaning any more powerlessness and moneyless is the height of fashion with elegance courteously all do a bit and all get equal shares in each and every scene no inter-human coercion rather die than coerce - or live in a coercive system or live in a coercive system period


bonds of society

august 10th

the bonds of sisterhood then sister-to-brother and so to brotherhood bound similarly mirror-wise

and then vitality comes into it with procreation and rearing. ideally one brother mates with one sister, in the greatest extension from each other's base as strengthens the whole - mixes the genes best and makes for most fun and harmony

all one family the mother-son bond is a fact that plays no great part in this general picture, its best interest in strengthening all the rest - for child-birth and rearing is the central social interest around which all the rest rotates

LOGIC you see, in union with peace and love ,

i'm very tired and so are my family, and all the people we meet are running faster than ever.....the devil's handiwork who sold whose souls ? obol


to learn by experiment is considered noble especially if experimentation is centred on oneself , ignoble when we experiment on others, of same or any other species.

i have studied living, human life, in and out of institutions, socially accepted and socially rejected, on drugs of various kinds and off and in others and the opinions of users and non-users - though the self-righteousness ot the 2 groups is very different, and the knowledge and understanding too - but i have formed my own judgments openly available and ever shifting slightly with new evidence ok ? try it it works

"on pot"

in an anxious society, an individual's mind is seldom free to perfectly attend to the present moment as one succeeds to another the stream of the present

people talk wistfully of such a possibility which if sustainable were paradise

when one's individual mind perfectly mirrored the moment as it passes ever uncluttered of itself the true mirror of the mind reflecting passing reality the presence of an aspect of reality WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR APPRECIATING IT AS IT IS TAKING ITS OWN PART IN IT NATURALLY WITHOUT ANXIETY

now it is possible to take medicine which in the right circumstances can loosenb the hoold of anxiety on the mind and free it to adapt to and appreciate fully the present moment with joyous acclaim

and there are countless drugs, legal and illegal - a bias we could well do without - which complicate this process - possibly with other beneficial effects.

think on these lines marianne, and everyone, and leave the tramlines behind
hugh pll lg ic more like trolley-busd ?


felons all !

it is not possible to contract out of my judgment.


you certainly do not know your poor dead self
it's there in your mind
behind you
you are due to be reborn
out of your mind
your world
"history" wherever you look wasteland
now you are rising again in my
the world in my mind
the mind of christ triumphant
bringing resolution to the species
a world of love and wit
(don't mind one ever won a slanging match with me....unfair you cry
seems fair to me i say good-looking for her age yeah let that one
live no? next please.)

an "original", global master...?

since it is clearly not apparent, even to so sophisticated , intelligent and interested person as marianne, i ask myself "what is special about me?" as obol that is.

i am an original "spiritual master", i.e. not one who has been inducted by a master, in a line of masters, but one on whom mastery has been bestowed "out of the blue".

the traditions which i "incorporate" are global, from all over the world, cultures various , simple and sophisticated. (previous acknowledged masters have developed in a specific human culture, and not embraced in their terminology etc all human cultures (thus jesus of nazareth in the patriarchal jewish , etc).

it is my task, as i see it, to introduce the all-at-once species-wide transformation of human mentality and behaviour - forecast in jewish and christian traditions, as in many if not most others. i lead the Way, and miraculously yet logically all follow.

in the meantime i do my family and other duties, all the time "judging and forgiving" in the light of my teachings.

i have as yet sympathisers but no disciples. I do not know the future in detail, anymore than anyone else does, but i do not expect disciples. what i expect is a mass realisation that there is only one solution to humanity's present troubles, and i present it.

like other supreme masters, i claim no credit, and seek no veneration. the transformation is all that matters.


one set of guide-lines peace, logic, love

local, global

impartial, compassionate

(pll lg ic)

one small out--of-print book PEACE ON EARTH (1996)

one introductory web-site

and i am available to anyone in peace for 12 months; after which i seek obscurity till death do us part.

thank you obol

Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 6:43 PM

i hope i've made this clear.
sacrifice everything
lead the way
live off others' compassion
trust compassion only
that is the gate you seek.

Fw: how these things start?

To: ;
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 5:28 PM
Subject: how these things start?

yes, right honourable sir, and there are almost infinite answers. i like : particularly in the disputed and devastated border countries caught in the war for world domination between 2 "european" blocs that raged in the second half of the last century, and dogs us still, violent anarchy was let loose, and now constitutes a curse on both our houses, fired by a fundamentalist faith - not unlike george w. bush's. i set out my solution on a website , for when you have time and interest.

