Tuesday, August 22

On 8/11/06 3:39 PM,

there are circumstances where a tiny chemical change in the brain can trigger a shift of understanding to a perfectly impartial and compassionate level without anxiety

this is what positive healing drug-taking is all about

for instance in christian communion/mass practice through out the ages, the ritual sets the set and then a tiny drop of wine is added (to the priesthood in a hierarchic society or to all initiate members of the church in an egalitatian one).

bonded if only momentarily in a deeper mental/spiritual level than everyday i can share in teaching how to use "pot" as you quaintly call cannabis (resin or grass), as i can teach positive gamesmanship , and how to face life altogether and relate any item to an infinitely satisfying order with an occasional pull at the pipe. yes, maybe i store up trouble for the future, 81 and still going strong and living in the present


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smoke away! That’s your choice. I have read that any insight under drugs doesn’t last.....but it’s absolutely your choice. Just don’t let the garda catch you...or offer them a weed....

3:47 p.m., August 22, 2006  
Blogger obol said...

I do TELL THE GARDAI AND OFFER THEM "A " WEED .... "A" WEED you're a laughing stock marianne . AND YOU know YOU KNOW WHEN I HAVE HAD A PUFF AND WHEN I HAVEN'T (i haven't today for instance ) you despise my logic you despise my physical ability you are stuck in the world and simply seek to add on spiritual truth to let it illuminate your worldly life

same as george w bush you favour prohibition you fear the police or the disgrace (jesus is no light for you you have found easier lights) or the interruption of your "rich" ie well-integrated life

just like all those who "cannot" put their lifestyle on pause to lead their fellows into the world they worship too attached to their position in the world of TERROR......under which you cower apparently quoting generalities from authorities that are repressive you fear drugs period fear fear you live in fear you live in fear ( "don't let the gardai know !!!!! you can't imagine me) i can imagine you all too easily just a variant on everyonre else, words not deeds - my sympathy with that twister james grows daily. and YOU still believe him till proved tricky who worked libby up and then toyed with her? who "lost" the passport she left in his house when coming back to connect here? who gave her 1oo euros to buy "pot" when she was already disturbed? understand me! don't cut off - it doesn't matter if i'm right in detail or not it is no matter we are all sinners all some more openly than others i did this you did that all one the sins of everyone are my sins

the sins of james of marianne of bush of hitler are my sins i did them i do them i want to stop sinning and lead all me all mine this planet into a sinless paradise eden understood can u imagine that ? for real ?

i said to peter tierney when he left last night "no respect but total love" - and that is what i feel for my fellows. you want your measure of self-righteousness as well. so does bush. but your son does not. he is one of the fallen whom christ preferred to the pharisees and other worthy citizens. i love him and do not care how naughty his life is you do not love him at all you do not love anyone at all you want to love so desperately but it is easier for a camel to pass through the narrow person gate into jerusalem than for a person with worldly commitment to enter the kingdom of god on earth.

i wait developments,,, from wherever , as always free to respond free free only considering everything equally if you like,

free to make a break which will help redeem those i know as well as those i don't know

you have not begun to imagine my position as i experience it compassion ? bah !

as ever xx good-lucking too love obol/hugh

my problem, the problem my "job" (i have 2 , one as family father , one as messiah, a human being you see with a "divine" mission), my job s messiah is to signpost the way the way our entire species can now proceed into our sapient paradise (get it ???) and to lure others into following me

3:49 p.m., August 22, 2006  

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