Monday, August 21

bonds of society

august 10th

the bonds of sisterhood then sister-to-brother and so to brotherhood bound similarly mirror-wise

and then vitality comes into it with procreation and rearing. ideally one brother mates with one sister, in the greatest extension from each other's base as strengthens the whole - mixes the genes best and makes for most fun and harmony

all one family the mother-son bond is a fact that plays no great part in this general picture, its best interest in strengthening all the rest - for child-birth and rearing is the central social interest around which all the rest rotates

LOGIC you see, in union with peace and love ,

i'm very tired and so are my family, and all the people we meet are running faster than ever.....the devil's handiwork who sold whose souls ? obol


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother with sister...there can be genetic complications (Cleopatra’s brother was a virtual idiot from this policy)....better to go outside your gene pool science claims (look at Bourbons) ...history has taught us a bit.....

3:27 a.m., August 21, 2006  
Blogger obol said...

fraternal bonds are sexless, idiot similarly sororal as throughout known history, the most decadent societies excepted have you never lived with sane societies ???? i can't brlieve your self assured naivete. any muslim would know - the destruction of the basis of a sane society is islam's present problem with decadent spoilt california.

throw in the glove, marianne, you simply can't win this one, no self does obol self-destroyer xx hugh

3:27 a.m., August 21, 2006  

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