Re: Let's all try to perfect ourselves

the self disappears.
you cannot achieve this.
it either happens, when
the logic is right,
or not.
loss of self,
loss of interest in self,
in love of others and the whole,
as it is, as they are. to seek it is
to find it also.

but at this stage, all alive and not utterly witless
are doomed to find it.,
not by merit,
dear me no,
by grace ,
for, amazingly enough,
the system does this at this stage.
(only just in time....when else?!)

allah is merciful

Fw: times 2 lucy alexander 9th aug p.2

Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: times 2 lucy alexander 9th aug p.2

"In the good old days" , before the Hitler war, a maid set out the breakfast table for my aunt and uncle (and in the holidays, when at home, for their son and me, an orphaned nephew) .
They sat at opposite ends of the oak breakfast table, a stack of letters before each , The Times her end, The Daily Mail his - for her to check obituaries and possibly relevant data and tip him off, while he upped on chat to get by the business people he'd meet during the day. I do not remember any "features section". Nowadays of course, The Times covers all eventualities - though , like the unredeemed idiot i am, i check The Guardian for the opinions and reasonings of some of your former editors, etc.

total war

as christ reincarnate, i am engaged in non-physically-violent total war against the worldly world
and have been so engaged
for nearly 29 years now.

mirror mirror on the wall

beware of seeking confirmation of own self-image.......after compulsive toilet-training .....(.a basic process for the passing-on of anxiety........clean hands in a world of corruption are a disqualification.) need to go on the road....just give everything away that protects you......everything ....and you may discover the unforced love of christ in those you meet.

Saturday, August 19

8 august 2006 -- fit for the role

i reckon you are,
come on wonderfully,
diagnosed "spoilt despite herself" early on,
identified with,
then devastated
again and again
... 88888
back on her feet she is,
wicked as ever
,,,,a couple of weeks sharpening up
and ready for public voice of the world
leading the investigation into
the professed redeemer incarnate
in hugh of knockandarragh inventor of the pageant asphodel

the bride

in discreet french-buddhist bridal array, laden with honours , attended by the eminent doctors of oxford and athens, to name but 2.
the whole world in her train
as was said beforehand
your best friend out of this world
hugh of knockandarragh
bit actor

enter marianne

cast in a role of a lifetime, beyond her dreams, how could she longer hold out ? courage with due consideration had ever been her hall-mark

enter marianne mcdonald, leading a motley train of interested individuals

words by athol lugard ????

roles for all
limelight today
obscurity tomorrow
all equally treated no matter what role
a changed society
xx hugh

athol's drama

"christ woos the world"
pageant asphodel
is now running


living in compassion
or living in common criminality;
god or mammon
obolworld is life in compassion
no other security
all together now
no coercion

peace, logic, love

local , global

impartial , compassionate

comparable termw anywhere else ?
then we join ?
all voluntary except compulsory non-violence
enforced by all members
the basis of a sane and loving society

hugh sacker (obol since school)


the essence of compassion is to lose oneself in identification with the is always involuntary and transformational

false compassion retains self
and feels and acts charitably
status quo unaltered

that is why the rich young man of the gospels had to give all away
only that is compassion
it cannot be achieved
it is not meritorious
it is compassion

Re: next best

one of my problems has been to see the facts
and i always refer every item in my mental view to its total social understanding of the scene and to the infinite harmony in my own mind
keeping all together all the time
leaving trails of unique minds in touch with mine
willing and programmed to join in when their moment comes
28++ years now
not lost the paradisal union
while living amongst my fellows who know they lack it
some knowing as fully as marianne, others more fleshed out like james,
then also the cooneys
yes particularly
and fellow-oassengers in the train
and in the police station - i have sent the warrant to arrest me in 10 days if i don't do what they dictate back to the super in baltinglass
who knows me
they all do
"nothing personal"

but then i adore gaol
so easy for me these days
it's a comic turn

the fold corralling the silly sheep
buddha incarnate
obol - and you think i'm big-headed !!

all these words

i truly think we may pause now.....don't you ?
we live in compassion
all of us nothing special
what happens happens adore it
it is adorable
even my garbage
even yours
xx krishna

last anxiety will have me put down, won't you, when the time comes - not let them experiment on dragging it out....put down like a favourite dog , please....if only one could trust one's fellows !!

