Tuesday, August 22

available cars

you see, only by imprisoniong me, can they stop me driving old cars....there's an endless supply of cars just failed the test but still roadworthy fon no money passing at all for recycling a last service to a destitute ole man who needs a car and cares nothing for the authorities life in gaol a heaven for an orphan boarding school boy

what a wonderful education
for life christ's hospital was for me !! i owe them everything, and to everybody else of course without us all just as we are it never did and possibly never coould happen it happens like this with us ladies and gents and kids and elders age-change on this planet now named asphodel to mark the new start we now as a species make together wiser hopefully now

i'd really like gently understanding company please held out long time and all that and then we plan as we go it will be out of our hands except to insist on the best possible handling throughout and all over within 12 months


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