Tuesday, August 22

more pot

there are circumstances where a tiny chemical change in the brain can trigger a shift of understanding to a perfectly impartial and compassionate level without anxiety

this is what positive healing drug-taking is all about

for instance in christian communion/mass practice through out the ages, the ritual sets the set and then a tiny drop of wine is added (to the priesthood in a hierarchic society or to all initiate members of the church in an egalitatian one).

bonded if only momentarily in a deeper mental/spiritual level than everyday i can share in teaching how to use "pot" as you quaintly call cannabis (resin or grass), as i can teach positive gamesmanship , and how to face life altogether and relate any item to an infinitely satisfying order with an occasional pull at the pipe. yes, maybe i store up trouble for the future, 81 and still going strong and living in the present


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