Thursday, August 17

law courts

Mon, 7 Aug

and then in any disagreement (and i hope individuals continue to see things from each own point of view, uniquely , and therefore sometimes disagreeingly), the court however constituted seeks to discover the truth, without fear or favour, "impartially and compassionately" as i.c goes in the guideline code pll lg ic

and then to redress any imbalance that may exist. so far as non-coercively agreed. so that advantage is levelled out.....for my society is a rippling equality society, ever jumping about ever returning to rest, always lovingly and in total humility before the miracle of it all.

i propose a change in nomenclature for our paradisal stage....species name woman sapiens

divisions mulier sapiens and vir sapiens woman and man she made them but not forced down anybody's throats, joking relationships now no advantage ever kept such fun so sane so simple and works best obolworld is the name in the event would you have done better in my place ? try it for a day. xx love hugh/obol

there's a lot of suggestions in my little book PEACE ON EARTH from frankie mccready (mobile no available in my address book)

clear vision

i am not in any way attached to myself, that is why i have clear vision together with my adoration of the entire thing in all its ramifications.....and the wondrous love and understanding that come when one's mind is in harmony.

envy not, accept that it may be so with me , wonder enow for the moment , and then wait and see

free speech

you see, i have to be able to say whatever enters my head to anybody
to set an example
so that everyone is free to utter our thoughts
without fear or favour.
then we live in truth
and necessarily truth is love
loveable if you like
and in peace or we would not utter so freely.
that is pll.

i do not hope to go over and over everything for each individual.
it is all sorted in my mind. i set paradigms of life in the sapient paradise of planet asphodel
please pay attention.
they are in no way enforceable
likely they will have disappeared from view in a couple of generations....just how it looks from my mindset.
which is paradise here and now
o.k. ?

next best

o.k. to relieve an aged parent's mind , the next best would be for some one to seek out libby in dublin (mobile phone), with 2 tickets for toronto, and the two travel up to the Reservation, for re-union in the reservation before the elders or not by agreement happily harmoniously

that would satisfy me. i could wish for no better. and all above board in future that's the optimal WAY.| BUT WHAT WILL BE IS THEN REALITY AND WORTHY OF ADORATION.

fear not, morgan

fear not, morgan, your essential modesty and self-mockery, your good nature and friendliness to me

assure you of keeping in my good books - so long that is as you take on this trinity job for a year or so just till i get back from round the world tour (12 months_)

you'll enjoy it 100% or i wouldn't ask it and what opportunity for a late burst of morgana

play it by ear
can't go wrong

a prophet

Mon, 7 Aug 2006

a prophet is one who , apart, understands the situation better than those more involved, and informs them, so that they understand, and go with it. i am in that sense a prophet (despite mahomet....on the other hand i identify with him in all that is universally agreed essential and i believe in the All-Compassionate, and in destiny/kismet). my job is to introduce the sapient paradise , our species transformed on this planet renamed ASPHODEL

Re: mother and son

i deny freewill period. an insane ego-delusion of our species, expecially in their present extremity. it is the whole and its patterning that is the wonder of wonders , and when we realise we are just intelligent puppets, it all falls into place. human hubris, human delusion. we are no more or less free than any other pattern in the whole.
so there !
and you may thank the whole divine thing that the species now experiences a divine transformation - despite even marianne mcdonald's spirited denial. we sure didn't pull this miracle. god bless us all amen

next please ?


i think i'm near to completing the role hildesheimer unloaded on me in my last term at trinity and as an academic. to open all eyes.


it is not enough to worship the White Tara , you have to be her. and not just her either. just as i am any incarnation, however momentary, of pure compassion, so you too. and not just you and i but everyone on this planet capable of this transformation. others we care for till they pass away, shades, while we are light. and we may play male and female, and any other game, but never uncompassionately, never no more. attached to compassion more than to self or any other entity. obolworld for reference, no more.

expounding the scriptures

e.g. "on the third day i shall rise again" day you crucify me, in the flower of manhood, a second day you deny what you done (that lasted almost 2000 journies of our planet round our sun, - and what a lot we learned !), on the third day you see the light, and i am justified at last. (in the meantime you spread the news of my sacrifice round all peoples, and all deny me,,,,,and here i elder guise. just when needed and acceptable)

Re: the missing face-lift 2nd edition

Mon, 7 Aug 2006

"logic" is the essential key. allow illogic in , and there is no limit to fancy....believe anything because it's absurd'

truth is more slippery as a criterion for the ignorant because there are tribal "truths", but logic is universal or nothing.

between two parties logic has to be in the company of peace (no violence) and love (mutual and general goodwill) to operate truly. each must respect the other's position , both try to expound own positions to other to seek understanding. when each sees it from the other's point of view, then in peace and love the exchange is over ...with agreement and

peace on earth


get moving for chrissake

Re: the missing face-lift 2nd edition

Mon, 7 Aug 2006

being silly german selig ? you know no one self can enter paradise except naked. what you complain of is my stripping the veneers off you, unasked. i gave up asking when it had cost alma her life. an iron entered my soul. "so the gloves are fellows would rather see alma die than pay attention to my words." i have no mercy. when the tables turn i have endless mercy i always beg for understanding and forgiveness. my role is terrible. do you think i do not know ? do you think i blame you ???

i destroy illusions till the point where i no longer have to. i am fully employed day and night. i enter the illusions of those i encounter, and then burst them. can you imagine a neater way of apocalypse preceding heaven on earth??

then you do better than the divinity reigning at the moment, who/which proves to be omnipotent, logical, benevolent, but willing to incur dreadful suffering in the invention of SAPIENT WISDOM in a species of primate. DREADFUL. THANK OUR STARS THAT IS NOW OVER, AND WE ENTER healing

HOW LONG WILL YOU HOLD OUT ? OR MUST I WAIT AND WORK FOR ANOTHER ? I AM LOVE INCARNATE, ALL LOVE EXCELLING....NO NOT HUGH SACKER AN ODD OLD FELLOW, but the i that is love is incarnate at least on occasion in that man. no impatience in me. i just mirror you ..... to usher in the era you dreamt of, but hardly expected this way or moment/.

blame and fame

blame is meat and drink to me......i devour it and belch it out....and i take the relevant verses of the bhagavad gita to heart, and have as obol never deviated. it is impossible ~ krishna

"excuse me!"

in order to get respect and attention, my predecessor from nazareth had to get himself publicly and painfully and humiliatingly executed. my role is to get respect and attention while still alive - so i do not get vainly idolised after natural death, but instead all people live as christ during our common human lifetime.

james is not "nice" , you know.

in taking on christ's war with the world, i openly allow myself every devious trick the other side practises, only physical violence is tabu.

you may "believe" in a non-violent selfless way of life, but you shelter under the law-enforcement system of your country, and therefore under Bush's sway. the world protects your privileged position, and your relative wealth (more than enough for this day, which is all a beggar like myself ever seeks.)....i am an open non-violent revolutionary, and i am obliged to blow you and your whole world of hypocrisy and of evasion to bits.

sorry my "threats" are simply warnings ////// of the apocalypse presently occurrent. i wish you all the best, as everyone else, including james........who has miserably mistreated my daughter libby and you wash your hands of it ........ " excuse me !"

obol, the christ-buddha of the maturation of the species, NOT A NICE MAN, AT ALL, A VERY TERRIBLE MAN, BUT DEDICATED.

the missing face-lift

si i ask myself why then didn't james correct me, when i put the same question to him. ? (and others i asked had they known me before, etc - but then as noreen said you'd kept yourself apart - which i don't)

Q. did James get us to spread the story around? the malicious chappie ! - but to be fair, claire had warned me about his devious ways of getting back. still, on principle i approach a problem open-ninded, and seek evidence. - and holding you in suspense all the time....what a revenge !

what a web we weave when first we study to deceive...only to be caught ourselves when the whole illusion blows apart.

i love the rogue xx hugh (another manic-depressive ?)

Re: lost in the email ?

6 August 2006

i have no problem with threatening people....idle threats unless they react when they are finding and hopefully massaging neglected weaknesses.....oooooh the old devil !

i love the nasty more even if anything than the nice ~ christ as redeemer, victorious destroyer of illusion, founder of the sapient paradise of asphodel - on the old and taxed planet previously known as earth.

you want to hold on, you don't, you're swept along in your turn.

only acquaintance who jump before the media tsunami properly claim acquaintance after. (not just a threat, more a decent warning ignoring which justifies the're trapped in the redeemer's net. sorry

catalogue of archetypes


it's not my supposed megalomania you resist, but the "here and now" trumpet call. St Augustine was the same. (and the young Winston Churchill adored his beautiful mother in vain....and h i s infantility came in handy in 1940) "children, children" !! )

and finally

james asked me how i'd liked your "woodcutter" zen play, and put the book back into my hands. wondering how to reply, i noticed the bit of paper i'd left in it - yes, marking the one incongruity that i'd noticed how the essence lay in one sense in the sight of an old mother's face with all the ravages of time inscribed in living beauty - or words to that effect - yet you, the author have suffered a face-lift, why?

so i asked james, but let him off lightly when he was non-plussed to this invitation to join in the chorus of his mother's praises. why, marianne, did you make this enormous sacrifice ? i ask to understand, not to reproach. i explain how i come to ask. (were their marks you personally hated, or for purely career/society reasons fashion suffer for fashion rather than drop-out ? then i who dropped out ask

but you owe it to your audiences to explicate, or you join in the conspiracy of silence that you denounce. either/or marianne self-interest or agape or or or

your son

you mean that my assassination of your son's character, destruction of his social reputation in retaliation for the offhand way he upset and abandoned my daughter all this does not concern you you are busy and much admired you're not your son's keeper watch it, marianne i've warned you from the beginning i'm real

the "dictatorship"

Sun, 6 Aug 2006

now follow 12 months in which paractically every public word i ever speak and circumstances are recorded so that (nothing hidden in due place) no indivivual's person and understanding have ever been on record for all to see and hear and all my wisdom is public, after 12 months and i reap my personal reward in total privacy till i die, whenever that may be - non-violent of course violence would hardly pay at my age and considering i'd lose every advantage i have...lets get it over ! time after will be much more fun

the release from regimentation

the escape from regimented living sole absolute restraint NO VIOLENCE! viruous togetherness much freer lovelier altogether wiser way of passing the time once violence ruled out.
new every moment
every moment new
who am i ?
i don/t know
but i'm happier than when i did
that's for sure


Sun, 6 Aug 2006

marianne mcdonald you do not reply, so you try my discretion. i know too much. (in-)finitely too much. in 24 hours i shall publish my version of THE LACKAWANNA STORY , unless you come clean about it first. i relent only on understanding. no one on earth can stop me in my work of redemption this is the redemption of the species in very logic and experience early stages of going global ok ? it's different from expectation earller REALITY . sign on, redirect all energies this is reality the literal transformation of our species,,,,centre stage once accepted, it's soothing, before it's ever-increasing anxiety.i'm trel;ling you cos i know i doon't make it i play a role, central for the next 12 months
love to have you on board
not my decision
lots of love either way
love reality
worship and serve reality
xx hugh

living drama, living myth

at our first exchanges, you told me how you'd been invited to destroy the published view of hugh lloyd-jones wife, but refused because of your personal relationship, thus loading the scales slightly , diminishing the true record in favour of self, that is what wealth is all about distortion of record and reason to the degree needed by inequality and consequent self-disproportion instead of an ever-levelling process, ripples up and down from a steady "just survive for the best " equality in poverty is possible (with other and whole love prevalent harmonious), but wealth is inequality and warfare (self and owngroup-love prevalent and contentious) .

i know you know all the stuff. bring lauren bacall if you can........when i retire from public view in 12 months time, i shall be kept a place for as "you know...the man who had dinner with bacall" till i die , after hopefully a few years of trading dreadfully on my privileges......

it's so close now i wonder at all the long years of preparation for the world stage without "losing it"

Monday, August 7

us humans

i seek general propositions we might agree on,, or agree could be accepted in our friends, e.g.

"we are but bit-players in the divine mystery of existence"

i think all lowly persons might already share such philosophy....and might agree those not so doing have something to learn !!??

systemic fault diagnosed

(notes left on pad when summoned for second visit to Clare, ie. between

a jewish prophet of exceptional courage & intelligence (THERE COULD BE
GENERAL ACCEPTANCE of this as of other agreeable peace.making common
grounds - legendary if you like)

James - cf. my son Stephen at 12 or so
- no one should believe any
uncorroborated statement of
(eg her jumping out of upstairs window)

craving for power
Libby "apologising"etc. at his bidding

Report after second visit

the State Control System
operating in Ireland
allows for all
but leaves no discretion
to its functionaries
(20 years ago it had less
provisions and expected
functionaries to exercise
discretion, using their
own wits to decide what
to do "for the best" - personal judgement
accountable to their
fellows the norm)

The consequence is
both parties have to
conspire in perjury
when discretion is
called for. I had
to be willing to sign an application
for dole in order to
enable the Superintendant
to invoke State Charity
for a deserving case who
of the State. So Kali
must perjure her immortal
soul to recover her car
without charges beyond our
family budget - and
Mammon has her in
its power. If she tell
the simple human generally
agreeable TRUTH -
and the media cameras
put my case to the people
of Ireland (and the World),
then our species, so
long-suffering, rapidly heals
at all divisive points